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Walmart Summer Internships 2024 – Applications Accepted

Submit an application for a Walmart Summer internship in 2024. Applicants are not required to provide IELTS for Walmart internships but they need to be proficient in the English language. WALMART is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic e-commerce organizations. An internship at WALMART means an opportunity to explore your career as part of the world’s largest retailer.

Benefits of internship at WALMART

Walmart is providing opportunities to their interns to Shape their skills and future. WALMART guarantees competitive pay, housing, medical, and relocation benefits. Walmart also recognizes local tours, field trips to different facilities, and travel options for interns.

How to Apply for an internship at Walmart?

There is a proper way to apply for an internship at Walmart that we explained in 5 steps below:

Step 1:

First of all, an online application for the Walmart intership needs to be submitted (Application link at the end). There are many posts and positions at WALMART such as:

  • Undergraduate Walmart internships
  • Graduate and MBA Walmart internship
  • Accounting and finance development programme
  • People development programme
  • New Graduates Internships at Walmart

So, an applicant can apply for different posts, there will be a maximum chance to avail of internships at several posts.

Step 2:

To register for Walmart’s online application, the application profile needs to be created. Basic requirements such as applicant name, Email address, and password are given in the application. When personal information is typed into the application form, it must be correct, and not any mistakes will be accepted for further process.

Step 3:

Walmart store jobs application needs to be filled out (Application link in the end). Almost one hour is required to complete the application for the first time. You need a few things in your hand while filling out the application. This includes

  • Your job history for the past 10 years
  • Professional references
  • Career achievements

Step 4:

After giving the basic information mentioned above, the next step is to complete the test which is based upon almost 65 questions in 30 minutes. The test covers your interaction with guests and colleagues. It may consist of mathematics and reading comprehension and other things related to the post you applied for.

To answer the given questions, it must be remembered that the answer will be shown a positive attitude. If there are options with agree or disagree then do not select a neutral option. Your answer should be shown a clear image of the question and don’t select any option which gives negative attention.

Step 5:

After attempting the test, you have to call Walmart. For example, you are applying as a stocker at a retail store. Then you should call the store and ask to speak to a hiring manager and tell about your online application and also confirm whether your application is received or not. It must be remembered that your call should be attractive and your way of talking will be polite to them.

Taking a Job/Internship Interview at Walmart

You may have to appear in multiple interviews to be selected for Walmart programs as explained below:

1# First interview

The first interview will be conducted in a group setting. Dress professionally, and look glorious, neat, and polished. The most important thing is that you have to be prepared to answer the question. The question will be simple but the answer should be clear and strong. The question may be as

How did you handle difficult circumstances in past? How did you change anything you did not agree with? Second interview

2# Second Interview:

If you succeed in the first interview, congratulations! on the second interview. It means that you have beaten applicants and you have a chance to get an internship. Always show good character to the hiring manager by giving the answers. Make sure that your attitude does not hurt the hiring manager.

Background investigation:

Walmart also examines your criminal record and your background. The hiring manager can call any references to make sure that you are not involved in any criminal activity which can affect the image of Walmart.

Drug test:

It is compulsory to pass a urine test that shows the controlled substances in your body. Keep away from drugs and be healthy. Walmart examines different tests even after you get employed and you may be fired if you failed in any test.

Keep your schedule open:

When you complete your online application then your timetable will be flexible. Don’t miss over because there are certain days to get your internship.

Go in-store:

Go in the store and try to talk to someone and explain your online application and show your strengths in your desired internship.

Friendly environment:

Walmart’s demands to applicants would be polite and friendly with customers. So always smile and show positive behavior with the hiring manager.

Apply to several stores:

You have to apply in multiple stores to get more chances to avail of internships in different positions at Walmart. Keep in mind that the desired location will be not far away and you can easily approach it on daily basis.

Deadline of Walmart internship

The Walmart internship ends in 10 weeks, but Walmart doesn’t want your experience to end there. It offers its interns a full-time or return internship at the end. So, if you are looking for something more than just an internship, this is that place.

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