Starting a Business VS Employment in Canada in 2024

Canada, similar to many other countries, is grappling with a shortage of skilled workers and with that there is also a thick scope for foreigners to start businesses over there. Therefore this article of mine is going to provide 2-dimensional scope🌐 of starting a job in Canada with a Canadian work visa or to move there to start a new business venture.

To address skill shortages, both private and governmental employers in Canada are now providing attractive salary packages to attract international brains for the upcoming 2024 year. Therefore in order to streamline this initiative to find talent to fill in ‘skill shortage job positions’, the Canadian immigration department🛂 has introduced several skilled worker immigration programs for 2024.

Comparative to finding a job, Canada is also a great option🤗 for starting a business because Canada is surely a strong economy, has a well-educated workforce, has an easy international workforce👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 capturing immigration programs, and a supportive government for small businesses🏛️. Canada also ranks high on international indices of ease of doing business (DBI Index) and quality of life. This is the biggest reason for which i wrote down this article to provide you insights on how easy it is to move to Canada to establish a new business.

So first lets check out Canadian work visa programs available for skill shortage jobs recruitments in 2024:

Is Canada🍁 Offering Fast Track🚀Work VISA for Skill Shortage Jobs?

You might be interested to know that Canada’s express entry program and provincial nominee programs, like the Atlantic Immigration and Quebec Immigration for skilled workers, offer a fast-tracked work visa process for jobs in high demand.

To assist you in this endeavor, I’ve drafted this article outlining the top three sectors where jobs are available in very high numbers in Canada due to a shortage of skilled workers. So if your qualifications or work experience align with these in-demand occupations then it’s highly plausible that you’ll secure a job offer in Canada with ease.

📌 Minimum Requirements for Canadian Work Visa in 2024

Many of you might wonder, “What’s the eligibility criteria to get eligible for Canadian work visa?” 🤔 So, let me break it down for you:

1️⃣ Score at least 67 out of 100 points in the FSWP immigration pathway, or a score above 500 out of 1200 in the CRS system for the express entry program.

2️⃣ Possess a valid degree 🎓, certificate, or diploma in your work field.

3️⃣ Ensure that the job you’re eyeing in Canada is listed under the National Occupational Classification, which includes 347 approved professions for Canadian work permit immigration. 📜

4️⃣ Additionally, you’ll need: A police character certificate 🚓, proof of funds 💵 for settling in Canada, a valid passport 🛂, and a letter detailing your work experience 📃.

Now i think you have got enough information already about Canadian work visa immigration programs so lets talk about some of the high paying jobs in Canada for which you can opt for and after that we will also talk about some business ideas which can be started in Canada as a foreigner.

Top 3🔝In-Demand Occupations in Canada for Foreigners 🚀

So now lets dive right in and uncover those three professions that are stealing the spotlight 🌟 in Canada’s skill shortage conversation. These occupations are not just in high demand but also rank among the top 3 highest-paying💰 professions for skilled shortage categories as per NOC in 2024.

1#💻 Technology IT/AI work in Canada 🍁

Attention IT enthusiasts! When it comes to high-demand🚀 occupations in Canada, professions like Computer and IT managers, Software developers, AI engineers, software testers, and Programmers and designers are leading the chart📈. With a bustling tech hub, Canada is home to numerous tech companies. In fact, it’s recognized as a tech-savvy nation (Ref: Gfmag). Especially in Ottawa, the IT sector shines bright with job openings that offer an average salary of over US$77k for IT professionals (Ref: adamesbook, Glassdoor). So, gear up and explore these exciting opportunities and opt for traveling to Canada to start a new IT job💡there in 2025!

#2 Canada’s🍁Call for Healthcare🩺Professionals (IEHPS) in 2024 

I will start by telling you about the job market situation of Canada’s healthcare sector by highlighting that Canada’s healthcare sector which has been grappling🚨with a skill shortage for over half a decade. As of recently, there were over 150,000 job vacancies📉in the healthcare sector of Canada (Fact Check:

This is why Canadian government created easy policies to capture Internationally Educated Healthcare Professionals (IEHPs) staff for their healthcare setup and if you’re armed with qualifications and experience in the healthcare industry – be it as a doctor, surgeon, nurse, chiropractor, anesthesiologist, dentist, or vet – you’re in a prime position to land a lucrative health sector job opportunity in Canada. Plus, you could benefit from a fast-tracked immigration process (Fact Check: cicnews). So, healthcare professionals, Canada await your expertise!

