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UN’s Fully-funded Climate Change Conference 2024 – CV Accepted

UN’s Fully-funded Climate Change Conference in 2024 is accepting applications from international applicants at the moment. Please read this article carefully and send your applications timely.

Getting to attend events organized by United Nations is a huge opportunity, and as a result, the UN has introduced a conference on climate change in 2024 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. The Fully Funded UN Conference on Climate Change is accepting applications from applicants having diverse academic degrees in the domain of environment. The theme of the conference is climate change.

The Conference of the Parties (COP 27) to the UNFCCC will hold its 27th session from 7-18 November 2024. The conference was planned to be organized from 8-20 November last year, but due to the Pandemic, it got re-scheduled for this year.

Applicants can apply for either on-site or online setup to attend the conference, based on their availability and reachability. But it will be decided by the recruitment committee for which mode of communication, the candidate is shortlisted i.e. online or on-site. Other than all such details, it is worth mentioning that the entire expenses of applicants to attend the conference will be covered.

Pros of Becoming a Part of Climate Change Conference 2024

Keeping in mind the cutting-edge events organized by the United Nations, personnel from all around the world are eager to attend such conferences. The reason behind such a huge number of applicants is the innumerable benefits, the conference brings with it.

The first one is the fully-funded nature of the conference. The Fully-funded Conference gives attendees a practical experience by giving them a forum to engage with others and discuss issues relating to the global environment. Moreover, it creates possibilities to coordinate stories with other reporters from their region and throughout the world.

Secondly, it’s a paid opportunity which means that the shortlisted candidates will get a stipend of €250 to attend the conference. And lastly, the accommodation of all the selected applicants will be the responsibility of the organizers and not the attendees.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for the Climate Change Conference:

There are several plus points, but to avail of all the benefits, there is an eligibility criterion. The criteria are listed below:

  1. The applicant must be 18-35 years old
  2. the applicant should have a minimum experience of 1 year.
  3. Must be passionate about his/her career.
  4. Must have a portfolio of write-ups in the domain of climate.

How to apply?

If the interested candidate is eligible, he/she must follow the steps listed below to apply for the UN climate change conference.

  1. The interested candidates must keep an eye on the advertisement.
  2. The applicants should visit the site i.e. www.climatetracker.org and make an account.
  3. After creating an account, all the necessary information should be added, and the process of application should be completed.

Application Deadline for Climate Change Conference: August 19, 2024

The deadline to apply for the United Nations Climate change conference is 19th August 2024.

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