Scholarships in Japan 2024

University of Tokyo Scholarships 2024 for Overseas Students – No IELTS Needed

Admissions are open for students to get enrolled on fully-funded Scholarships announced by the Japanese University of Tokyo Scholarships department for the batch of 2024-2025 without the need of IELTS. I think if in these months i have to recommend a scholarship to my students then that would be this scholarship offered by University of Tokyo because of its easy of winning and wide range of benefits!

How about we tell you about one of the most prestigious universities in the technological hub of Japan? In this article, you will get to know all that counts for seeking admission to a prestigious research center in Japan; the University of Tokyo.

The University of Tokyo, or as the locals call it- Todai, competes for the highest position in the world. The university ranked second in the world in the Professional Ranking of World Universities, with Harvard in the first place.

Funding Package of Tokoyo University Scholarships:-

The funding packages of Japanese scholarships differ from one to the other depending upon funds availability, and the merit of applicants. Therefore, applicants can expect low fees to totally free education, free accommodation facility, air ticket funding, Japanese Study VISA fee sponsorship, monthly stipends, health insurance for students, and many other academic benefits.

IELTS Requirement at University of Tokyo: Not Required

IELTS is not required at the University of Tokyo for granting admissions/scholarships to international students from non-native English-speaking countries. The University of Tokyo only accepts TOEFL English certificates and the students from native English-speaking countries are exempt from submitting the English Language Proficiency requirement.

Whereas, students can also request exemption from English Language Proficiency from the admissions office of the University of Tokyo for filing admission/scholarship applications.

English Language Requirements at the University of Tokyo: IELTS, TOEFL Accepted.

The University of Tokyo enrolls approximately 30,000 students each academic year, amongst which the number of international enrollees is over 4,200. 

Acceptance Rate of University of Tokyo was 21%

Comprising 10 faculties and 15 graduate schools, the University of Tokyo gives ample choices to its aspirant applicants to choose a degree program of their preference. Not only this but the alumni of the University of Tokyo have been observed to have the highest average pay rates in Japan. 

Keeping the above factors in mind, it is not difficult to perceive that admissions to the University of Tokyo are extremely competitive. Only a small percentage of the thousands of students who apply to a degree program at the University of Tokyo get to make it to the finalized list of applicants, and those few are considered to be the luckiest of them all.

The acceptance and rejection rate at the University of Tokyo is as follows:

Acceptance rate at the University of Tokyo:

The acceptance rate at the University of Tokyo was 21% as of the last survey in 2023.

Rejection rate at the University of Tokyo:-

The rejection rate at the University of Tokyo stayed around 79%; which implies that more than half of the applications that are received are turned down due to one reason or the other.

University of Tokyo Admissions Waiting List Mechanism:-

Like every other university in the world, the University of Tokyo also creates a waiting list for students who showcase their potential but don’t make it to the finalized list of enrollees. 

Which Students are placed on the Waiting List of the University of Tokyo? Generally, students who face a delay in submitting their applications for a degree program at the University of Tokyo are allotted a waiting number and given a spot on the waiting list.

The students on the waiting list will be sent an email when their applications will be reviewed and will be given the status of their application. If in case, an enrolled student drops out of the university, the students on the waiting list will be contacted to fill up the vacant seats however, getting a place on the waiting list does not guarantee acceptance into the University of Tokyo.

Scholarships Available at the University of Tokyo in 2024:-

The University of Tokyo has a number of funding options available for its students, ranging from fully funded, partially funded to fixed funded scholarships and these Japanese scholarships are awarded on the basis of both merit and the financial need of the students to fund their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees.

Following are the most common Japanese scholarship awards offered by the University of Tokyo to its students:

University of Tokyo’s Support Fund:-

Other than the scholarship programs initiated by the university, the University of Tokyo also advances student loans for those who, despite their need, cannot land a scholarship award.

For the achievement of this purpose, the university management has set up a fund known as the University of Tokyo Foundation’s Support Fund for International Students. 

This fund assists international students in meeting their financial needs through donations made by the University of Tokyo’s employees, students, and alumni and grants from private organizations or the general public.

University of Tokyo Scholarship Application Deadline in 2024:-

The application deadline at the University of Tokyo for admissions is May 31, 2024 and to apply for admission or scholarship at the University of Tokyo you will be required to submit a Statement of purpose, two recommendation letters, a study plan or a research proposal, a personal statement, all degrees, and transcripts.

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