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Hey i bring you a news on fully-funded Scholarships at the University of Zurich for the class of 2024 which are now open for admissions and University of Zurich scholarships without IELTS are available to international students if their English language proficiency proof is available.

The University of Zurich or UZH, for short, is officially accepting applications for the class of 2024. UZH is considered to be one of the top medical and natural science universities around the globe. The foundation for it was laid back in 1833 and the institute currently stands tall in Zurich, Switzerland.

The University of Zurich provides admissions in a wide range of courses in medicine, architecture, law, and education, as well as engineering and social sciences and i must tell you that thousands of students a yearly basis graduate from UOZ.

To find out more about the University Of Zurich Acceptance Rate, GPA, University Of Zurich Requirements, University Of Zurich Ranking, and other useful information, keep reading our article as we give you all the important information that you may need to apply in one spot.

University of Zurich Scholarships Academic Funding Benefits

Have you ever fantasized about studying in Switzerland on full scholarships without IELTS and with stipends? If you apply to the University of Zurich, you could find out for yourself that IELTS is not needed and so many scholarships are also available there.

International students can try out their luck for a wide plethora of scholarships at the University of Zurich, all of which are beneficial in their own way. Any student who receives one of these prizes may be eligible for all or a few of the below-listed benefits:

  • Student Stipend paid per month
  • Exemptions from tuition fees
  • Health coverage plan for students
  • Airfare/travel expenses
  • Allowance for housing

University of Zurich Application fee: CHF 100-400

If you are applying to pursue a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Zurich, it is essential that you pay an application fee of CHF 100.00 or CHF 400.00. However, this implies only if you are applying late.

University of Zurich Acceptance rate: 19%
University of Zurich QS World Rank 2024: 70th

The University of Zurich has a 19% admission acceptance rate, making admissions to the institute tricky and extremely difficult. The Institution of Zurich is the largest university in Switzerland. In the QS World University Rankings, UOZ is ranked as the 70th best university in the world.

English Language Requirements of University of Zurich:

For the majority of courses, the German and English language is the primary medium of teaching. For Bachelor’s and Teaching Diploma programs, German is the primary language of teaching; on the other hand, for Master’s programs, German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish are the primary languages of instruction. Different modules are available for practically all programs that provide a second language as a medium of education. 

Hence, foreign-language candidates that are applying for a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or teaching certificate must provide appropriate proficiency in the study program’s principal language of instruction. This is why proof of proficiency at the C1 or above level (CEFR) is required.

Many applicants are excused from providing proof of language proficiency, this is only so if they have graduated from the University of Zurich or have proof of completion of the last three years of upper secondary school in the language of instruction relevant to their studies and live in a region where the official language is the same as the language of instruction.

For example, if the medium of instruction is English students have to demonstrate a C1 equivalent level of qualification in any English language test like IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, Cambridge proficiency certificate, SAT, Pearson Test of English, etc. and similarly DSH and other tests for the German language.

University of Zurich Scholarships

The University of Zurich offers a large number of scholarship programs. It can provide students a scholarship if they and their families cannot afford this funding, provided that the students can demonstrate that they are making adequate progress with their studies. Scholarships from the University of Zurich are always intended to provide subsidiary funding. The University of Zurich also provides many scholarships with the help of different organizations. 

Mobility scholarships are awarded by Global Student Experience to students who, for various financial reasons, would be unable to travel without a stipend. Applications for these must be submitted in conjunction with your application for an exchange slot or for financing for a SEMP.

The Heyning-Roelli Foundation provides financial assistance to brilliant but financially challenged students for travel and living expenses. Students with Bachelor’s and Master’s, who have the desire to study for one or two semesters, are eligible for funding. Scholarships range from 1’330 CHF each trimester (2-3 months stay) to 1’900 CHF per semester (more than 3 months stay).

The Student Financial Aid Office is the department of the University of Zurich that handles all financial aid issues. Staff members assist UZH students with limited financial resources and low parental income in obtaining scholarships and loans. Financial tuition fee waivers are available to undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students.

The following scholarship program is offered by the University of Zurich to excellent candidates who intend to pursue Master’s degree courses. ESOP stands for ‘Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program.‘ During the Master’s degree program, the scholarship covers all study and living expenses. To be qualified, you must have a very good Bachelor’s degree result (top 10% of Bachelor’s degree program = grade A). The Excellence Grant/ESOP is a CHF 12’000 scholarship that covers living and study expenses along with a full tuition fee waiver.

Foreign students holding a university degree can apply for scholarships from the Swiss Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS). This Zurich scholarship includes a CHF 1,920 monthly income, tuition price waivers, health insurance, travel costs/airfare, and a CHF 300 housing allowance.

Admissions Requirements of University of Zurich

To begin, if you are an international student, we recommend that you start off the procedure by first learning about the method of obtaining a student visa in Switzerland. You will not be allowed to study and stay in the country of Switzerland unless you have a study visa. So, a study visa is crucial and also, the first step.

The Admissions Procedure is:

  • To begin, go to and fill out all of the application parts.
  • Then, look into admissions for the program you are interested in.
  • Pay the application cost of CHF 100.00, which is non-refundable.
  • Finally, to make matters easier, you can submit the application form online.

University of Zurich Application Deadline: July 31, 2024

So application deadline to apply for admissions at the University of Zurich is 31 July 2024; for several undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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