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University of Helsinki Scholarships 2024 in Finland for International Students

Finland’s University of Helsinki Scholarships 2024-2025 are announced for international students. So, do you want to study in Finland on a scholarship? Anyone interested in studying in Finland for the class of 2024-2025 on a Finland university scholarship from Helsinki University is encouraged to apply immediately. All qualified national and international candidates are encouraged to submit their applications.

The financial aid is only available for those pursuing undergraduate, Graduate, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees at Helsinki University. The Helsinki fellowship is presented for several academic programs. All academic faculties at Helsinki University in Finland are provided with a government-funded tuition-free education.

The University of Helsinki is often considered to be the best educational institution in all of Finland. Originally established in 1640 in Swedish-controlled Turku, the university relocated to Helsinki in 1829 and immediately rose to prominence as one of Finland’s premier educational institutions. With over 30,000 students and 11 distinct academic departments, the institution is larger than any other in the nation and more relevant than ever.

Global Ranking of the University of Helsinki in 2024: 86

When it comes to Finnish higher education, the University of Helsinki stands head and shoulders above the others. It has held its position at the top for a lot of years. Furthermore, it has a strong position in international rankings, coming in at number 86 in the globe in the most recent U.S. News University Rankings.

International Students at Helsinki University of Finland:

Tuition-free study in Finnish and Swedish at the University of Helsinki attracts a large number of foreign students, particularly from Finland’s and Sweden’s bordering nations. About 4,600 of the current 30,000 students are from outside the United States, making up about 15% of the student population.

International Students’ Tuition Cost (In case of No Scholarship Success)

When compared to other nations, tuition in Finland is quite low. If a program is offered in either Finnish or Swedish, there are no tuition costs for international students. Students from outside the EU are not excluded. However, depending on the chosen curriculum, students who prefer to study in English must pay tuition costs that may vary from $5,000 to $15,000.

Funding Sponsorship of Scholarships at the University of Helsinki

Moreover, different scholarship programs offered at the University of Helsinki may cover full tuition fees expenses, issuance of monthly stipends, sickness/health insurance coverage, airfare, residential facility expense, literature funding, or funds and facility for experimental work.

Scholarships providing 50% or 100% of the tuition charge are available for each degree program. Finland scholarships include the whole tuition cost as well as a 5000 € relocation stipend. If you achieve at least 55 credits during the first year of education, your stipend and 5000 EUR will be extended for the second year.

Language Proficiency Requirement at the University of Helsinki

The scholarship program at Helsinki University provides students with a significant annual sum to cover living, health care, and academic costs. All applicants to the University of Helsinki are required to provide evidence of English or Finnish language proficiency appropriate for academic work. Either your level of schooling up to this point or the results of a standardized language exam can attest to your proficiency in the language.

The University of Helsinki accepts IELTS, TOEFL, C1 Advanced, PTE Academic, European Baccalaureate, or International Baccalaureate English language tests. Helsinki University does not require international students to have a passing score on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) but can also accept scores from the TOEFL or other acceptable English language tests listed above.

The medium of teaching at the University of Helsinki: Finnish and English

Although Finnish is the most common language used on campus, English, Swedish, and a number of other languages are also widely used. English is the language of teaching for most master’s and doctorate degree programs. The institution has a strong commitment to academic excellence, as shown by its membership in several prestigious worldwide university networks and organizations.

Is a language requirement exemption possible?

Students from countries where English is their native language are exempt from providing evidence of language ability at the University of Helsinki. Language competence criteria are waived for candidates who either hold English language certifications or who have graduated from an English medium institution in the past.

Acceptance Rate at the University of Helsinki in 2024: 15%

The University of Helsinki is recognized as one of the EU’s most competitive educational institutions, with just a 15% admittance rate. As a result of the high standards set by the institution, a great number of prospective students apply each year, therefore the top students are allowed to secure enrollment.

However, the relatively low acceptance percentage is partly attributable to the vast number of applications each year; if you discover that you fulfill or surpass all standards, you should have no trouble being admitted.

Application Fees at University of Helsinki: Zero

There is no application fee to apply for admission/scholarship at the University of Helsinki.

Departments and Facilities Available at the University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki has locations all around Finland, including four in the capital city of Helsinki and another ten elsewhere. There are eleven departments housed within the University, as well as various separate research institutions, interdisciplinary research networks, campus units, and departments responsible for carrying out the functions of a national authority.

  • Faculty of Arts
  • The Faculty of Law
  • Biological and Environmental Sciences Faculty
  • Forestry Faculty and Agriculture
  • The Medicine Faculty
  • Pharmacy Faculty
  • Science Faculty
  • Social Sciences Faculty
  • The Faculty of Educational Sciences
  • Theological Faculty
  • Veterinary Medicine Faculty
  • Swedish Social Science School

List of Scholarships at the University of Helsinki in 2024

1# Dean’s Award: Award Amount: 1,000 Euros, or around 1,100 US Dollars

Second and third-year students may apply for the dean’s scholarship based on their academic performance from the previous year. A total of $1,100 will be awarded to the top pupils. This is the sole undergraduate foreign scholarship offered by the University of Helsinki, while practically all undergraduate programs there are free of charge.

