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Sweden Government Jobs 2024 | Swedish Public Employment Service

A large number of Sweden Government Jobs are available for recruitment in 2024 under the Swedish Public Employment Service commission. If you have the required qualifications and experience then you can start working in Sweden in no time.

Numerous government job opportunities have arisen in Sweden. These jobs have varying benefits and eligibility criteria which we will cover in this article. International citizens belonging to non-EU countries are eligible to apply for Swedish government jobs. The Swedish government jobs require work permits for certain citizen categories. This article will reflect on the Swedish government jobs, application procedures, benefits, work permit regulations, and required documents.

Documents Required to Apply for Sweden Government Jobs

Different Swedish job positions require different documents. The cover letter is a standard that is required in every job post. The cover letter is a depiction of your qualification, experience, and skills. Therefore, you must craft a one-page cover letter that covers your qualification and experience but focuses on your skillset. The skillset must be linked to the job requirements to project that you’re the right fit for the job. Besides the cover letter, certifications or a portfolio might be required.

Swedish Work Permit Regulations:

There are ranging Sweden work permit regulations for people from different regions. International citizens from EU countries aren’t required to obtain a work permit for working in Sweden if they have a Passport or ID. International citizens from non-EU countries are required to apply for a work permit for working in Sweden. Some countries outside the EU have the option of a working holiday visa which extends for one year.

You can find out the requirements for your citizenship to obtain a valid Sweden Work VISA here.

How to Apply for Swedish Government Jobs?

The application procedure for Swedish Government jobs is as follows:

  • Open the Swedish Government Employment Commission link (Link available at the end of the article)
  • Navigate to the job search menu to find all open vacancies in Sweden
  • Search the job of your field by utilizing the search areas provided
  • Click on the job you want to apply for
  • On the following page, navigate to the end of the page and click on “Apply”
  • Enter the relevant details in the given fields
  • Submit your application

Some of the easy and highly paid Sweden Government Jobs are also featured in this article below.

List of Sweden Government Jobs in 2024

The top Swedish government jobs are as follows:

A Nurse is required in the Region Sörmland at the Nyköping Hospital. The nurse is primarily required to deliver patient care. However, the nurse may also be required to provide medical treatment, medication follow-ups, and detoxification. The environment works to provide a comprehensive healthcare overview. Therefore, the Nurse will be responsible for showcasing good behavior toward the patients ensuring the psychiatric effects that a misdemeanor can inflict on the patient’s health.

This is a full-time position requiring an undergraduate degree and prior experience. The salary will be decided at a later date. It may be hourly, weekly, or monthly. The last date for applying for the job is 28th August 2024.

Another position for a nurse is available at the Eastern Hospital Närakut in Gothenburg. The nurse will be responsible for multiple tasks within the setup. A primary skill that is required is good teamwork because of the extensive engagement in team units. The Nurse will be responsible for work management, sampling, wound treatment, plaster treatment, and assistance with other medical procedures doctors.

This is a full-time position with a fixed monthly salary which will be disclosed by the employer in the interview procedure. The post requires the completion of basic education with experience giving the applicants an extra edge. The last date for application submission is 23rd August 2024.

A Personal Assistant is required at the Hammarö Municipality in the Social Administration department. The Hammarö Municipality works to deliver social care to residents. Therefore, the Personal Assistant is required to cater to the goal of the municipality. The Personal Assistant will be placed with a Social man to provide support in ranging tasks. These tasks will include the handling of probes, coughing machines, and medical equipment. This post requires maturity and dedication to serve the community.

There are no set requirements for education. However, the applicant must have a Level But driving license. Moreover, the applicant must have prior experience in the field or this job position. The post may offer an hourly, weekly, or monthly salary. The last date for application submission is 30th August 2024.

The position of Personal Assistant is available at Novasis Mitt AB. The position will require brilliant communication skills because the Personal Assistant will serve the administrator round the clock. The Personal Assistant must also have a sound understanding of the work.

The working hours are set from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM which means that it is a highly demanding position requiring devotion. The form of employment for this post is necessary employment. The salary type may be hourly, weekly, or monthly. The final date for application submission is 3rd September 2024.

Digg requires a professional System Developer/Programmer. It is located in Stockholm to deliver top-quality digital services through a developed infrastructure to the public, private sector, and Swedish citizens. This is a small goal to digitize Sweden. The System Developer/Programmer will work toward this goal in a team environment. System Developer/Programmer will build applications and establish the technical platform to ensure the deliverance of digital services which will in turn lead Digg toward the realization of its goal.

The position requires extensive teamwork skills because the System Developer/Programmer will be placed in team environments to brainstorm new applications, technical platforms, and analysis. It is full-time employment requiring a professional System Developer/Programmer. The salary is yet to be decided. The final date for application submission is 29th August 2024.

