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Toughest Courses Globally for Admissions on Scholarships Abroad

If you are planning to study aborad on a scholarship then the first thing you would need to know is how difficult your course would be to win a scholarship. Although there is no such thing as easy majors, particularly when it comes to professional studies, certain subjects are more complex than others. However, this doesn’t mean that you can take the easier majors; they would require a lot of dedication and persistence, though they tend to have a less complicated nature and are more flexible.

List of Most Difficult Subjects To Study Abroad

This article will talk about the ten most challenging majors you can choose for your bachelor’s degree. It would be best if you remembered that despite these being hard and complex, you could get good grades in them with sheer hard work and consistency.

1# Chemistry 

Chemistry is one of the hardest subjects but if your interest lies in it then it will become the most interesting and easy for you. Students have to spend a lot of time preparing for their class before actually sitting in one. The students have to learn about various things, including:-

  • The function and composition of compounds
  • The behavior of matter
  • Chemical reactions
  • Balancing reaction equations
  • Chemical reactions mechanisms

These are some things that Chemistry students have to prepare before each class as they have to study new chemicals and compounds.

2# Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering involves studying various chemicals and designing a plant, production, usage, and transportation of different chemicals and equipment. It also contains the operations of chemical plants and how we get the products from the chemical reactions and processes.

The students usually have to study calculus, engineering, physics, chemistry, kinetics, fluid mechanics, industrial operations, and material sciences, along with the transportation processes.

3# Molecular Biology

Students undertaking Cell and Molecular biology devote a lot of time while preparing for the classes. This field is one of the most complex ones as it combines chemistry and biology, allowing the student to analyze the cellular process. You also need to understand the structure and function of different life forms. 

You will need to study biology, chemistry, ecology, immunology, and marine molecular ecology.

4# Astronautical Engineering

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering students also undertake the most complex majors while studying for their bachelor’s degrees. The students typically spend around 19 hours each week preparing for the classes. 

Aero and Astronautical engineering contain two main types of aerospace engineering. Although aeronautical engineering includes developing aircraft to use inside the atmosphere of the Earth, Astronautical engineering involves developing spacecraft that you can use outside the atmosphere of Earth.

Students will have to study different subjects such as aircraft and spacecraft structure, aerodynamics, space system design, gas dynamics, and air/spacecraft propulsion.

5# Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering is a complicated field where the students learn about different production and extraction processes of oil and other natural gases. When choosing this major, you must study various subjects, including petrophysics, calculus, petroleum fluids, reservoir geomechanics, energy and environment, physics, chemistry, and geology.

It is a challenging field, and a student might have to spend 18 hours per week studying for the class.

6# Architecture

Contrary to what many people may think, Architecture is a highly complicated field, and the students would have to spend up to 22 hours per week on average preparing for the class. The students need to learn how to build and design structures and study architecture’s theory and history. The subjects you would need to study are urban design, physics, art history, calculus, processes, design theory, architecture history, etc.

7# Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical is a subfield of bioengineering. It entails various principles of engineering and biology to produce high-quality products, notably for usage in health care and medicine. The students undertaking a biomedical engineering degree would have to study Calculus, physics, chemistry, electric circuits, statistics, engineering design, and thermodynamics.

8# Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a popular degree among students that want to pursue a career as an engineer. Mechanical engineering involves the student studying design and creation and producing, manufacturing, and analyzing different mechanical systems or summing up the things in motion.

If you intend to pursue a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, the subjects you would have to study are calculus, physics, chemistry, dynamics, design and manufacturing, and thermal sciences.  It is a challenging degree, and you would have to spend up to1 8 hours per week preparing for its classes. Furthermore, it might even take more since the subjects like calculus require a lot of practice.

9# Neuroscience 

Another challenging academic field is Neuroscience. The students have to spend a lot of time weekly studying for it. It is the study of the human nervous system which also includes:-

  • The development of the nervous system
  • Structure of the system
  • Role of the nervous system in the body

The main focus here is to study the nervous system and assist the human brain’s cognitive properties. You would have to study various subjects, including physics, chemistry, biology, calculus, and psychology.

10# Physics

Physics is a branch of science that deals with objects’ movement and the properties of matter via space and time. You will also have to study various essential concepts such as forces, energy, matter, waves, etc. 

Some of the most commonly studied topics when perusing a degree in physics includes quantum physics, waves, and vibrations, electricity, gravity, vibrations, and thermodynamics.

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