Fully Funded Scholarships 2024-2025

Scholarships Without GMAT Requirement 2024 at International Business Schools

List of Business Schools Without GMAT for Admissions in 2024

Take a step forward now and apply for the fully-funded scholarships without GMAT requirements for the class of 2024-2025 and you need not to pay for the GMAT test when you can apply for admissions without the GMAT requirement.

Getting admission into any business school for BBA or MBA is not a walk in the park because application process requires a lot of documentation work, struggle with arranging documents and checking courses offered with their eligibility requirements meanwhile, when applying for scholarships at such business schools or colleges, candidates have to meet a few mandatory requirements, like GMAT/ GRE/ IELTS test scores.

But now it is time to say goodbye to all such worries as dozens of Business Universities are offering admission and scholarships to deserving candidates without the GMAT.

What is GMAT?

Before listing the scholarships without GMAT for business education, let’s know what is GMAT first? GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test, holds an essential role in the application process of any business school. That multiple-choice computerized exam is sometimes mandatory while applying for an MBA program.

How much does it cost to take the GMAT test in 2024?

GMAT test costs around US$250 in 2024 and due to the recent global situation; most of the GMAT tests are being conducted online.

Funding Coverage of Business School Scholarships

The winners of business school scholarships for MBA, MIM, Marketing, Finance, or Human Resource programs will be entitled to all of any of the following listed academic grants:

  • Complete or partial fees waiver at business school
  • Residential fund or facility at business school
  • Access to the business school library
  • Access to monthly stipend fund
  • Coverage of Student Medical Insurance Plan
  • Fundings for buying books
  • Sometimes logistics expense is also covered

List of Documents for Business School Admission Application:

You will need the following set of admission documents set in order to apply for a scholarship or admission to any of the business schools globally:

Scholarships With GMAT Exemption in 2024 for Business Education:

As said above, some prestigious business schools/universities all around the world are doing a remarkable job in the educational field. They have omitted the compulsory obligation of GMAT scores, or a few have made it optional to submit. By doing so, students can save a lot of money for the future.

Now we will discuss the top 10 universities giving scholarships without GMAT scores for business education.

#1 Suffolk University Sawyer Business School Scholarships:

That private research university has a business school called Sawyer business school. It offers an MBA program with advanced classroom experience and outstanding career options. To get free admission into such programs with GMAT exemption, consider applying for their fully-funded scholarship as well.

The Acceptance Rate of Suffolk University Sawyer Business School is 62%

Getting enrolled here is not so easy as the admission policy is moderately selective, with an acceptance rate of 62%. Sawyer business school has undergraduate and graduate business programs for local and overseas candidates. Meanwhile, the scholarships offered by this school are;

  • Sawyer Business School Executive MBA Grant
  • Geraldine F. Lavin Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Sawyer Business School Partner Scholarships
  • Popeleski Scholarships
  • Reaching Out MBA Fellowships
  • SBS Management Graduate Grant
  • Suffolk University Merit scholarships

#2 Columbia Business School Scholarships Without GMAT:

It is one of the renowned business schools in Columbia, offering many degree programs like MBA, EMBA, Master of sciences, and much more without the GMAT. The MBA program of Columbia Business school does not need the GMAT/GRE.

The Acceptance Rate of Columbia Business School is 16%

It is very challenging to get admission here due to the acceptance rate of 16%. Meanwhile, this wonderful business school is helping the enrolled students in all possible ways by offering several scholarships like;

  • Laidlaw Foundation Scholarships
  • Columbia University External Scholarships
  • Columbia Business School Partial-tuition scholarships
  • Ela Lemelbaum Scholarships
  • Columbia Business School Fellowship programs.

#3 Hult International Business School Scholarships Without GMAT:

In San Francisco, this international business school is quite popular for its business degree admissions without the need of GMAT test for most of its courses.

The Acceptance Rate of Hult International Business School is 45.2%

Meanwhile, the acceptance rate is 45.2%. It is a world-recognized business school offering one year MBA program, Executive MBA, and Hybrid MBA on campus without any GMAT.

