Top 20 Day 1 CPT Universities of USA: Apply Now!

List of Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Day 1 Universities

Apply for admissions at Day 1 CPT Universities of the US by submitting an application. The day 1 CPT Universities allow students to start working from day 1 of their joining date as well. A large number of subjects are offered by these Day 1 CPT universities.

Pursuing professional studies and choosing the right university is an essential way to increase your chances of success. The Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is an obligatory employment program for all students that enter American Universities on an F1 visa.

Many students are eager to start working as soon as they enter the United States, and in this article, we will explore the top 20 universities that let the students start CPT at the earliest.

Types of Day 1 CPT in USA

Mainly, there are three types of CPT in the US, which includes:-

  • Cooperative CPT:-

It might be approved if employment serves as a part of an established formal agreement between your institutional department and a particular employer

  • Degree-based CPT:-

It requires every student in a specific degree program to participate in an internship to complete their final coursework and obtain the degree. 

  • Course-based CPT:-

It mainly operates in two ways. Either a student earns a grade through employment or if they design a research project that is based on the employment

Day 1 CPT Universities List for 2024 Admissions

#1 Westcliff University Day 1 CPT

Westcliff University is located in California, and it offers Day 1 CPT program for all its qualifying international students. The university focuses on providing a high-quality learning experience that includes both practical and theoretical aspects. The university offers two main colleges:-

Business College offers programs such as BBA, MBA, MSCS, MSIT, DBA, Undergraduate Certificates, and Graduate certificates

The other is Education College which offers programs such as MA TESO, BAED, and TSOL Certificate.

#2 Vanderbilt University Day 1 CPT

Vanderbilt University is located in Nashville, Tennessee. It offers both undergraduate and graduate programs for its students. It mainly offers four different schools and colleges, including 

  • College of Arts and Science
  • Peabody College of Education and Human Development
  • The School of Engineering
  • Blair School of Music

There are also various majors available such as American Studies, Arts, Physics, Chemistry, Child studies, Neuroscience, etc. It offers a day 1 CPT program for all the students in all of the programs.

#3 New Jersey Institute of Technology Day 1 CPT

The New Jersey Institute of Technology is one of the best educational institutes in the country. It has been awarded numerous times with prestigious awards such as #1 Nationally in Student Economic Upward Mobility. The institute offers numerous colleges such as:-

  • Newark College of Engineering
  • The Hillier College of Architecture and Design
  • The Martin Tuchman School of Management
  • The College of Science and Liberal Arts
  • Ying Wu College of Computing
  • The Albert Dorman Honors College

It also offers numerous study programs such as Science, Math, Business, and Engineering. Students can get Day 1 CPT in all the programs.

#4 Lindenwood University Day 1 CPT

Lindenwood University (LU) is located in St. Charles, Missouri. The university provides its students with several undergraduate degree programs in different departments ranging from Military science, Aerospace studies, early childhood education, etc. It also offers many accelerated undergraduate degree programs such as criminal justice, Criminology, Interdisciplinary studies, and health management. Overall, the university ensures that its students get a quality education during their time of the study.

#5 Monroe College Day 1 CPT

Monroe College in Bronx, New York and It is an excellent educational institute that offers numerous undergraduate programs such as:-

  • Culinary
  • Business and Accounting
  • Criminal justice
  • Hospitality 
  • Education

It also offers master’s degree programs in various departments such as:-

  • Health care administration
  • Accounting
  • Criminal justice
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Computer science 

The university also offers a day 1 CPT program for its international studies in the programs listed.

#6 Trine University Day 1 CPT

Trine University is located in the state of Indiana. The university’s Bachelor’s degree programs in different majors such as:-

  • Arts and Sciences
  • Education
  • Engineering and computing
  • Business
  • Health sciences

The Trine University also offers its students master or graduate programs like:-

  • Master of Science ( Major in Criminal Justice)
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Physician Assistant Studies
  • Master of Science in Information Studies
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy

Trine University also provides students with Day 1 CPT I, both bachelor’s and master’s programs. Thus it is an excellent choice for international students.