3# STEM🔬 work Opportunities in Canada🍁: An Unprecedented Opportunity 🚀

For the first time in its history, Canada’s immigration department, IRCC 🌐, has rolled out an invitation 💌 for international skilled workers with credentials and experience in the STEM sectors. Through the fast-track Express Entry immigration program 🚀, they’re keenly sourcing international STEM talent for their job market.

In simpler terms, if you possess expertise in areas such as transport 🚛, healthcare 🩺, agriculture 🌱, IT/science/tech/maths/engineering 🔧🔭💻, or trades like plumbing, electrical work, or carpentry 🔨⚡🪚, then this can be your golden ticket🎟️. You can apply for this job opportunity via the new Express Entry invitations tailored for skilled newcomers with a STEM background (Fact Check: 🎯🇨🇦

Business Scope in Canada for Foreigners in 2024 for Immigration

If you are a business opportunity seeker, you are probably looking for not only ideas but also insights into the local market, entry strategies, potential pitfalls, and perhaps some unique angles to approach these businesses. So let’s dive deeper into the opportunities you highlighted and dissect them from an opportunity seeker’s perspective.

1# Cleaning Business in Canada with Market Insight:

Post-pandemic, there’s a heightened emphasis on cleanliness, which has led to increased demand for specialized cleaning services in Canada, especially ones that offer eco-friendly products and practices.

Unique Angle: Offer subscription-based services where homes and offices get cleaned at regular intervals. Introduce tech into your service, like apps that let clients book or cancel services with ease.

Pitfalls: Don’t spread yourself too thin by offering all types of cleaning. Specialize and dominate a single cleaning niche before diversifying.

Market Competition: Many established franchises dominate city centers, but smaller towns or specialized niches (like eco-friendly or medical facility cleaning) may have lower competition.

#2 Start a Catering Business in Canada:

The catering business is broad. Some areas, like corporate catering, have seen a decline post-pandemic due to remote work, but others, like personalized small-scale catering, are booming in Canada ever since.

Unique Angle: Try niche catering, like vegan-only menus, or health-centric catering. Also, offer DIY catering kits for those who want the experience of putting the final touches themselves.

Pitfalls: Quality control is essential. A couple of bad reviews can tank a new catering business.

Market Competition: High. Many established caterers serve general needs, but fewer cater to specific dietary needs or unique experiences.

3# Start a Product/Food Delivery Business in Canada:

The e-commerce boom isn’t slowing down in Canada and people now ordering everything online from groceries, food, snacks, and even furniture. And businesses are finding it hard to keep focus on production parallel with product delivery and this is where you can penetrate market by providing product delivery solution to corporates and startups in Canada.

Unique Angle: Offer specialized delivery services, like “fragile item delivery” or “same-day delivery”. Partner with local businesses to become their exclusive delivery provider.

Pitfalls: Overheads can escalate if not monitored. Vehicle maintenance, insurance, and fuel costs can add up.

Market Competition: National giants like Canada Post, FedEx, and UPS dominate, but there’s room for specialized delivery or partnerships with local e-commerce businesses.

#4 Begin Home Inspection Business in Canada:

With remote work becoming common in Canada, many Canadians are buying homes in places they aren’t very familiar with. This has increased the demand for trustworthy home inspection services in Canada and there are very few of these solutions available there.

Unique Angle: Use tech. Offer VR home inspections where potential homeowners can join you virtually as you inspect the house.

Pitfalls: A missed issue can lead to legal complications. Proper insurance and detailed checks are crucial.

Market Competition: Moderate. While there are established home inspection franchises, the demand is growing, especially for inspectors who integrate modern tech with their reporting.

5# Start a Handyman business in Canada:

The DIY trend is fading as people get busier but still they prefer hiring professionals to ensure jobs are done right and this is where a new handyman business can make its place in Canada.

Unique Angle: Offer “Home Maintenance Packages” where you handle all maintenance for a client’s home for a monthly fee.

Pitfalls: Overcommitting can hurt. Ensure you or your team has the skills needed for a job before accepting it.

Lastly, every business requires local insights. Consider spending some time in Canada or partnering with a local to truly understand the nuances of the market. Best of luck in your ventures!

Market Competition: Fragmented! Many individual handymen and small businesses offer services, but there’s space for branded, reliable service providers with broad offerings.

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