However, the Hult International Business School has so many scholarships without GMAT;

  • Hult International Business School Merit-based scholarships
  • Global Professional scholarships
  • Social Impact scholarships
  • Entrepreneurial Impact scholarships
  • Future Leader scholarships
  • Senior Leaders scholarships
  • Academic Excellence scholarships

#4 NYU Stern Business School Scholarships without GMAT:

Among the other schools for business education, it is also leading the chart. In terms of admission, it is highly selective with various undergraduate and graduate degree programs including, Bachelor of Science in Business, BS in business, and BTE, Business & Political economy, MBA, etc. For admission and scholarships at NYU Stern business school, they do not ask for the GMAT.

The Acceptance Rate of Spanish NYU Stern Business School is 29%

Scholarships offered by NYU Stern Business School are;

  • Undergraduate scholarships of NYU Stern
  • Merit-based scholarship for two-year MBA students.
  • Dean’s Scholarships of NYU Stern
  • Named Faculty Scholarships of NYU Stern
  • Consortium Fellowships of NYU Stern
  • William R. Berkley Scholarship Program
  • NYU Stern Advancing Women in Business Scholarships
  • Elizabeth Elting Advancing Women’s Leadership Fellowships
  • Directors Scholarship at NYU Stern
  • Ilene Kaplan Memorial Scholarships
  • Moral Contract Scholarships
  • Harvey Beker Scholarships

#5 Lubin School of Business by Pace University:

Lubin School of business, located in New York City, has many undergraduate and graduate programs under diversified fields like Accounting, Economics, Finance, etc with GMAT Exemption.

The Acceptance Rate of Lubin School of Business by Pace University was 91%

The acceptance rate of Lubin Business school is 91%. However, the undergraduate business program of this school is famous in the world. The great thing about this school is that its Executive MBA and MBA do not need the GMAT.

Scholarship offered by Lubin business school are;

  • Figueroa Field Study Scholarships
  • Philip and Marianne Bleser Field Study Scholarships
  • Celentano scholarships

#6 Henley Business School Scholarships:

That prestigious school has a campus in Greenland, offering limited Executive Education and MBA programs. Also, they have various Master’s courses in different fields of business education. The impressive thing about Henley Business School is the GMAT obligation exemption for admissions and scholarship awards. Candidates do not need to send their GMAT scores to Henley business school for admission or scholarships.

The Acceptance Rate of Henley Business School is moderately competitive.

Some of the Henly business school scholarships offered by Henley school without GMAT are;

  • Accounting Ambassador Scholarships
  • Leadership MBA Scholarships
  • MSc Finance Ambassador Scholarships
  • Women in Finance Scholarships
  • Marketing Ambassador Scholarships

#7 Florida International University Business School Scholarships:

Students interested to enroll in the Healthcare Management MBA will not submit their GMAT marks to the university for admission or scholarship purpose. On the other hand, Florida International Business School has various BBA and MBA programs with GMAT Exemption funded with generous scholarships. For instance;

  • BMI Scholarships
  • Business Ethics Scholarships
  • Accounting General Scholarships

The Acceptance Rate of Florida International Business School is very competitive.

#8 Mays Business School Scholarships:

Mays Business School offers admissions and scholarships in their business courses and degrees without the need for the GMAT. There are approximately 5,000 undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctoral students enrolled in the following fields;

  • Accounting,
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management

It is the top-ranked business school in the United States. For scholarships application, the GMAT is not compulsory.

Scholarships by the Mays Business School include;

  • Graduate Diversity Fellowships
  • Merit-Based Scholarships
  • External / Outside Scholarships
  • Academic & Need Base Scholarships
  • Multi-year scholarships

#9 USC Marshall School of Business Scholarships:

USC Marshall School of Business has a wide range of MBA, Specialized MBA, Ph.D., Graduate, Undergraduate, and Accounting Master’s programs. It is another university on our list without the GMAT. One can apply for the following scholarships without submitting the GMAT scores.

  • Merit-based Scholarships
  • Military Fellowships

The acceptance rate of USC Marshall business school remained 30%.

#10 Kellogg School of Management Scholarships:

Students here can apply for the Full-time, part-time, one-week MBA programs. For admission, there is a GMAT waiver at Kellogg School of Management.

Business school scholarship by Kellogg School of Management are;

  • Kellogg Merit-Based Scholarships
  • Kellogg Second-year Scholarships
  • Kellogg Financial Need-Based Scholarships

Meanwhile, the acceptance rate of Kellogg School of Management turned out to be 20%.

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