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Top 3 Canadian Skill Shortage Jobs 2024 With Super High Demand

Just like other countries Canada is also facing skilled worker shortages which is why Canadian private and government sector companies are now offering thick salary packages to capture international skilled workers for next 2024 year and to make this process easy Canadian immigration department has launched multiple skilled worker immigration programs for 2024.

Fast Track Canadian Work VISA available for Skill Shortage Jobs

I must tell you that you can take advantage of Canadian express entry programprovincial nominee programs such as atlantic immigration, Quebec immigration for skileld workers to get fast track Canadian work visa for your next employment there but for all this you need to find a high paying job.

So in this regards i wrote this article to provide you with a list of top 3 highly demand job professions in Canada for which skilled worker shortages are being experienced there and in case you have qualifications/work experience in these professions then i can see you getting a job offer in Canada super easily.

Minimum Eligibility Required to get Canadian work visa in 2024

Most of you would ask this question first which is why i am going to tell you now the minimum requirement to apply for a Canadian skilled worker immigration program is to score 67/100 points in FSWP route of immigration or over 500/1200 score in CRS system for express entry program.

You also need to have a valid degree/certificate/diploma in field of your work and with that you also need to make sure that the job you are going to pursue in Canada must come under national occupational classification list which contains 347 approved professions for immigration.

After that you will also need some additional documents such as police character certificate, some funds proof for settling down in Canada upon your arrival, a valid passport and work experience letter.

List of Top 3 Skill Shortage & in Demand Jobs in Canada in 2024

Now lets talk about which 3 job occupations are taking top spots when someone talks about skill shortages in Canada and obviously those 3 professions will then also be known as top 3 highest paying professions in Canada for skilled shortage categories in 2024

1- Computer and IT managers, Software developers, programmers and designers

IT experts, computer professionals, software developers, programmers and information system manager professions are on top of the skill shortage list in Canada due to large number of tech companies being operated from there. Canada is actually a tech savvy country (Ref Gfmag) with most IT sector job openings in Ottawa having an average salary for an IT expert to be over US$77k (Ref adamesbook, glassdoor).

2- Healthcare professionals: doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, nursing, anesthesiologists, dentists, vets

I must mention that healthcare sector of Canada is facing skill worker shortages for over 5 years continously and as per record in 2022 this sector produced over 150,000 vacancies (Ref This is why i think if you have qualification with work experience in healthcare industry then you can easily find a high paying job in Canada with fast track immigration (Ref cicnews).

3-  STEM Jobs in Canada

This is first time in Canadian history that Canadian immigration IRCC department has invited job applications from international skilled workers having qualifications with work experience in any of STEM sectors via fast track express entry immigration program and to make it easy for you to understand; if you have qualifications in transport, healthcare, agricultural, IT/science/Tech/maths/engineering, or trades (plumbing, electrical, carptenter work) then you will have this provision to apply for a job via this new Express Entry invitations for skilled newcomers with STEM experience (Ref

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