2# Scholarship for the Academic Year Following the First: The value of this award is $11,700.

All pupils who are obliged to pay tuition costs are qualified for the university’s Second Year Study Scholarship. The University of Helsinki awards five outstanding students with a total of $11,700 in scholarships depending on their academic performance.

Applying for the grant should be one of the first things freshmen do in college. Students who are already receiving grants or scholarships to pay for tuition are ineligible for the Second Year Study Grant.

3# Helsinki Funds Scholarship program: The scholarship is fully funded.

The Helsinki Funds scholarship program is open to all master’s degree students enrolled full-time and paying tuition at the University of Helsinki. There are two different types of scholarships available to students at the University of Helsinki: one that pays for the whole cost of tuition and fees and offers the recipient an additional $11,700, and another that pays for only the tuition.

Full-time enrollment and on-time completion are prerequisites for maintaining eligibility for this scholarship for its two-year duration. Your eligibility for the second year of financing will depend on how well you do and how far along you are in your first. If you don’t, your financial aid won’t be renewed. In addition to covering tuition, the scholarship provides a number of perks, such as free or heavily discounted medical care, reduced prices at local restaurants, and more.

4# University of Helsinki Valo Fund

The scholarships by Valo fund available at the University of Helsinki are only awarded to Finland National students.

5# Master’s Degree Thesis Scholarship Grant

If you are an enrolled student at the University of Helsinki reaching the point of writing a thesis then take advantage by submitting an application for a Master’s degree thesis writeup scholarship grant.

6# Hans Bang Foundation Scholarships

Apply for the Hans Bang Foundation scholarship at the University of Helsinki which is available to students pursuing scientific projects in the economics or global trade niche. Hans Bang foundation scholarships cover monthly stipends as well to help students focus on their research work.

7# Academy of Finland Scholarships

Academy of Finland Fellowships are also offered at the University of Helsinki. These fellowships are academic subject or experimental work based. Academic of Finland Scholarships are awarded for Autumn and spring semesters each year.

8# Finland Research Database Aurora Scholarships

Finland promotes research activities at their Universities. Due to this, the University of Helsinki is on a panel of Finland’s Aurora Research Portal where Scientific Research-Based Scholarships are awarded to international students each year.

9# Association of Finnish Foundations Scholarships

You can apply for scholarships at the Association of Finland’s Foundations. A large number of Finland Government approved laboratories, departments, and Universities are always on the hunt to find international talent for their ongoing research projects.

10# Finnish Cultural Foundation Scholarships

Finland’s cultural foundation scholarships promote and sponsor students working in the field of intellectual subjects, or arts and science. The good news is; that Finland’s Cultural Foundation offers 17+ academic scholarships and fellowship grants for each of their session.

11# Finland’s FYRP Research Fellowships at Helsinki University

The last on today’s list is the FYRK Finland research fellowship database where international students can hunt down available fellowships and scholarships to grab an opportunity to study for free in Finland.

Helsinki University Admissions Information for International Students

In order to begin the admissions process, it is necessary to verify the application deadlines. Applying to a master’s program, for instance, often occurs near the year’s conclusion. After deciding on a field of study, you’ll need to send in supporting materials like your high school or bachelor’s degree, results on any applicable language exams, etc.

Either acceptance or rejection of your application will be communicated to you thereafter. This is a 5-month process for master’s degrees, but much shorter for undergraduate, and graduate degrees. A distinct application process applies to candidates from particular countries.

How should I apply for this scholarship?

It is extremely simple to apply: The online application procedure for undergraduate, graduate, and master’s degrees contains scholarship-related inquiries. Your responses to these inquiries will be used to evaluate your scholarship request. You may only apply for a scholarship using the application form online while also applying for a course of study. The scholarship-related documentation must be provided together with the rest of your degree application materials.

Criteria for eligibility

  • Anyone from anywhere in the world can try to get a scholarship.
  • The applicant can use the scholarship to get into the school. There is no need to fill out a separate form.
  • You don’t have to talk to teachers or anyone else to get the stipend. It is paid automatically as soon as you are accepted.

Documents Required

Application Deadlines at the University of Helsinki

The admission application deadline at the University of Helsinki for most of the research programmes will always remain open. You need to check out available scholarships and fellowships in Finland and at the University of Helsinki on the above-mentioned sponsorship links. But as far as direct admissions to Helsinki University are concerned please check below for the application deadline:

Science Bachelor’s Program: The application period for studies beginning in the fall of 2024 has ended. Admission Group 2 applications will be accepted from March 15 through March 30, 2024, for studies beginning in the fall of 2024. Others may apply from December 1, 2024, to January 4, 2024.

Foreign Master’s Programs: Applications for studies beginning in the fall of 2024 are now closed. The application deadline for programs beginning in the fall of 2024 is from December 1, 2024, to January 4, 2024.

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