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University of Waterloo Scholarships 2024 – Acceptance Ratio 53%

Submit your application for admission to the Canadian University of Waterloo in Ontario province. The University of Waterloo Scholarships 2024-2025 are now available for all degree options. One of the top-ranked Canadian universities; the University of Waterloo announced English-taught programs already.

Then the first question that you probably would’ve asked yourself is ‘can I afford to go to the University of Waterloo? The University of Waterloo is a fairly expensive university, which charges around CAD$12,000 from students each year.

However, if you are thinking of dropping the idea of going to the University of Waterloo just because it seems out of your league, we suggest that you think again! Like every other Canadian university, the University of Waterloo offers various scholarships to students, both Canadian nationals and international. 

Stay hooked on this article till the last and get to know about the Canadian scholarship programs offered by the University of Waterloo and how to apply to these funding programs.

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The University of Waterloo Acceptance Rate in 2024 Was: 53%

The admissions acceptance rate at the University of Waterloo as of 2024 is 53%. Out of which 40% of this student count was international, from across 84 different countries.

Application fees for the University of Waterloo is: CAD$125

How Many Scholarships are offered by the University of Waterloo?

Every academic year, the University of Waterloo invests over CAD$20 million in its students by offering various scholarships and grants. It not only offers around 4,500 Canadian scholarships to freshly enrolled students in the form of various colleges, faculties, and division awards but also 500 in-course awards.

Most of these scholarships in Canada are automatically awarded to students, without having to submit any documents, but there are some exceptions in the case of more prestigious awards.

When does the University of Waterloo Awards Scholarships to its Students?

Most of the scholarship awards are granted to students in Mid-May based on the updated academic grades of the students released by the Ontario high schools.

English Language Requirements of the University of Waterloo

International students from non-English speaking countries are required to provide evidence of their ability to speak, write, and understand the English language in order to apply for admission at the University of Waterloo in Canada. Therefore, to assess the English language proficiency of candidates, the University of Waterloo accepts IELTS, Cambridge English Tests, CAEL, TOEFL, CanTEST, EFAS, or DET.

Therefore, we can say that the University of Waterloo grants admissions and scholarships to international students without the need for an IELTS exam if IELTS alternative exam certificate is available.

Financial Coverage of Scholarships of the University of Waterloo:

Listed below are the benefits of some of the most prestigious Canadian scholarship programs offered to the students at the University of Waterloo:

Entrance Scholarships (No Need for Application Submission)

Following are the entrance scholarships offered by the University of Waterloo for which students are automatically considered without having to turn in any documents other than those attached to their applications:

#1 President’s Scholarship of Distinction:

  • Entrance Scholarship worth CAD$2,000
  • International Experience Award worth CAD$1,000 or Research Awards worth CAD$1,500

#2 President’s Scholarships: Entrance Scholarship worth CAD$2,000

#3 Merit Scholarships: Entrance Scholarships worth CAD$1,000

#4 Entrance Scholarships (Sponsored by Alumni and Donors): Multiple awards from CAD$1,000 to 5,000

#5 Entrance Scholarships for International Students: Multiple awards worth CAD$10,000 each.

Entrance Scholarships (Need of Application Submission)

Following are those scholarships that require the students to submit documents of verification to qualify for the awards:

University of Waterloo Scholarships Sponsored by Alumni and Donors:

The alumni at the University of Waterloo and other private donors have funded several scholarship programs for students at both undergraduate and research-based Master’s levels, ranging from CAD$1,000 to CAD$20,000.

#1 Deer Ridge Entrance Awards: 2 awards valued at $3,500

#2 Serbian Education Fund Entrance Awards: Worth $1,000

#3 Hong Kong Alumni Association Entrance Awards: 2 awards worth $2,000

#4 Waterloo-China Hong Kong Entrance scholarships: 2 awards worth $2,000 each

Scholarships for Black and Indigenous Students:

#1 Blackberry Scholars Entrance Awards: Worth $20,000 for eight semesters

#2 Engineering Entrance Awards for Black and Indigenous Students: Up to five awards worth $5,000 each.

#3 Scotiabank Entrance Scholarships: Worth $2,000

Other Documented Scholarships:

#1 Schulich Leader Scholarships: Up to 100 awards ranging from $80,000 to $100,000)

Waterloo Faculty Scholarships:

The following programs are offered to enrolled students for funding their higher education degrees in addition to the entrance scholarships:

#1 Honors Arts and Business Scholarships: Worth $5,000

#2 Global Business and Digital Arts Scholarships: Ranging from $1,000 to $3,000

#3 Dean of Environment’s Scholarships for Excellence: Worth $7,500

#4 Faculty of Environment Student Engagement Awards: 25 awards worth $2,000 each

#5 St. Paul’s International Development Continuing Scholarships: 4 scholarships worth $10,000 for eight semesters

#6 National and Global Math Scholarships: Up to 10 awards ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 for eight semesters.

Application Process of University of Waterloo Scholarships:

To apply for scholarships at the University of Waterloo, students have to undergo the following procedures:

Step 1: Apply to the University of Waterloo for Admission and Scholarship:

First of all the candidates have to create a free account and profile on the Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC) in order to file an admissions application for the University of Waterloo. The students must apply to the University of Waterloo in their desired course programs. You have to create an online profile at the University of Waterloo, and then start building your profile by filling in basic details.

Step 2: Submit your documents:

Next, the students will be required to submit the documents required for scholarship and admissions applications alongside biodata details and preferences of degree program choices.

Step 3: Submit your Scholarship and admissions application:

After completing your University of Waterloo admissions and Scholarship applications, you will have to submit their applications. The scholarships panel at the University of Waterloo will then consider your application for entrance scholarships, provided that it abides by the university’s eligibility criteria.

University of Waterloo Application Deadline: February 1, 2024

The last date to submit an application for admission at the Canadian University of Waterloo is set for 1st February 2024.

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