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Steps to Settle in Canada as an International Student

How to settle in Canada as an international student is a million-dollar question that every new student asks. I’ve created this one page guide for those students who wants to know how they can settle in Canada after arriving there.

Canada provides the opportunity for international students to study in educational institutes in Canada. The immigration policies of Canada are very strict. There is a proper check and balance for International Students to apply for visas as students in Canada. If international students want to study in Canada they will require a study permit. It is compulsory for all international applicants.

Apply for a Canadian Study Permit After Getting Admission

A study permit is a document that enables International Students to study at a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada.

Note: A study permit is not a visa. If International students get a study permit, it doesn’t mean that they can enter Canada. They have to need a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA).

Study permit validation:

A Canadian study permit is normally valid for the length of the study program. After completing the study program, it is also valid for an extra 90 days. The Canadian government gives 90 days to international students to leave or apply to extend their visas in Canada. If they don’t leave or extend visas then they can be arrested by Canadian police.

If International students take leave from the study program, the study permit will be invalid after 150 days from the date of leave was accepted. If they resume their study within 150 days, the study permit will extend to till the last date of expiry. Moreover, if they don’t resume their study it will be necessary for those students to leave Canada.

Obtain Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

After getting a Canadian study permit, international students need a Canadian ETA visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization that allows the international students to enter Canada. There is a proper way to obtain a study permit. First of all, they need an acceptance letter from a DLI. Now international students can apply for a study permit.

Step 1. How to get a Canadian Study Permit?

There is a proper way to apply for a study permit in Canada. A step-by-step guide is listed below:

  • Enrolment or registration at DLI (Designated Learning Institution)

A school authorized by the territorial or provincial government to host International Students is called DLI. International students need an admission letter from DLI to apply for a study permit in Canada. If International Students want to visit a post-secondary school make sure that it is on the list of DLIs.

When a school in Canada will give you admission, they will also issue an acceptance letter for you. This acceptance letter is proof of admission and is very important for international students to apply for a study permit in Canada.

Step 2: Get Your Documents Ready

Make sure to organize all of their documents for the application process. There is a list of some important documents that an international student needs to apply for a study permit.

  • Proof of acceptance:

International Students need to submit an electronic or original copy of the letter with the study permit application. This letter will be given from the desired school to which you are already applied.

  • Proof of identity:

International Students need a valid passport or travel documents of themselves and all of their family members who want to accompany the student to Canada.

  • Proof of Financial support:

When international students want to apply, they have to give proof that they can pay their tuition fees and expenses to support themselves and their family members who came with them to Canada. They have to provide some documents to prove their funds, such as

  1. If international students have transferred money to Canada, Proof that they have an account in the Canadian bank.
  2. International Students have to provide a GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) from any participating Canadian financial institution.
  3. Proof of a student of educational loan from a bank.
  4. They have to provide their bank statements for the past 4 months.
  5. They have to prove that they have a bank draft that can be converted into Canadian dollars.
  6. International students have to give proof of paid tuition and housing fees.
  7. They have to give a letter from the person or school giving you money.
  8. They have to prove that funding is paid from within Canada if they have a scholarship or are in a Canadian-funded educational program.

After preparing proof of funds, you have to check the funds needed to support yourself as a student in Canada. There are some other documents that may be required such as:

  • A letter of explanation:

This letter contains goals for their study that help the visa officer to understand your study visa purpose. This letter explains why you want to study in Canada.

  • A custodian declaration:

If International Students are a minor studying in Canada then they will be required custodians and must submit the custodian ship declaration form with the application.

  • Medical test:

International students require a medical test that shows they are not inadmissible for medical reasons. If any major disease is found then the application form will be rejected immediately.

  • Police Clearance & Character Certificate:

There is another important document “Police Certificate” which is required that insure International applicants do have not any criminal records. If they are involved in any criminal activity then they are not applicable for a Canadian study visa.

Step 3. Canadian Student VISA Application Method

International students can apply online or send a paper-based application via Courier or Mail to apply for a study permit. It depends upon which country they are applying from. They can follow directions given by their country to send data to the Canadian government. An applicant can check the study permit application process-time online.

After the application is processed, they have to provide biometrics. Now they have to pay the biometric fee and submit their application. They will receive a biometrics letter from the Canadian government. There will be given 30 days for international students for their biometrics. It will be compulsory to give biometrics within 30 days. After the expiry date, no extension will be granted.

Step 4: Preparation for the Arrival in Canada

If International students get a study permit from the Canadian government then they will receive a letter of introduction. International applicants have to show this letter to an officer when they will have come to Canada. They will also receive an electronic travel authorization (eTA) to enter Canada.

The Canadian government will also ask them to provide their passport for visa stamping before the documents of introduction are issued. When they will arrived in Canada, then they will meet a service officer that will ask them

  • To show their passport or travel documents.
  • A letter of introduction
  • A copy of the acceptance letter from a Canadian school
  • Proof of funds to support themselves in Canada
  • Letter of reference
  • eTA or temporary resident visa
  • Officer can ask them a few questions.
  • Try to get all requirements to enter Canada.

When an officer is satisfied with all documents, he will issue study permit documents to international students. Moreover, he will stamp their passport and tells them how long they can stay in Canada. Usually, it will relate to the length of their study permit. When they get a study permit from the Officer then they should check the details of the study permit while sitting at the airport to ensure the study permit is issued correctly.

If any error is found then they have to contact the office and ask him to resolve the error immediately on the spot. It is compulsory for international students to understand all the conditions written on the study permit document. So they can ensure compliance with their student status in Canada.

Instructions for Students to Settle in Canada after Landing there

After reaching Canada, International students can set up for essential requirements before the school year starts. Some basic requirements are listed below:

#0 Get Enrolled at Canadian Unversity:

Your first step would be to arrive at Canadian University where you were given admission and report to the international student office there. Go through their student enrollment process and get an accommodation place and food vouchers from there.

1# Receive Your Accommodation:

First of all, International Students need proper accommodation to live in Canada. For this purpose, they have to find a suitable location that is near their designated learning institution (DLI).

It is better to live in hostels near designated learning institutions because they will be furnished and neat and clean. If international students want to live outside of hostels then they can use resources like search4studentHiusing. and RentFaster.

2# Get Yourself a SIM Card:

Several telecommunication companies offer many mobile packages for students in Canada. Some top telecommunications companies in Canada are following

  • SaskTel
  • Shaw communication
  • Videotron
  • Fido
  • East link

3# Find an Employment if University Allows:

If International students want to work part-time in Canada, they will find many opportunities on and off-campus. A part-time job is a great way to form a business relationship with Canadian people and make a chance to get a job after graduation.

4# Open a Canadian Bank Account

International students can open a bank account in Scotia Bank. Scotia is the top-rated bank in Canada. It gives many facilities to international students such as a winning chance to get tuition fees. International students can visit Scotiabank’s website for more helpful information about budgeting, credit cards, etc.

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