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Russian Open Doors Scholarships 2024 With Work Permission, Stipend, Free Education

If you want to save your money for your higher studies then this article will open new door for you to apply for a ‘free higher education’ opportunity in Russia. I’m sure you will be excited to know that Russian Government announced the “Open Doors” Scholarships for the academic year 2024-2025, targeting skilled foreign students eager to pursue master’s and PhD programmes @RussianUniversities. Therefore aplications for this open doors russian scholarship 2024 is now open until December 10th, 2023.

This open doors Russian scholarship program grants early admission to international students in 20 Russian universities, waiving off tuition fees, monthly stipend money and allowing them to work part time with studies. Master degree applicants would go through a 2-stage assessment process involving academic portfolio reviews and a problem-solving challenge. On the other hand, the 🎓PhD admissions involves 3 step evaluation process, emphasizing academic credentials, problem-solving skills, and the selection of a research supervisor. 🇷🇺🚀

Why Should You Apply for 2024 Open Door Scholarship? 🤔

If you get successful in winning a fully funded Russian open doors scholarship 2024 then you might get entitled to receive following package of scholarship offerings:

  • Zero Tuition Fees: That’s right! The Russian government will handle your tuition fees. 🆓
  • Monthly Stipend: Get a stipend to assist with your living costs.💰
  • Skip the Entrance Exam: Early admission means you won’t have to sit for those pesky entrance exams.🎓
  • Traveling sponsorship to Russia ✈️
  • Funds for Your meals 🍲
  • Lodging (though university dormitory🏘️ is pretty affordable, ranging from RUB500 (about US$7) to RUB5,000 (around US$780) monthly)
  • Free Health insurance 💊

Can you work while studying on open door scholarship in Russia?

Absolutely yes! Whether it’s a remote gig or a local job, you’re good to go without any extra Russian work permit but you will be allowed to work for only 20 hours per week and job must be part time. Many Russian universities even help with job placements, and sometimes, there are opportunities right on campus! 💼🎓

Subjects Available Under Open Doors Scholarships 📖

The scholarships cover a vast range of following subjects and depending on your chosen subject, you’ll either be on the master’s or Ph.D. track:

  • Biotechnology and Biology 🧬🌱
  • Science of the Earth 🌍🔍
  • Materials Science and Chemistry 🧪⚗️
  • Public Health and Clinical Medicine 🩺🌡️
  • Artificial intelligence and mathematics 🤖➕
  • Psychology and Neuroscience 🧠💡
  • Econometrics and Economics 💹📊
  • Data and computer science 💻🔢
  • Physical sciences 🔭🧪
  • Modern Languages and Linguistics 🗣️📚
  • International and political studies 🌐🤝
  • Technology and Engineering ⚙️🔧
  • Management and business 📈💼

List of Universities on Panel of Open Doors Russian Scholarship 2024 🏛

Here’s a list of universities where you can make your academic dreams come true:

(Pro-tip: Check out each university’s website to know more about their programs and campus life.🎉)

Language of Instruction at Russian Universities & Requirements 🗣

Universities in Russia offer degree programmes in either Russian or English languages. If you opt for a degree programme taught only in the Russian language and your proficiency isn’t up to par, you can begin with the university’s preparatory department. This guarantees🤝your spot in the chosen Russian-taught program for the subsequent academic year.

Do you Need to Provide Proof of your Language Proficiency?

While participating in the Olympiad’s Open door scholarship program 2024, there’s NO mandatory requirement to present your language proficiency certificates or any evidence of your Russian or English proficiency. Yet, if you do provide documents verifying your language skills, then that would increase your Portfolio score.

Also the language you select during registration will be the medium of communication during the Olympiad, including your account’s interface, communications, and exams. However, once the Olympiad concludes, winners and prize-winners can choose their preferred language of instruction for their master’s or doctoral program🚀.

Eligibility for Open Door Scholarship 2024: Are You The One? 👀

If you’re a foreign citizen or stateless individual, you’re eligible! Just ensure:

  • For the master’s track: You have a Bachelor’s degree or are about to get one this year.
  • For the Ph.D. track: You’ve earned a Master’s or Specialist’s degree this year.

Steps to Apply for the Russian Open Door Scholarship:

1# Submission Process: To start your application for the Russian Open Door Scholarship 2024, head to the official application page:

2# Language Requirement: Make sure to complete your application in either English or Russian, as these are the official languages accepted.

#3 Selection Process: There’s no need to individually apply for a distinct study course. If you emerge victorious, you’ll get to choose a course within the domain of your award. Following this, you can select one or even several universities that have programs in line with your desired track.

4# Mandatory Documents for the Initial Stage of Open doors scholarship application submission:

  • Motivation Letter: You’ll need to type out your motivation letter directly into the designated open doors application form on th site. There’s no fixed format for the letter, but it should detail your academic and career aspirations, notable accomplishments, the rationale behind your Olympiad subject choice, and your motivation to pursue studies in Russia.
  • Proof of Education Level: To validate your educational qualifications, you’ll need to upload your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree confirmation. If, for any reason, you haven’t obtained or can’t produce your degree, you can instead upload an official transcript from your last or current academic year, a scanned copy of your grade sheet, or any other document that verifies your educational standing. In such cases, you’ll be expected to provide the degree confirmation later on during university admission.

Now that you’re familiar with the process, get started and best of luck with your Open Doors Scholarship application here!

Application Deadline to Final Selection Timeline 📅

1# Registration Begins🚀: September 15th, 2023. Ensure you register promptly and provide all necessary information for the Open Doors participation.

#2 Portfolio Compilation📁: From September 15th to December 10th, 2023, get your portfolio ready. Include all valuable research papers, 📜certificates, awards, and honors. Remember to list all achievements in your chosen Subject to optimize your success chances.

3# Portfolio Submission Deadline⏰: December 10th, 2023. Note that after this date, you cannot make any edits to your portfolio. An automatic assessment system will be available in your account to gauge your potential score.

#4 Portfolio Evaluation🔍: December 11th – 19th, 2023 is dedicated to the grading of portfolios.

5# First Stage Result📣: The outcomes of the first evaluation phase will be announced on December 22nd, 2023.

#6 Master’s Track Winners Announcement🎉: On February 9th, 2024, the Open Doors winners and prize-winners for the Master’s track will be revealed.

7# Doctoral Track Winners Announcement🎉: March 15th, 2024 marks the day when winners and prize-winners for the doctoral track (equivalent to PhD) will be announced.

Application Deadline⏰: Ensure you submit your portfolio by December 10th, 2023.

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