A System Developer/Programmer is required at the Tax Agency in Malmö. The Tax Agency not only deals with taxation matters but delves into other things like population registration, crime-fighting, and international collaborations. It can be tiring for customers to access a complex infrastructure. Therefore, a System Developer/Programmer is required to come up with sustainable and modern solutions to make customer access easier.

While in other positions, the System Developer/Programmer will be tasked with application development and establishment of technical platform, here the post requires brilliant problem-solving skills because of the organization’s motives. The position requires a full-time, qualified System Developer/Programmer. The salary type may be hourly, weekly, or monthly. Prior experience is required for the post. The last date for application is 1st September 2024.

An Assistant Nurse is required at the Jönköping municipality. Hemteam provides patient care to the patient when he/she returns from the hospital. The Hemteam is pivotal to the health of the patient. The Assistant Nurse is a vital part of the Hemteam. The Assistant Nurse is responsible for performing care and nursing duties. During this, the Assistant Nurse follows the rehabilitative working method because the patient is at the rehabilitation stage.

The position is a full-time occupation requiring prior experience in assistant nursing, home care, and nursing home. The salary will be decided through a collective agreement. It may be hourly, weekly, or monthly. The cut-off date for applying for the position is 31st August 2024.

The position of an Assistant Nurse is available at Hallstahammar Municipality after a member of Äppelparken left the job. The position of Assistant Nurse requires a person who will work and collaborate with elderly people seamlessly. The position will mainly require brilliant social skills considering the population of the municipality where the Assistant Nurse will encounter people from different backgrounds. Moreover, the Assistant Nurse must be aware of safe nursing methods because an applicant will be responsible for the safe everyday activities of the patients.

The position also requires leadership skills because the Assistant Nurse will be the communicating party on the behalf of Äppelparken. It is a full-time position requiring prior experience in assistant nursing, home care, and nursing home. Additionally, a Level B driving license is required to be eligible for the position. A mutual agreement will be reached with the selected candidate concerning the salary. The last date for application is 22nd August 2024.

A Shop Assistant is required in Malmö at La Leia. La Leia is a company that sells lingerie for women. Therefore, the Shop Assistant must be comfortable while interacting with customers surrounding the product. The post requires strong communication skills and an understanding of boundaries. Moreover, the Shop Assistant must be aware of all the specialties of the underwear and be confident enough to sell those advantages to the customer to drive sales.

It is primarily a job requiring strong communication skills. It is a part-time position where prior experience in sales is encouraged. The salary may be hourly, weekly, or monthly. The last date for application is 8th September 2024.

A Shop Assistant is required at ELSTORE in Stockholm. ELSTORE sells lighting products where the store aims to excel internationally. The employees work in a cohesive work environment. Therefore, the applicant must have strong social and teamwork skills. Moreover, the Shop Assistant must possess problem-solving attributes because the position will mainly require dealing with the problems of the customers. Therefore, customer service individuals will excel in the position.

The position will only entertain female applicants. It is a full-time employment opportunity. However, 1-2 years of experience is required as a shop assistant or trade specialist. Moreover, postsecondary education of two years or longer is needed. The salary may be hourly, weekly, or monthly. The last date for applying is 4th September 2024.

Two vacancies for Full-Stack Developers are open at My-E-Health at Malmö. The position requires strong technical skills. This includes a strong grip over WebRTC, Back-End, DevOps, Front-End, and Java. Without the required expertise in these applications, the applicant won’t be considered for the job. The Full-Stack Developers will be working to improve the technology at My-E-Health to place it as a leading modern company. The Full-Stack Developers will work in a healthcare context. Therefore, they will insert machine code features to shape modern and optimized products for users.

The applicant must have experience working full-stack. Moreover, he/she must have experience working in CI/CD, DevOps setup, SaaS solutions, Webpack or a similar bundler/task manager, and Git. Other experience details are add-ons providing an extra edge to the applicants. It is a full-time position requiring an experience of 5 years as a Civil Engineer or System Developer. The salary isn’t fixed yet and will be decided at a later stage. The last date for application is 9th September 2024.

A Quality Control Technician is required at Northvolt Labs AB in Västerås. Northvolt is set to develop the first large-scale factor of Li-ion cells. The Quality Control Technician will be tasked with geometrical dimension measurements for the evaluation of incoming details and intermediate and final products. The Quality Control Technician will directly report to the Quality Control Manager surrounding the production of the factory. This post requires extensive measurement knowledge and an understanding of these measurements for providing a detailed analysis.

Ten vacancies are open for this full-time position. The salary is not yet decided and will be finalized at a later date. Prior experience as a civil, process, or chemical engineer is required for the post. The last date for applying for the post is 9th September 2024.

Our guide on Swedish Government jobs, application procedures, and their eligibility criteria end here. We would appreciate it if you leave your comments below. We would be more than happy to answer your queries!

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