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Washington University Scholarships

Admissions at the University of Washington are open for applications on fully-funded scholarships for the class of 2024-2025. Interested applicants can submit their applications for admissions without IELTS at the University of Washington if they belong to Native English-speaking countries or hold acceptable proof of their English language abilities.

The University of Washington is a public research institute in Seattle, Washington. For many students, the University of Washington, one of Seattle’s most prestigious colleges, is a dream come true. So, if you are keen on taking admitted to this elite university, you should gather all the information you need as soon as possible. 

University of Washington applications for spring 2024 starts from June 1, 2024. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about admission procedures and requirements.

The University of Washington ranked number 59 in the 2024 edition of best US colleges. The University of Washington offers a diverse selection of courses in over a hundred subjects, ranging from calculus to health to French.  

Sponsorship Packages at University of Washington

If a student is able to win the scholarship at the University of Washington, then the winner may get all or a part of their application fees waiver, living allowance stipend monthly disbursement, student’s health insurance plan, airfare, accommodation funding/facility, or funds for buying literature/experimentation.

Application Fee for the University of Washington: US$90

To apply as a US freshman student, you must submit an application form with a non-refundable fee. The fee is US $80. For international students, the non-refundable fee is US$90. It has to be given whenever you apply. Payment of fee is the last step in the application and can be paid via Visa or Mastercard. 

Acceptance Rate of the University of Washington: 56%

The acceptance rate of the University of Washington is 56% which is high considering the competition there is to get into this university. In its Seattle campus, UW received 43,778 applications out which 24,467 got accepted. 

University of Washington English Language Requirement 

Your grasp of the English language is crucial for admission to the University of Washington. As an international student, your IELTS, TOEFL, or Duolingo score is required. A minimum score requirement for TOEFL is 76. For IELTS, it’s 6.0, and for Duolingo 150 score at minimum is required. The University of Washington must obtain certified TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo (DET) scores directly from the testing source.  

Who does not need to take IELTS, TOEFL or Duolingo exam?

If you have already done taken IELTS or TOEFL before, you don’t have take a new test. You can use the results of the same test for two years from the date of the test taken. Language requirements are waived for those students from abroad who have earned a bachelor’s degree in an English-speaking country.

If you have a minimum B grade in all high-school English courses and at least a SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score of at least 580 or an ACT English score of 22, you are also excused from the IELTS requirement. Students can also benefit from the Academic English Program (AEP), which aims to assist them to enhance their language abilities.

Eligibility criteria

Multiple components play a key role in a college application; nevertheless, you should concentrate on only a few key ones, such as GPA requirements (average 3.5) and testing criteria, such as SAT (average 1300) or ACT requirements and proficiency in the English language. 

Scholarships at the University of Washington

Scholarships are available at the University of Washington-Seattle for a variety of academic interests and needs:

1# Scholarship for US Residents

  • UW Undergraduate Academic Excellence Awards

The financial assistance office awards scholarships to resident students who have excelled academically and have financial needs. On the same premise, UW Undergraduate Academic Excellence Awards provide partial tuition fee exemptions to resident freshmen students. The Presidential Scholarship is a $10,000 prize awarded to a selected group of Washington residents who have demonstrated outstanding leadership. It can last around four years before it has to be replaced.

  • Diversity scholarships

The UW Diversity Scholarship for Freshmen provides a four-year reward of $10,000. to high-achieving, high-need students from traditionally underrepresented neighborhoods who are freshmen at the University of Washington. The financial necessity of the student, as well as his or her past and academics, are taken into consideration. 

2# Scholarship for International Students 

  • Purple & Gold Scholarships

 Non-resident U.S. students are eligible for the Purple & Gold Scholarship. If the student maintains a solid academic record, the amount varies and is awarded for four years. It is only allowed to be used in universities. 

  • NASA Education Aeronautics Scholarships

Individuals pursuing or intending to pursue graduate courses leading to master’s and doctorate degrees in relevant NASA-related subjects are eligible for the NASA Education Aeronautics Scholarship. This full grant, fellowship, internship, and other opportunities are available to senior undergraduate and graduate students. 

  • The Alfonso Carlos Pea Graduate Fellowships

The Alfonso Carlos Pea Graduate Fellowship is given to students who have financial needs and a strong desire to solve social and environmental challenges. The $20,000 stipend is available to students enrolled in fee-based programs. 

  • The Gatzert Fellowships

Another fellowship for postgraduate students is The Gatzert Fellowship which covers a fifth of the cost of UW state tuition and fees, as well as GAIP insurance and a stipend (currently $2,899 per month). 

  • US ministry-funded Fulbright scholarships

In addition, international students have the opportunity to fully funded a postgraduate program with the US ministry-funded Fulbright scholarship program.

Admission Application Steps at the University of Washington:

To begin, select the program of your choice and its availability at the University of Washington as your first preference on the application. 

 Then you must gather the appropriate exams and documentation, such as your SAT/ACT scores (which are not mandatory now but it will definitely raise your admission chances), language proficiency certifications if applicable, transcripts, and GPA report (a minimum of 2.00 is required, but a higher GPA and SAT/ACT score to improve your acceptance chances because the acceptance rate is just 56%).

Self-reporting your academic background, a 650-word essay, demographic information, and you’re projected first- and second-choice majors are all part of the application. A number of Class ranks, test scores, interests, and other factors are also considered for admission. In addition, you must pay an application fee of around $80 for US students and $90 for foreign students.

  • Complete the admission/scholarship application 
  • Submit your study plan essay 
  • Pay the application fee according to the country you are applying from 
  • Attach proof of your academic and English test scores
  • Attach transcript (a detailed account of your academic coursework and if you are an international student then you are required to upload a scanned, unofficial copy of your transcript for grade levels 9 and higher as part of your application). 

Once you submit the application, you look for scholarship opportunities as described above. In that way, in case you are given the acceptance letter, you will have the funding facilities already.

Application Deadline of University of Washington: November 15, 2024

University of Washington application submission for winter 2024 starts from June 1, 2024, till November 15, 2024.

For spring 2024, the priority application period is August 1-31stFreshman fall application starts on September 1 for admission in the coming year.

November: Freshman autumn application deadline. The Freshman Fall notification period is March 1-15.

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