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Scholarships for LOW GPA Students in 2024 – Apply Online With CV

Scholarships Without GPA Requirement in 2023 for Admissions

So i actually got a news for all my those international students with Low GPA scores because now they can opt for the fully funded Scholarships for the class of 2024-2025 Without any GPA requirement and i know getting a scholarship for higher education is not as easy as it seems and it requires a lot of effort and hard work and only a few get succeeded in this mission. However, most scholarship applicants lose their chance of selection due to below average academic performance, or low GPA, or not meeting application deadlines.

But a low GPA is not a big problem for average students now because there are a lot of reputable international universities offering admissions and scholarships to LOW GPA or LOW Percentage students but they still need to do well in thier application submission by writing convincing study plan, motivation letter, or research proposals.

As you know nothing in this world is impossible if people are willing to make efforts to achieve it and in same way students having 1.0 to 2.0 GPAs can even apply and win some scholarships and get rid of their financial crisis but the question is where to find such scholarships with low socore requirements so in this article you will find that information today.

To solve all these queries and puzzles, we will share the list of top 20 scholarships with low to no GPA requirements in this article so keep reading to get the answers to your questions.

Funding Cover of NO GPA Requirement Scholarships 2024

The scholarships without GPA requirements or scholarships with low GPA requirements come with full benefits as of fully-funded scholarships awarded to most bright students henceforth this is another motivation factor raised by most Universities to motivate students with low scores to opt for No Cost Higher Education.

So, the students with low grades will be able to win any or all of the below-mentioned academic grants:

  • Fixed Academic Prize Money
  • No, or partial cost higher education
  • Monthly stipend (Subject to performance and evaluation)
  • Discounted or fully fee waived accommodation in a hostel
  • Access to library or funding for buying literature
  • Entitlement for medical care at School’s dispensary

List of Scholarships Without GPA or Low GPA Scores in 2024:

1# China Scholarships for low GPA Students

There are hundreds of Chinese Scholarships available throughout the year for students with low GPAs or fewer percentage scores. The Chinese Government CSC Scholarships offered at southeast China University, Changsha University, Harbin University, and HIT are the ones that offer scholarships to students with low grades as well. But it must be noted that students need to prepare a very well-written research proposal and study plans to maximize their chances of acceptance.

These Chinese Scholarships for Low GPA students cover educational fees, stipends, shared residence, and sickness insurance. Due to recent Chinese Policy, international students in China are now also allowed to work part-time for specific hours each week.

2# Russian Open Doors Scholarships

The students with moderate to low GPA or percentage in their last degree are given a hope to study for free in Russia on Russian Government Scholarships because high score cream students do not apply for these scholarships; therefore moderate to low GPA students have healthy chances of acceptance there.

3# Capex Scholarships:

To apply for these Capex scholarships candidates must belong to USA and also these candidates must be already enrolled at any accredited college or university of USA and Capex scholarship program has no specific requirements for GPA which means students even with the lowest GPA are eligible to apply for it.

4# Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship Program:

Benjamin Gilman Scholarship is a program offered by the USA department and students with low academic performance and GPAs can apply for this scholarship whereas to become eligible, candidates must be citizens of the USA however Benjamin scholarship reward is around $5,000.

5# Corinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation Scholarship:

This Corinne jeannine schillings foundation scholarship is specifically for Silver Award Girl Scouts in which winners of this scholarship will get $1,500 and another considerable point is that the candidates must have a major in a foreign language.

6# No Essay Scholarships without GPA Requirement:

To get this scholarship, candidates do not need to write an essay or something else similarly, as its name indicates it also has no restriction related to GPA, low or high however candidates must be enrolled in any high college or school during the application process.

7# Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship:

That Merit-based Gen & kelly Tanabe scholarship program is for high school graduates, who want to pursue a bachelor’s or Associate’s degree whereas candidates of this scholarship must be citizens of USA plus they should start school in the coming 12 months meanwhile there is no requirement of GPA score and  winners will get the reward of $1,000 for tuition, accommodation, and other expenses.

