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Turkey Scholarships Without IELTS in 2024: Study Without IELTS in Turkey

Win a Fully Funded Turkish Scholarship!

Turkey Government Scholarships Without IELTS for the year 2024-2025 are being accepted by Turkiye Burslari till February 20, 2024. Only a few days are now remaining for Turkey Government Scholarship Application Window to close! The deadline for submitting an application for the Turkish Scholarship is February 20, 2024.

This means you can submit a Turk Scholarship online application now to enter into the pool of candidates from where thousands of lucky ones will be selected to get their full education covered by the Turkish government.

Turkey is welcoming international students from the entire world through their newly announced “Turkish Government Scholarship.” This scholarship program is an excellent opportunity for all students seeking to get higher education in the best country like Turkey.

Turkey has opened its doorways for students worldwide and is encouraging them to study under some prestigious Turkish universities. For now, only those students can apply for this Scholarship who are interested in applying for bachelor/masters or Ph.D. programs.

The main purpose of this Turkish Scholarship with IELTS exemption is to allow Turkey to make its relationship long-lasting and stronger with the rest of the countries.

Advantages of Turkey Scholarships for the International Students

Like the rest of the scholarship programs, the Turkey Scholarship program also provides some huge benefits for the students applying for it. Some of them are listed below:

  • NO IELTS Requirement

The biggest benefit to consider a Turkey Scholarship is to save bucks on taking an IELTS exam. The Turkish Government Scholarships do not require an IELTS exam.

  • No Application Fees

Another universal benefit to applying for a Turkish Scholarship is no need to pay an application fee.

  • Free Accommodation:

The best thing about this Turkish scholarship program is that it will handle students’ accommodation perfectly. Students can easily accommodate themselves in university hostels or dormitories without paying any charges. If a student does not like to stay in dormitories, they can accommodate themselves into any location for their convenience.

  • No tuition fees:

Students do not have to take any stress of paying their tuition fees. This Scholarship will cover all the tuition expenses of the needy students who are unable to continue their studies due to financial constraints.

  • Health expense:

All the health expenses of students are covered by public health insurance. If a student gets sick, all the expenses of his/her health are covered under the scholarship allowances without paying any single penny.

  • Travel Expenses:

Turkey Scholarships program is also supporting the travel expenses of all students. Once the student has completed their degree, they will be provided with two tickets, i.e., one for the arrival and one for the departure. Still, if the student wants to handle the ticket expenses on their own, the specific amount will be returned later on.

Study in Turkey Without IELTS:

Turkey Government Scholarships are exempted from the IELTS requirement. So, you can study an English taught program in Turkish Universities without an IELTS exam. But if your selected degree is offered i Turkish language then following are the requirements of it:

If any student is not fluent in speaking the Turkish language, they have to take admission for a Turkish Language Course of at least 1-year. This course will sharpen language skills and speaking fluency.

There is no such specific exception for this language course. If a student is taking courses in various languages, they have to take this Turkish Language Course. With the help of this course, you can conveniently communicate with people while living in Turkey.

How can you apply for Turkey Scholarship?

Selection requirements for Turkey Scholarship are based on:

    • University Entrance Exam Grade
    • Diploma Grade
    • Research proposal for doctoral degree applicants
    • Average Scoring Grades
    • High School Graduation
    • Statement of purpose
    • A score of International Test
    • CGPA

Eligibility Criteria for Turkish Scholarships

    • Students from all over the world are allowed to be a part of this scholarship program. This includes different countries such as United States, Iceland, Pakistan, Myanmar, Germany, UAE, etc.
    • No age restrictions are applicable in any program.
    • For the undergraduate program, an applicant with 70% marks can apply, and for the Ph.D. and Master’s program, those students can apply who have a 75% score. For the medical school programs, a student with 90% marks can apply for this Scholarship.
    • Any applicant who is holding Turkish citizenship is not eligible for this program.
    • If you are already studying in any Turkey institution, you cannot apply for this Scholarship.
    • Upon final selection, all the candidates have to present their previous documents if asked.

Online Application Processing of Turkey Scholarship

You can easily submit your Turkish scholarship through an online application system. Before you submit your application, make sure you read all the instructions carefully; otherwise, your application will not be entertained.

You can check the Turkish Scholarship result’s announcement to know more detail about the interview call, final shortlisted students, and visa application process.

Quick Guide on Evaluation and Selection Procedure

We all know that Turkey Scholarships are the most prestigious programs for students. The main purpose of this Scholarship is to give all the needy students financial support to continue their education in Turkey. In short, it is a golden opportunity for all the students who are planning to get higher education in Turkey institutions.

Every year hundreds of students apply for the Turkey Government Scholarships, and just a few of them are shortlisted for final selection upon certain criteria. We have already discussed all those points based on which a final selection of the student is dependent.

But here, we will be highlighting the whole evaluation and selection criteria of a student to pass the Turkey Scholarship program successfully. Continue reading to the end to know some basic tricks and tips to make your whole application look attractive.

  • Application and Evaluation

The process starts with the submission of online applications by interested candidates. Forms can be submitted by visiting the official website of Turkey Government Scholarships. A list of selected students will be displayed on the website and called for an oral interview.

  • Oral Interview

Only those students can appear for the interview who are shortlisted by the management. In an oral interview, students can display their skills and showcase their knowledge. They can openly convince the interview panel that why they are the best choice for their institute.

  • Verification of Documents

While students are introducing themselves, one of the members from the interview panel will verify their documents. To pass through the interview, make sure you place the original copies of your documents as well.

  • Motivation Step

The motivation step is another important stage of the application procedure. It scares the student the most. In this step, a student must explain strong and valid points to let the committee know why they are applying for this Scholarship.

  • Academic Knowledge

The fourth step of the evaluation procedure is about showcasing your academic results. This will eventually help the interview committee to know how much knowledge you have and your academic background. During this moment, you can often let the committee know about your career goals.

  • Extra Questions

Lastly, the committee will prepare a few ordinary questions from their side, which the student has to answer. This includes some basic questions such as your plans, what goals you want to achieve, and why you want to study this academic field.

Turkey Scholarship 2024 Deadline

Turkey Government Scholarships 2024 candidates can submit their online applications before February 10, 2024.

To sum up, once you have submitted your online application form for Turkey Government Scholarship in 2024 for the 2024 session, then the selection and evaluation process starts. You should pay close attention to attaching all the documents necessary to submit so it won’t create a hurdle for you to proceed successfully from all stages. Plus, make sure you bring all your documents, certificates, and transcripts with you during an interview for verification.

Apply for it now!

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