#7 Wichita State University Day 1 CPT

Wichita State University is located in Kansas, United States. The university also offers international students CPT, as they usually work part-time during the spring and fall semesters. However, it lets them work full-time during the winter and summer breaks. The students would have to enroll full-time while they do the CPT.

#8 United States University Day 1 CPT

United States University in San Diego, California, provides international students with several Day 1 CPT programs in different subject areas. Some of the departments where it offers the Day 1 CPT includes:- 

  • MAEd
  • Business intelligence
  • Nursing and health science
  • Teaching Credentialing Preparation Program

Thus, the students that enroll in the university will be able to benefit from the program.

#9 Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Day 1 CPT

The Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (HUST) offers students CPT only before completing the graduate degree program, although it becomes available from day 1. You will need a job offer when applying for the CPT and be allowed to do CPT full-time for up to 40 hours per week. The students in the university can start it in their first or second semester.

#10 University of North America Day 1 CPT

The University of North America also offers CPT for international students, both Full-time and part-time. However, to avail of the CPT, the student would have to register as a full-time student at the university. The employer will also have to sign an Applied Learning Agreement with the UONA. The agreement will formalize your employment with the employer. It will also impose liability on the employer’s half to disclose any information about the student if the institute requires it.

#11 International Technological University Day 1 CPT

The International Technological University in California attempts to bring collected hands-on practice and skill development. The university offers a mandatory internship program that all the students enrolled in the university have to undertake. For the F1 Visa holder students, they would have to meet the guidelines in the US Code of Federal Regulations to take part in the internship program.

#12 Goldey-Beacom College Day 1 CPT

The GBC lets all the f1 students apply for CPT instantly after completing an entire academic year at another regionally accredited institute or college. If the student falls short of the eligibility, they will have to complete an entire year with three semesters at GBC to get the CPT.

#13 Sullivan University Day 1 CPT

Sullivan University offers its MBA or Masters’s degree students to begin their CPT if they have spent a year of their studies at an accredited university. The students that want to be a part of CPT would require registration in the management externship course. The student will have to share the relationship between the course and work experience in their midterm and final essay. A failure to pass this course would see the student being unable to carry on with the CPT.

#14 Knowledge Systems Institute Day 1 CPT

The knowledge system institute only offers its students a part-time CPT. It means that the student can do CPT for 20 hours per week at the start. You will also need an enrollment in computer science or a similar field for qualification.  You will have to work in positions in the same state and not work on holidays and gaps. Students who wish to do a full-time CPT can do it during the summer semester, and they can do it while studying.

#15 Globe University/Minnesota School of Business Day 1 CPT

The Globe University/Minnesota School of Business offers student classes every 11 weeks during the CPT. The classes are conducted during the weekends. Thus, international students can easily manage both work and study after enrolling in this university.

 #16 Infoserve Technologies Institute Day 1 CPT

The Infoserve Technologies Institute offers numerous programs for international students. It gives the student a chance to enroll in their chosen program. The institute offers CPT from Day 1, although you will have to get in direct touch with the university for the exact details.

#17 Virginia International University Day 1 CPT

The Virginia international university also offers Day 1 CPT, although the student will have to register legally as a full-time student for an academic year. However, the eligibility requirements are different for each program, and thus, you would have to do some background research before applying to it.

#18 Stratford University Day 1 CPT

Stratford University lets its international students a 20-hour CPT if they enroll in the undergraduate program and a 40-hour CPT for graduate students. There is a requirement that the student will need to have successfully finished at least three terms at this university. Although, this does exclude the IT graduate-level degree programs. Some degrees require the student to do the CPT; thus, it can be different in programs.

#19 University of the Cumberlands Day 1 CPT

The University of the Cumberlands is based in Williamsburg, Kentucky. It offers plenty of programs in liberal arts while offering bachelor’s degrees and masters along with the doctorate program. A student can enroll in different programs such as Assistant studies, Psychology, Physician, and Business administration. The education offered at the university focuses on extreme learning.

#20 Hamline University Day 1 CPT

Hamline University in Minnesota allows the F1 visa holder students to apply for a CPT. The undergraduate students will do the CPT for 20 hours per week, while the students enrolled in the master’s program will get 40 hours. The university offers Day 1 CPT, although it does ensure the legalities of the student.

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