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Top 10 Canadian Summer Internships in 2024 – Highly Paid Canadian Internship Programs

This is an exclusive post on the Top 10 Highly Paid Summer Internships in Canada in 2024 for international students. Canadian Summer Internship programs for the session of 2024-2025 are currently open. Interested applicants are directed to apply for the suitable internship program after meeting all the required eligibility criteria and step into the professional field as soon as possible to gain work experience.

Summer breaks are just around the corner. It is the best time to do something extra productive and utilize your summer breaks in the most effective way by applying for the summer internship opportunities offered by reputable franchises and multinational corporations & companies operating and located in Canada.

Canadian summer internships programs provide a golden opportunity for all the college and university students doing Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. to gain work experience during their educational journey and make the most of it.

On the other hand, these internship programs in Canada are either part-time or full-paid programs with high salaries and other valuable benefits of accommodation, free meals, health coverage, and travel expenses to attend company events and networking/ social events. Meanwhile, these internships programs also make a huge plus positive impact on Candidates’ CVs. Moreover, some of the Canadian summer internships do not even ask for IELTS scores.

Benefits of Participating in the Canadian Summer Internship Program:

The list of these benefits is too long to enlist here for your participation in any well-paid Canadian interns program. However, some of the prominent yet convincing benefits of Canadian summer internships are;

  • Chances of networking
  • Increased employment Chances
  • Start earning at a very young age
  • Application of theoretical knowledge via practical implementations
  • High chances of getting hired during the internship program
  • Addition in the college credit hours
  • Make your CV dominant and impactful among others

List of Well Paid Canadian Famous Summer Internship Programs:

  • Microsoft Summer internships
  • Abbot Summer Internships
  • Ericson Summer Internships
  • Apple Summer Internships
  • Canada Life Summer internships
  • Google Summer Internships
  • Coke Canada Summer Internships
  • Intel Summer Internships
  • Hydro-Quebec Summer Internships
  • Cisco Summer Internships

Fully-funded Summer internships of Canada in 2024

Here are the details of all summer Canadian internships programs in 2024 available for international students:

1# Microsoft Internships in Canada:

Microsoft is one of the leading plus famous technological corporations in the world known for offering multiple paid summer internship opportunities to the university candidates enrolled in the Canadian universities under the BS, MBA, and MS programs. However, Microsoft Canada also has a few Ph.D. internship programs for talented Ph.D. scholars.

The selected interns at the Microsoft office will not only enjoy the benefits of salary, but they will also receive allocation perks and a chance to work under the guidance of some top-class software engineers and experts. On the other hand, students can also apply for their virtual and in-person internship programs as per their feasibility.

Meanwhile, the Microsoft Canada Summer internships are available in the following fields, Engineering, Finance, Marketing, Services, Sales, IT, UX Designing, Supply chain, etc. However, Ph.D. interns can become a part of their Production Team by working under the Product and Research Internships. Another essential factor to ponder is that Microsoft Paid internships do not need IELTS scores.

2# Abbot Summer Internships in Canada:

Applicants enrolled in the BS, MS, & Doctoral programs in Software Engineering, Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, etc., have a golden chance to apply for the Abbot Canada Summer Internship programs. Abbot, the world-famous healthcare and medical company has announced multiple internships programs for the deserving candidates who want to make their future here and work under talented and professional experts.

Interested applicants have to meet a few entry criteria to become eligible for the Abbot internships programs. For instance, Proficiency in the Dutch and English languages with outstanding leadership and analytical qualities. Moreover, the benefits of Abbot internships include; allowances till the completion of the internship program with a golden chance to serve in the Netherlands’ best company for two years.

3# Ericsson Summer Internships in Canada:

The next one we have is the Ericson Summer Internship program offered by the very popular Swedish networking & telecommunication company, having franchisees worldwide and operates in every country of the world. Such a Software company has started a Canadian Co-op internship designed specifically for Canadian students. The duration of this Canadian internship program is 4, 8, 12, or 16 months. Meanwhile, interns will work in the Manufacturing, Research, Production, and Sales operations under the supervision of skilled IT specialists and technicians.

4# Apple Summer Internships in Canada:

Like, the other parts of the world, the Apple company also has its flagship stores and franchisees in Canada, busying with manufacturing and production of smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. On the other hand, that world-famous software and hardware development company has announced various internship opportunities for the students pursuing BS, MS, & Ph.D. in Material Sciences, Real Estate, Mechanical Engineering, finance, business, etc.

So, get ready to become an essential part of this multinational organization and receive monthly salaries, free accommodation, and other applauding benefits. However, applied candidates must have excellent communication skills plus good command of the English language.

5# Canada Life Summer Internships in Canada:

The Canada Life Summer Internships are the programs initiated by the Canada Life Insurance company for the students engaged in the BS, MS, or MBA in business, marketing, HR, sales, finance, etc. Applicants in their first year to the fourth year of a degree program are eligible to apply for the Canada Life part-time or full-time internships.

Meanwhile, there are dozens of benefits available for the selected interns. So, hurry up and apply for the suitable internship opportunity to make a great addition to your resume.

6# Google Canada Summer Internships in Canada:

Google internship programs are the best choice for all the interested applicants who want to work closely with the world’s most promising technological company. Overseas applicants doing MS, MBA, or BS in Marketing, Software Engineering, Finance, etc., are eligible for the Google Summer internships. However, financial benefits offered by Google internships are monthly salaries, allowances, networking opportunities, and much more.

7# Coke Canada Summer Internships in Canada:

The Coca-Cola Company is the leading beverage company in the world involved in the manufacturing, marketing, and sales of non-alcoholic syrups and beverages. There are tons of Co-op Internship opportunities available for college students who want to gain work experience.

Moreover, MBA students who want to add credit hours in exchange for work experience can also apply for the Coca-Cola internships. There are full-time and part-time internship programs available for dedicated candidates with multiple valuable benefits and handsome salaries.

8# Intel Summer Internships in Canada:

Another famous Canadian summer internship program offered by the renowned multinational corporation and the technology company is Intel Summer Internships. That chip manufacturer company has announced various internships for the students pursuing BS, MBA, or MS degrees in different fields.

Some Intel Summer Internships programs are; Standard cell library engineer internship, Graphic software engineering internship, logic technology development internship, etc. Meanwhile, interns will get $33 per hour as a salary during their internship program. Interns must be excellent in java and python language programming to meet the internship program requirements criteria.

9# Hydro-Quebec Summer Internships in Canada:

Hydro-Quebec is the company in Canada appointed to distribute, transmit, and supply the electricity in the Quebec region of Canada. Such a utility company has many college and university scholarships for high school candidates and university applicants enrolled in the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and MBA programs in various fields. The duration of Hydro-Quebec is of 12 weeks.

During the internships at Hydro-Quebec, interns will gain practical experience, learn new techniques, have a chance to work along with high-profile people, and apply theoretical knowledge practically. Additionally, international applicants must have a work permit to apply for internships. On the other hand, these summer internships are available in the following area; Administration, Construction, Civil engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc.

10# Cisco Summer Internships in Canada:

Lastly, we have Cisco, a multinational technology company involved in software & hardware development, network manufacturing and sales, etc. Cisco has announced several internship programs for recent graduates and students enrolled in undergrad and postgrad studies.

However, the cisco internships are paid and high in demand. Candidates can apply for the Product Management Internships, Sales Executive Internship, Java Software Engineer Internship, etc.

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