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University of Melbourne Scholarships 2024 to Study for free in Australia

Are you eager to pursue your next degree at a top-ranked international university? I’m excited to share a fantastic fully funded scholarship opportunity in Australia. The University of Melbourne, a prestigious Australian university, has recently unveiled a variety of scholarship programs for both Australian and international students for the 2024-2025 academic year. It’s crucial to keep you updated about these opportunities, so you can apply for admission with a scholarship in 2024.

University of Melbourne Introduces Sponsored Scholarship Programs

The University of Melbourne in Australia is offering a comprehensive scholarship package that includes a full or partial tuition fee waiver for all degree programs. Additionally, recipients can benefit from an annual stipend of up to $34,400, accommodation facilities, a relocation allowance of up to $3,000, and a fully-covered single membership for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

How much it would cost to study at University of Melbourne?

The cost of studying at the University of Melbourne (UoM) without a scholarship can be summarized as follows:

Cost of Studying at UoM Without Scholarship
Student Type Degree Fees 
Domestic Bachelor’s $9,050 AUD
Domestic Master’s $13,578 AUD
International Bachelor’s $39,168 AUD
International Master’s $43,712 AUD

Additional Costs (Applicable to Both Domestic and International Students):

  • Student Services and Amenities Fee: $324 AUD per year
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC): $500 – $1,000 AUD per year
  • Accommodation: $200 – $500 AUD per week
  • Food: $100 – $200 AUD per week
  • Books and other course materials: $500 – $1,000 AUD per year
  • Transport: $50 – $100 AUD per week
  • Personal expenses: $100 – $200 AUD per week

Eligibility for University of Melbourne Scholarship 2024

In this section, I’ll provide a thorough explanation to help you understand your eligibility for the scholarships offered by the University of Melbourne in Australia. It’s important to know whether your academic qualifications align with their criteria before applying, to save both time and effort.

Note that students from Australia and those from countries with friendly relations with Australia are welcome to apply for these scholarships, provided they meet the specific academic requirements for the course or degree they’re interested in. I advise all prospective students to first review the courses and degrees offered by the University of Melbourne. Following that, carefully check their eligibility criteria, age limits, and documentation requirements.

Guidance on Seeking Supervision for Postgraduate Studies at the University of Melbourne:

Undergraduate students can apply directly for admission to their chosen courses at the University of Melbourne. However, for postgraduate applicants, the university advises initiating contact with faculty members to inquire about supervision opportunities for their research work.

This straightforward process involves reaching out to University of Melbourne professors via email to determine if there is a match between your research interests and the ongoing projects in their laboratories. This step is crucial to ensure that your studies will be appropriately supervised and guided by a faculty member whose expertise aligns with your research area.

How to Apply for University of Melbourne Scholarships: Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re at this point, it likely means you’ve confirmed that the University of Melbourne offers your desired degree program on scholarship and you’re eligible to apply. Now, you might be wondering about the application process. Let me guide you through a clear and straightforward procedure for submitting your scholarship application to the University of Melbourne.

Your initial step was to verify if your desired degree/subject is offered by the University of Melbourne and to understand the eligibility criteria. The next move is to visit the UoM Scholarships webpage of the University of Melbourne. Here, you’ll choose the scholarship that best fits your needs and review its specific eligibility requirements, prerequisites, and application guidelines.

Once you’re confident about your subject, degree, and scholarship choice based on the official University of Melbourne webpages, the final step is to submit an online application for admission. This application process is both online and free of charge.

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