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University of North Carolina UNC Scholarships 2024 – Study free in North Carolina

 The University of North Carolina offers fully-funded scholarships 2024-2025 to its entrants and currently enrolled students. These US scholarships are offered to undergraduate, and postgraduate students undertaking a degree at the University of North Carolina.

The University of North Carolina has initiated various scholarship programs offered by the US government, private organizations, and the university itself. The scholarships carry an array of benefits for the students. This article will talk about the scholarships at the University of North Carolina, their benefits, application method, and deadline.

Scholarships at UNC Covers the Following:

The UNC provides various benefits to students who win scholarships initiated by private organizations, US Government, or UNC university. These US scholarships help students financially and academically to pursue their higher education at the university. The benefits offered by these US scholarships include:

  • Tuition fee coverage (percentage depends on the scholarship scheme)
  • Room Coverage
  • Housing Allowance
  • Travel Coverage
  • Research Projects Coverage
  • Dissertation Stipends
  • Monthly Stipends

University of North Carolina (UNC) Scholarships 2024

The US scholarships at the University of North Carolina include:

1# Innovation Scholarships

The Innovation Scholarships at the University of North Carolina target to nurture future leaders by encouraging problem-solving skills. These scholarships are presented by the Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship and guarantee a place in the organization after the completion of the degree. The Innovation Scholarships provide innovative students the resources to explore their innovative ideas and nurture them to achieve prestigious outcomes.

The Innovation Scholarships also promise placement into internships for the awardees ensuring professional experience. The Innovation Scholarships cover the full tuition fees, room expenses, and board at the University of North Carolina for the recipients. The duration of the Innovation Scholarships extends to four years.

2# Woods Family Scholars Program

The Wood Family Scholars Program is initiated for academically excellent students having sound leadership skills and a need for the scholarship. The program pairs the awardees with the globally recognized scholars of the Wood Family. The awardees are guided under the shadow of these scholars helping them to nurture their leadership potential which leads to their preparation for practical application. The Wood Family Scholars Program is rolled out to ten first-year students annually.

3# Carolina Covenant Scholarships

The Carolina Covenant program was initiated in 2004 by UNC-Chapel Hill. The Carolina Covenant program aims to help low-income students to pursue their higher education up to the graduate level. This program targets to create a pathway from the undergraduate level to the graduate level. The pathway consists of various grants, scholarships, and awards that cover the tuition of the students coupled with other expenses.

The Carolina Covenant program also ensures access to personal support and other academic services. The Carolina Covenant program first enrolls the student into the undergraduate program of the University of North Carolina. After admission, the financial need of the student is assessed. The family income must be below 200% of the federal property guidelines.

4# Cornerstone Fund Scholarships

The Cornerstone Fund is one of the most prestigious awards at the University of North Carolina. The Cornerstone Awards targets to help needy students in meeting their financial needs. The program recognizes their problems due to inflation which affects tuition costs and other living expenses. The Cornerstone Fund is not a fixed award because it decides the amount of coverage owing to the financial condition of the student.

The Cornerstone Fund can be used flexibly as it can cover the full expenses of the students if they are involved in dire financial conditions. It can also be used to reduce the burden on families by offering partial coverage. The program is initiated because middle-class families do not fall under the federal property guidelines. This aims to help those families by reducing the financial pressure. The coverage may also be offered from the Merit-Based awards.

5# General Scholarships

General Scholarships are offered to new entrants and currently enrolled students at the University of North Carolina. These scholarships recognize the financial conditions of the people studying at the University of North Carolina and aim to reduce the financial pressure on such people.

The General Scholarships provide an opportunity students for the establishment of their private funds that can help in funding their education. The General Scholarships are not fixed awards because they are rolled out based on the financial condition of the recipients. The General Scholarships are offered to students of all degree levels.

6# Dean E.Smith Opening Doors Funds

The Dean E.Smith Opening Doors Fund is initiated for undergraduate and graduate students undertaking studies at the University of North Carolina. The fund is named after the renowned coach Smith and collaborates with the Smith family to nurture young talent to inculcate the leadership qualities of Smith into the students at the University of North Carolina. The Dean E.Smith Opening Doors Fund is committed to supporting undergraduate students throughout their degrees.

For this, the fund offers $5,000 to the selected students annually for covering their college expenses. The graduate recipients are given $30,000 per year for the coverage of their college expenses. The scholarship will also roll out smaller amounts to support research activities and travel. Dissertation stipends will also be given out by the established fund. The fund may also receive additional external gifts which may be distributed among the three areas which can increase the final amount given to the recipients.

7# General Alumni Association Scholarships

The General Alumni Association Scholarships are offered to alumni of the University of North Carolina. These awards are given by the General Alumni Association. The scholarships offered by the General Alumni Association include GAA/Dibbert Scholarship, Carolina Club Scholarship, Maryon “Spike” Saunders Scholarship, and Light on the Hill Society Scholarship. The General Alumni Association Scholarships are given by the General Alumni Association itself. The scholarships don’t require any application for consideration. The recipients will be notified by the association after their selection.

9# Other Scholarships

The University of North Carolina offers numerous other scholarship schemes that continue to benefit the students at the university. These scholarships include Red, White, and Carolina Blue Challenge, Blue Sky Scholars Program, Carolina Works, Community Service Scholarships, Kenan Music Scholars Program, Thomas Wolfe Scholarship for Creative Writing, Chancellor’s Science Scholarship, Robertson Scholarship, Morehead-Cain Scholarship, Carolina Scholarship, College Fellows and Tar Heel Merit Scholarships, Colonel Robinson Scholarship, General Alumni Association Scholarship, etc.

North Carolina Scholarship Application Method

Follow the steps below to apply for the scholarships at the University of North Carolina:

  • Open the University of North Carolina Scholarships page
  • Browse through the scholarships provided on the page
  • Click on the drop-down menu on each scholarship to explore the information
  • Tap on the hyperlink provided in the drop-down menu to open the separate page for the scholarship
  • Click on the Application menu on the following page
  • Fill in the relevant details on the following menu
  • Attach the relevant documents on the application form
  • Submit the Admission application at North Carolina University

North Carolina University Application Deadline: October 15, 2024 

The application deadline for the undergraduate courses at the University of North Carolina is set for 15th October 2024. The application deadlines for graduate courses vary but the admissions will close between October and November.

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