Scholarships in Korea 2024

UST South Korea Scholarships 2024 for International Students

University of Science and Technology (UST) Scholarships 2024-2025 in South Korea

The announcement is being made for University of Science and Technology (UST) Scholarships for the 2024-2025 batch enrollment in South Korea. Interested applicants are advised to submit all academic documents and scholarship application forms at UST Korea before the deadline.

Everybody wants to study abroad to advance their career paths, raise their quality of life, pick up a new language, and discover other cultures. It allows the development of a more comprehensive view and perspective. South Korea is known for its heritage and culture, holy sites, castles, and historical places, together with contemporary structures. Despite being a modern state, it still maintains Korean history and traditions.

With so many options, South Korea is drawing in international students. It is among the most coveted locations for higher education. A select few nations offer cheap, high-quality learning, rich cultural experiences, and vibrant campus experience. Numerous job prospects will become available to you if you choose to study in South Korea. Employers around the globe value degree holders from Korean colleges. 

A South Korean university is the way to go if you’re looking for a rich culture and a one-of-a-kind college experience! One such university that will fully fund your dream for this experience is the University of Science and Technology (UST). This scholarship opportunity also comes without an IELTS mandate. Admissions for scholarships are currently open at the South Korean UST University for 2024-2025 in all disciplines until the 1st of February. 

UST also offers award programs that nurture students and add quality to education. These UST scholarship awards are given to those who achieve excellent research outcomes:

  • UST Research Paper Award
  • Excellent Professorship Award
  • UST Research Paper Guidance Award
  • Excellent Lecturer Award

Let’s Discover the University of Science and Technology (UST)

The University of Science and Technology (UST) is a South Korean organization of public universities and research institutions. South Korean Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning formed the UST in 2003 as the country’s graduate school specializing in science and engineering research and academia. The UST only operates as a graduate school.

Something that helps UST stand out is that it teaches all courses in English because it is run by a partnership of advanced academic institutions. The University houses 32 national research facilities, as well as 58 diverse, convergent, and interconnected majors. Below, you can skim through the list to find what interests you want to pursue:

  • Underwater Acoustic Communications
  • Bio-molecular Science
  • Functional Genomics
  • Mobile Communication & Digital Broadcasting Engineering
  • Bio-Analytical Science
  • Green Chemistry and Environmental Biotechnology
  • Polar Science
  • Science of Measurement
  • Radiological Cancer Medicine
  • Medical Physics
  • Astronomy and Space Science
  • E-BIZ Management
  • Marine Environmental System Science
  • Neuroscience
  • Nuclear Fusion
  • Technology Management and Policy
  • Information Security Engineering
  • Aircraft System Engineering
  • Nano Surface Technology
  • Broadband Network Technology
  • Computer Software & Engineering
  • Electronic Counter-Measure Communications Technology
  • ITS Engineering
  • Bio-potency/Toxicology Evaluation
  • Information Network for Transportation Engineering 
  • Information Science & Technology
  • Virtual Engineering
  • Intelligent Robot Engineering
  • Grid and Supercomputing
  • Electrical Equipment Information and Communications Engineering
  • Advanced Device Technology
  • HCI & Robotics
  • Nano biotechnology
  • Nano-Electronics
  • Food Biotechnology
  • Geo-informatic Engineering
  • Nanomaterials Science and Engineering
  • Korea Traditional Medicine and Biotechnology
  • Electrical Functionality Material Engineering
  • Micro Nano System Engineering
  • Nano-Mechatronics
  • Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
  • Resources Recycling
  • Accelerator and Beam Nano Engineering
  • Environmental System Engineering
  • Energy and Power Conversion Engineering
  • Advanced Energy Technology
  • Future Modern Traffic System Engineering
  • Energy System Engineering
  • Measurement and Detection of Radiation
  • Green Process and System Engineering
  • Laser and Plasma Engineering
  • Quantum Energy Chemical Engineering
  • Advanced Nuclear System Engineering
  • Satellite Systems and Applications Engineering
  • Petroleum Resources Technology
  • Accurately Guided Vehicle System Engineering
  • Space Launch Vehicle System Engineering

UST Scholarship Winners Will Get the Following Sponsorship

If you’re the lucky recipient of the UST Scholarship, you will be entitled to have the following coverage: 

  • Paid Tuition Fees
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Health Insurance
  • Language Education
  • Library and Resource Access
  • Free Academic Counseling
  • One-way travel ticket
  • Accommodation

The standard financial support offered to enrolled students at UST allows KRW 1,600,000 for the Ph.D. course and KRW 1,200,000 for the Master’s course. In USD terms, that is $1000 for a doctoral and $800 for a master’s. The supporting amount is also based on a monthly payment to the student and is the minimum amount.

Let’s Submit an Application at UST South Korea in 2024

The application procedure for the South Korean UST is easy and online and you will need to fill in the application on UST admission website following a thorough reading of the admission guidelines (Application page link given at end of the article). Step two would be to scan the supporting documents to upload them. 

After you submit your application, your documents will undergo screening, and then, an in-depth interview will follow and after that UST will announce the final and successful applicants that made it to the admission registration phase. 

Are You Eligible for UST South Korean Scholarship? 

For the UST scholarship, you must have a good academic journey through your bachelor’s and Masters. Other than that, you will need: 

To ensure your admission and scholarship, you must attest all your documents, such as transcripts, by government institutes of your country.

Is IELTS Mandatory for South Korean UST?

The South Korean UST is also attractive to international students because of its easy demands. IELTS is not mandatory. However, students must submit all their supporting documents in the English Language. Your previous academics must be taught in English for you to escape the IELTS test.

When’s the Deadline for UST South Korea?

Admissions have been open at the University of Science and Technology (UST) since November 1st and the last date to submit your application to study in high quality and for free is May 15, 2024.

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