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UTGRV Scholarships 2024 | University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Admissions Open

Texas Rio Grande Valley Admissions 2022 with Scholarships

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley UTRGV Scholarships for the intake batch of 2024 for students of various majors and degree levels are now open for admission applications. Please prepare your documents and take a step to apply for University of Texas Rio Grande Valley scholarships this year.

The recent admissions acceptance ratio of UTGRV is 80%. Whereas, the admitted students’ SAT scores range between 950-1130. The high acceptance rate of UTGRV depicts easy entry requirements here; so most of the students have a healthy chance of acceptance.

Application fees of UTGRV for US students is US$50, and US$100 for international students. The UTGRV application fees is non-refundable.

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTGRV) makes it easier for students to finance their college studies. The scholarship programs are an excellent way to ensure that the university’s undergraduate and graduate education are completed correctly and without any stress. 

UTRGV scholarships intend on recognizing students for their exceptional academic awards and achievements. The university awards students on various conditions. Thus the student who applies for the scholarship will have to ensure that it satisfies the eligibility criteria to get the award.

Financial Cover of UTGRV Scholarships

The US and international students winning UTGRV scholarships in 2024 will be able to receive any or all of the following-listed academic coverage plans:

  1. Full or Partial Education fees waiver at UTGRV
  2. Monthly living stipend paid by UTGRV
  3. Hostel bed (Shared or separate)
  4. Funding for academic projects and books
  5. Health insurance cover or entitlement to receive a medical checkup

Documents Required to Apply for UTGRV Scholarships

The applicants interested to take admission at UTGRV are advised to get the following documents in order for application submission;

  1. All academic degree certifications
  2. All high school certifications
  3. Letter of Recommendation by previous teachers
  4. Achievements and awards certifications
  5. Motivation letter, SOP, Intent letter
  6. Research proposal
  7. Plan of study essay

Scholarships at UTGRV in 2024

If you are looking for the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley UTRGV Scholarships for the 2024 batch, then you are in the right place; as in the article, we will cover the top 5 opportunities for you.

#1 The New Student Scholarships

The university offers new student scholarships for freshmen students. There are three main programs offered by the university:- 

  • Merit-Based Scholarships
  • VAMOS UTRGV Scholars program
  • UTRGV Luminary Scholars

#2 Merit-Based Scholarships of UTGRV

The Merit-based scholarship awards are given on a competitive basis; thus, students aren’t obliged to apply for them. The applicants must admit to UTRGV by the 1st of June 2024. Apprentices in Dual Enrollment will have to their college transcript before the deadline to qualify for the considering of the scholarships. The university awards students on a first-come, first-serve basis until all the fund’s drain.

Categories of merit-based scholarship programs:

  • UTRGV Scholars Program: The scholarship is available for four years of undergraduate studies or till graduation.
  • Presidential scholarship:- A Reward of up to $32,000 is available for the qualifying student
  • Distinguished scholarship:- A reward of $40,000 along with the housing component is available (it’s only for out-of-area students).
  • Meritorious Scholarship: – A scholarship reward of $20,000 is available for the students.

Deadline: – The qualifying students need to accept the scholarship within 30 days period of the offer and need enrollment in the university by the fall semester (the 1st of June), or else the reward will be canceled.

Renewable conditions:-

  1. The student must enroll in the fall and spring semester (min 15 hours) until the end of bachelor’s degree
  2. The student must complete 30 hours (min) each academic year (Summer, spring, fall) to maintain the scholarship 
  3. A CGPA of 3.0 is required throughout the college-level courses (including the high school grades)
  4. Scholarship should be retained until the end of the undergraduate study (4 years of study) or till graduation

#3 MSA Scholarships at UTGRV

The MSA scholarship is available for two years of undergraduate studies or till graduation. It offers a fall and spring semester scholarship program that covers the entire tuition and fees. It provides plenty of benefits for the students to overcome the financial burdens. It is available for undergraduate students that pursue any major in the university.

Available scholarships: – The entire tuition and fees along with $500 each semester for the books and housing (double occupancy), which isn’t covered by another state or federal program

Deadline: – The student must accept the award within 30 days of the offer and must be enrolled in the university by the 1st of June. 

Renewable conditions: –

  1. The student must enroll in the fall and spring semester inside a min 15 hours period leading to the completion of the degree
  2. Minimum duration of 30 hours each academic year is required 
  3. A CGPA of 3.0 needs to be maintained during the study
  4. The scholarship is retained for up to 2 years of undergraduate study or till the graduation period. 

#4 UTRGV Luminary Scholarships

The UTRGV Luminary Scholarship program proposes an excellent opportunity in an unmatched learning atmosphere for undergraduate students with outstanding academic backgrounds from every discipline. 

Eligibility Criteria:-

The following are some of the requirements for lodging an application:-

  1. Academic achievement:- The applicant must show solid academic ability through class rank, high school course grades, GPA, and SAT/ACT scores
  2. Leadership:- The applicant needs to demonstrate leadership qualities
  3. Community involvement:- The applicant should prove their role to community involvement during their tenure in high school
  4. Citizenship and resident:- The applicant needs to be a US citizen or a permanent resident or should fulfill the requirements of Texas residency
  5. Admission to college:- The applicant must submit the ApplyTexas application and enroll in UTGRV through the 1st of December 
  6. Residency (on-campus):- The applicant needs to complete and submit the University Housing Application and show commitment to be an on-campus resident for at least the first two academic years. 

There are two main scholarship programs available under the category. 

  • Luminary Undergraduate – Graduate Program Scholar

Total amount available: – $75,000

Benefits: – It covers the entire tuition and mandatory fees for the whole duration of 4 years’ worth around $40,000. It also covers the room and board charges for the first two year’s worth $17000, while also providing the graduate tuition and mandatory fees in $18000 

  • Luminary Undergraduate – School of Medicine Scholar

Total amount available: – $137,000

Benefits: – The scholarship awards $40,000, which covers four-year tuition and mandatory fees, $17000 is the award in the room and board charges for two years. It also covers the School and Medicine expenses, which total around $80,000.

#5 VAMOS/UTRGV Scholars Program Scholarships 

The UTRGV Foundation partners with the Valley Alliance of Mentors for Opportunities and Scholarships (VAMOS) to provide benefits for the students in the form of scholarships. The scholarship is available for undergraduate study for up to 4 years of study or until graduation.

Available scholarship: – $10,000

Eligibility Criteria: – 

  • The student shows enrollment to UTRGV along with the proof of FAFSA application by the 15th of February. 
  • The applicant must be a US citizen or an eligible Non-citizen
  • The applicant must be Pell Eligible 
  • The applicant must be a graduate from a high school in star country, Hidalgo, or Cameron 

Deadline: – The student must apply by the 15th of February.

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