8# E-waste Scholarships without GPA:

It is not easy to get this scholarship as the students will get selected based on their applications & essay regarding E-waste. It is necessary to apply before April 30, 2024. Meanwhile, the applicant must be a U.S citizen or legal resident. The E-waste scholarship award will be $1,000.

9# Army ROTC Scholarships:

These NO GPA scholarships aid in training officers and provide educational opportunities to students. Luckily, it has no GPA requirements. It covers 100% tuition fees and other benefits too. But for this, the candidate must be enrolled in college or a soldier.

10# DELL Scholars Program:

Students with low GPAs and below-average academic results can apply for this program. To fulfill eligibility requirements, the candidates must complete two years of study at the Michael Susan Dell Foundation.

11# Letterman Telecommunications Scholarship:

People with low GPAs should not get disheartened anymore as this scholarship program has a reward of $10000. The first runner will get $5000, and the second runner will win $3333. But the applied candidates must be doing a major or minor in Telecommunication courses.

12# David Letterman Scholarship:

All the USA citizens with innovative minds but low GPAs, it is time to opt for the David Letterman Scholarship. That scholarship is available for creative field works. Meanwhile, the winners will get $10000, $5000, and $3333 as rewards.

13# Art of Giving Scholarships:

It is available for high school seniors; plus, undergraduate and graduate students can also apply. There is no requirement for GPA. But the candidates have to submit an Essay of 500 words. The scholarship reward is $500.

14# Western Governor’s University Scholarships without GPA:

That non-profit private university in Utah is giving various Governers scholarships to students with no GPA limitations. It has several online courses too for the ease of students that are covered under these no GPA grants: These scholarship packages include; Year of You Scholarships, First Responders Scholarships, and WGU Alumni Master’s Scholarships.

15# Grand Canyon University Scholarships:

The nest we have is Grand Canyon University, located in Arizona. Like the other ones, it has also waived off GPA conditions. Students with the minimum GPA are even eligible. Applicants enrolled in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees can apply for these generous scholarship opportunities offered by this institute which are; Education Master’s Degree Scholarships, Alumni Doctoral Degree Scholarship, and Military Scholarships.

16# St. Leo University Scholarships:

All the students with a minimum GPA of 2.0 can apply here for the St. Leo University scholarship grants. It is a liberal arts university that believes in all faiths and offers degree programs in a wide variety of courses.

17# Colorado Technical University Scholarships for all:

For undergraduates, there are no GPA requirements, even for scholarships. That Colorado technical university has a 100% acceptance rate. This means low GPA students have all the green chances of selection here. Students can apply for several tuition grants and scholarships.

18# Purdue Global University Scholarships:

Like the other universities, it is also accepting students with low GPAs. Candidates with a 2.5 GPA can opt for their various scholarship opportunities. That no-profit public university has an online Bachelor’s program that is quite famous in the world.

19# American Intercontinental University Scholarships:

The best thing about this university is the personalized course content. Yes, students here can choose in what manner they want to study. Plus, it has so many scholarships for passionate students with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Select a suitable scholarship from their website.

20# Ashford University Scholarships:

That outclass university is best known for its versatile education methods, diversified degree programs, and generous scholarships with low GPA requirements.

Ashford University Scholarships for LOW GPA students include; Senior Project FSBT Scholarships, Entrepreneurship Scholarships, and NEU Scholarships.

21# Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Scholarships:

Another on our list is this prestigious university with variant GPA requirements for different degree programs and scholarships. Catholic university has many undergraduate and graduate programs and scholarships including Transfer Presidential Scholarships, Transfer Trustees Scholarship, etc.

22# Regis University Scholarships:

Such a private catholic university in Colorado has announced various scholarships and grants for undergraduate and graduate students. Helen McLoraine Scholarships, some external Scholarships, and federal TEACH Grants are available for low-score students here.

All the above grants and scholarships need a low GPA or No GPA. On the other hand, students with the lowest GPAs can compensate by opting for difficult courses.

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