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Summer Internships in EUROPE in 2024 Without IELTS – Intern Vacancies in Europe

Apply for the fully-funded Summer internships offered in European Countries in 2024. The Top Companies operating in Europe will be offering thousands of internship vacancies for students in the summers of 2024.

Funding Package of Summer Internships in Europe

Before jumping to the summer internships in Europe opportunities, let’s see what they have for you. Other than learning a lot, enhancing your existing skills, developing a new skill set, and creating professional networks in European Markets, being a part of any of these Summer Internship Programs in Europe has a lot of perks for you.  These perks and benefits may include a few or all of the following;

  • Funding for intern salary
  • Roundtrip Airfare Tickets (If required)
  • Full Accommodation (If needed)
  • A monthly ticket for public transport within the place of residence (If required)
  • A Refund of Applicable Visa Fees (If required)
  • Health Insurance (If required)
  • Food allowance or facility
  • The internship may be renewable for 1 to 12 months depending on the performance of the intern
  • Travel insurance (If Needed)
  • Priceless mentoring and training
  • Numerous social events and excursions
  • Weekend trips (If Needed)
  • International SIM card (If required)
  • Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 support (If Available)

List of Internship Vacancies in European Companies in 2024

Following are the multi-national companies working in European regions offering summer internships in 2024:

1# British Airways Internships

British Airways offers three months of paid internships. You must be predicted to have a 2:2 BSc, MSc, or Ph.D. degree (or equivalent*) with significant Operational Research/ Business Analytics/ Applied Statistics/ Advanced Analytics content. You must also have an A-level in mathematics in grade A or B. There is no requirement for IELTS for British Airways Internship placements.

2# Philips Internships Netherlands

Philips offers paid internships for a minimum of 3 months in various European regions. You must be currently studying for your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. These Philips internships do not require IELTS.

3# Michelin Internships France

Michelin offers a maximum of six months of paid internships. You can apply if your academic background is Environment, Health, and Safety, Industrial Engineering, Maintenance / Reliability Engineering, Process / Quality Engineering, Design Engineering, or Supply Chain. These Michelin internships are exempt from IELTS requirements.

4# Lufthansa Internships Germany

Lufthansa offers 3 – 6 months paid Lufthansa internship and you can apply if you are a student or a recent Graduate. IELTS is not compulsory to apply for Lufthansa internships.

5# Icelandair Internships

Icelandair offers paid internships. If you are studying or recently graduated and have a clean criminal record, you can apply for the Icelandair internship program. There are no IELTS conditions for internees for Icelandair airlines.

6# KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Internships

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offers internships where you will work 2.5 days a week (paid) and receive a contract for one or two years. You can apply if you are a fresh graduate or last year student. Submission of IELTS score at KLM airline for internee vacancy is not mandatory.

7# SAS Scandinavian Airlines Internships

SAS Scandinavian Airlines offers 10-to-12-week paid internships. You can apply if your academic background is technical, analytical, or business-related. You do not need IELTS to be eligible for Scandinavian internships.

8# Swiss International Airlines Internships

Swiss International Airlines offers 6 months paid internship. If you have a diploma from higher vocational education, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree, you can apply. A diploma in good knowledge of German and English is required; French would be a plus. However, Swiss International Airlines internships are exempt from IELTS score requirements.

9# Volkswagen Internships

Volkswagen offers paid internships between 3 and 12 months. As a student of minimum 3rd semester, you can apply. You must have basic knowledge of the German language. Fluency in English is required but IELTS test scores are not necessary to show for placement at Volkswagon as an internee.

10# Audi Internships

Audi offers a minimum of eight weeks of paid Audi internships that extend to six months. You must have initial practical experience with good academic performance and ideal extracurricular activities. You do not need to prove your IELTS test scores for Audi Internship placement.

11# British Petroleum (BP) Internships

British Petroleum offers paid internships for 12 weeks. You must be studying for a relevant degree as a final-year student to get eligible for BP Internships. BP Internships program does not require IELTS test scores in the application process.

12# Royal Dutch Shell Internships

Royal Dutch Shell offers 10-to-12-week paid internships. You must be in your final year of study at a recognized university with a strong academic record in order to stand eligible for the Dutch Shell internships program. IELTS test is not mandatory for the Royal Dutch Shell Internships program.

13# Glencore Internships

Glencore offers paid internships for up to 12 weeks. You can apply if you are currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree or diploma. There is no obligation for IELTS test scores in applying for Glencore Internships.

14# AXA Internships

AXA offers 6-month paid internship opportunities. You can apply if you are about to graduate or looking for gap year internships and discovery internships. IELTS test scores are not demanded by the AXA internship program.

15# BMW Internships

BMW offers 6 months duration internships and these internships are paid. You must be enrolled as a student at a university of applied sciences and arts or taking a “Gap Year” between your bachelor’s and masters and doctorate. BMW Internships do not put conditions to show IELTS test scores.

16# Nestlé Switzerland Internships

Nestle offers paid internships for 6 weeks. If you are enrolled in Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D., or are a fresh graduate, you can apply. IELTS is not a requisite for these Nestle internships

17# Daimler Internships

Daimler offers paid internships for 3 months. You must have received the study regulations for the desired course to apply. You do not need to appear in IELTS tests to apply for the Daimler internships.

18# Gazprom Internships

Gazprom offers 12 months-long paid internships. You can apply if you are a finance or marketing undergraduate. There is no IELTS compulsion to be a part of these Gazprom internships.

19# Carrefour Internships

Carrefour offers 1 to 3 months of paid summer internships in various European countries. If you are an actively enrolled student then you are eligible to apply for the Carrefour internships program. IELTS score submission is not required for Carrefour internships.

20# Siemens Internships

Siemens offers 3 months of paid internships. You must be on track to achieve a 2:2 or higher in a relevant degree, usually in an Engineering or a Business-related subject. You do not have to include IELTS test scores in the application process for Simens Internships.

21# ENI Internships

ENI offers 9 months of paid internships. You can apply for an ENI internship or apprenticeship as a young graduate. You must have an English level B1 but IELTS is not required for ENI internship placements.

22# HSBC Internships

HSBC offers paid internships for 5 to 6 weeks. You can apply as a penultimate year undergraduate. IELTS is not an obligatory requirement at HSBC recruitment process.

23# BOSCH Internships

BOSCH offers 4 to 6 month paid internships. You must be currently enrolled in or have graduated within the past 6 months from an accredited Business Administration program with a minimum 3.0 GPA. You do not have to prove your IELTS test scoring at BOSCH HR.

24# Repsol Internships

Repsol has 3 month paid summer internship opportunities. can apply as a recent university graduate with a bachelor’s degree. You must have a high level of English skills but there is no need for IELTS for vacancy placement at Repsol.

25# Duetsche Internships

Deutsche offers paid Internships for 8 weeks. You must be available to commit at least 24 hours per week for the duration of the internship. Deutsche does not bother about IELTS while selecting interns.

26# Vodafone Internships

Vodafone offers paid internships for 3 months. You must be currently enrolled in your university studies and on track for a 2:2 in your programme. You do not have to worry about IELTS if applying for a vacancy at Vodafone.

27# ArcelorMittal Internships in Luxembourg

ArcelorMittal offers 6 months of paid internships. You can apply as a student or a recent graduate. These AreclorMittal internships do not require your IELTS test scores.

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