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Switzerland Scholarships Without IELTS in 2024 – Swiss Scholarship Admissions Open

The fully-funded Switzerland Scholarships in 2024 without IELTS for admissions in the 2024 academic year are open for consideration in many Swiss Universities.

It is time to study in one of the best yet most beautiful countries in the world, Switzerland, under a Swiss scholarship program without IELTS. Multiple generous Swiss scholarships for the session of 2024-2025 are available at prestigious Swiss universities.

Not only this, but the Swiss government is also playing its role side by side by promoting quality education and offering the Swiss government fully-funded scholarships without IELTS for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees.

All you need is to widen your search network and opt for the best suitable scholarship program relevant to your chosen degree. No wonder the beautiful sites of Switzerland are indeed a blessing factor, but their education system is a cherry on the top. Low tuition costs, innovative yet practical approach programs, and advanced teaching methodologies have made this spot the top favorite destination of international students.

Funding Benefits of Switzerland Scholarships

Get ready to enjoy the following listed privileges if you manage to win a fully-funded Switzerland scholarship this year:

  • Free education in swiss Universities
  • Free stay at Swiss University Campus
  • Monthly stipend paid by Swiss authorities
  • Funding for travel and experiments
  • Conference participation opportunities
  • Access to Swiss University libraries
  • Permission to work part-time on Study VISA

Convincing Reasons to Study in Switzerland:

Dozens of genuine reasons are here that will support one’s decision to study in Switzerland for a high education degree program.

  1. Free Education if you win a Swiss Scholarship
  2. Affordable and Cheap Tuition fees
  3. Friendly environment and Hospitality
  4. Tourism
  5. Network and Career Opportunities
  6. Multiple Swiss Universities & Government Scholarships
  7. Peace and Freedom
  8. Multiculturalism
  9. Best and Quality Education system

Well, we hope these reasons are enough to convince anyone to pursue higher studies in Switzerland, even without IELTS.

Details of Studying in Switzerland Without IELTS:

Studying in Switzerland under a scholarship, especially without IELTS, is like a dream come true. A few Swiss universities offer scholarships that require IELTS test scores, but thankfully this condition is not mandatory anymore.

There is no need to submit IELTS scores for Switzerland Scholarships; if a candidate has obtained a previous degree from an English medium institute. Moreover, a language proficiency certificate/letter from an ex-university is also enough. If an applicant got PTE, DET, Duolingo, TOEFL, or any other English proficiency test then they stand eligible to apply for a Swiss Scholarship with IELTS exemption.

List of Swiss Scholarships Without IELTS in 2024:

Most of the scholarships in Switzerland are free of any applicable charges. Candidates enrolled in any Undergraduate, Graduate, & Postgraduate degree programs are eligible for these Swiss government and university scholarships without IELTS. Check out the list to uncover more details.

Switzerland Government Scholarships Without IELTS:

As stated above, the government has done a tremendous job in the field of education and announced a few Swiss Government Scholarships.

#1 Swiss Excellence Government Scholarships:

It is a scholarship available for Postgraduate & Grad Researchers and Undergrad Artists. All talented and passionate researchers are welcome to carry out their research programs in Switzerland under this scholarship. That program consists of two scholarships;

  1. Research Scholarships. (For Post Graduates & Master’s degree students)
  2. Arts Scholarships. (For Bachelor’s degree students)

Interested and eligible candidates should opt for their respective scholarship programs. However, scholarship inclusions are living stipends, tuition fees, house allowance, health insurance, airfare, transportation card, etc. On the other hand, this generous scholarship does not require IELTS.

Swiss Universities Scholarships Without IELTS:

Various renowned universities in Switzerland have announced valuable scholarships for the well-deserved candidates without IELTS test scores. Some of them are listed here:

#1 University of Lausanne Scholarships:

It offers UNIL Master’s scholarship for Graduate students. However, postgrad students can apply for the fully-funded Excellence Scholarship program. These scholarships have no restrictions for IELTS. Meanwhile, winners will enjoy house allowance, living stipends, airfare, and exemption from registration fees.

The acceptance rate of University of Lausanne: Less competitive
Admission Application Charges of University of Lausanne: CHF 200

#2 University in Geneva Scholarships:

Fully-funded University of Geneva Scholarships here are available for Master’s degree students and Postgrad students. GRE / TOEFL is acceptable. Meanwhile, the benefits of these scholarships include; a tuition grant of CHF 10,000 to 15,000.

Acceptance Rate of University of Geneva: Competitive
Admission Application Charges at University of Geneva: 1,500 USD/год.

#3 University of Zurich Scholarships:

Students doing Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from this reputable institution can enjoy various scholarships with tuition grants, traveling allowance, accommodation costs, and much more. For Language Requirements, IELTS is not mandatory. TOEFL, C1, and CAE are acceptable.

Acceptance rate of University of Zurich: Low
Admission Application Charges at University of Zurich: CHF 100.00

#4 University of Neuchâtel Scholarships:

TOEFL, GRE, & GMAT, all can be submitted as an alternative to IELTS. Meanwhile, there are dozens of funded scholarships for young Undergrads, Grads, and Postgrads. Winners will get a chance to go on training with other benefits.

Acceptance rate of University of Neuchâtel: 53%
Admission Application Charges at University of Neuchâtel: None

#5 University of Basel Scholarships:

It is not mandatory to show ILETS test scores. Even TOEFL is acceptable to apply for scholarships. It offers numerous scholarships for Undergraduates and Postgraduates, like Mobility programs, Excellence programs, and Exchange Programs. All are fully-funded scholarships. Meanwhile, scholarship winners will get a chance to receive training ship, teaching opportunities, and grants.

Acceptance rate of University of Basel: Selectivity Medium
Admission Application Charges at University of Basel: CHF 100

#6 University of Bern Scholarships:

To get admission into this university, TOEFL can be submitted instead of IELTS. Grad and Postgrad Students can enjoy the scholarships offered by this university and cover their tuition fees for the respective degree programs.

Acceptance rate of University of Bern: 32%
Admission Application Charges at University of Bern: CHF 100

#7 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne Scholarships:

All the international students facing a financial crisis can opt for its Social Scholarship. However, Master’s students and Postgrads can go for the other scholarship programs with high scholarship rewards and other coverages, like housing stipends, living allowance, and much more. It does not ask for IELTS.

Acceptance rate at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology: 20%
Admission Application Charges at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology: CHF 50

#8 University of Fribourg Scholarships:

The Master’s and Post-Doctoral students can apply for scholarships offered at the University of Fribourg. Select the scholarship according to the chosen degree programs. However, it offers various financial aids and grants for the Swiss citizens enrolled here. To fulfill language proficiency requirements, B1 level & TOEFL are acceptable.

Acceptance rate of University of Fribourg: 64%
Admission Application Charges at University of Fribourg: CHF 50

#9 University of St. Gallen Scholarships:

The next we have is the University of St. Gallen, offering scholarships for Bachelor’s & Master’s students. The winners of these scholarships will get an annual sum of CHF 6,258/20,000. However, IELTS is not necessary. One can go for other language tests.

The acceptance rate of the University of St. Gallen: Very Competitive
Admission Application Charges of University of St. Gallen: CHF 250

#10 The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland Scholarships:

Last but not least we have this great university for arts and applied sciences. Students enrolled in Bachelor’s degree programs can enjoy Swiss Excellence Scholarships and other valuable scholarships to get financial aid & tuition grants of up to CHF 10,000. No specific language proficiency requirements.

Acceptance Rate of University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland: 80%
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland: Free

However, Tuition fees for two semesters is; 2,500 CHF.

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