Fully Funded Scholarships 2024-2025Scholarships in Korea 2024

Republic of Korea Scholarships 2024 by Korean High Commission Scholarships

Online applications for the High Commission of the Republic of Korea fully-funded scholarships 2024-2025. Qualified candidates can apply before the due date to make the most of these outstanding academic scholarship opportunities.

The Korean government is doing all possible efforts to provide cost-effective yet high-quality education to domestic and international students. In this regard, the prestigious Korean universities are also working side by side with the government and offering hundreds of valuable scholarships for higher studies.

Such academic scholarships are open for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs in numerous fields. Meanwhile, applicants from any state of the world can apply for these programs with or without IELTS scores.

Financial & Academic Coverage of Korean Scholarships:

The benefits offered by the funded scholarships of Korean universities and the Korean government are too many to count and a few of those are listed below:

  • High Scholarship Rewards and a cash stipend
  • Monthly stipend of KRW 120,000 or more
  • Resettlement & Housing Allowances
  • Free Round Air-Bound Tickets
  • Funds to carry out research programs
  • Costs to buy Research tools, Thesis & Dissertation printing
  • Funds to purchase Study materials & Books,
  • Tuition fee waivers up to 25%, 50%, 70%, 100%
  • Health Insurance Packages
  • Counseling sessions & E-library access
  • South Korean Study Visa costs coverage
  • Free one-year Korean language training

Korean Undergraduate, Master, and Doctoral Degree Scholarships:

Overseas candidates willing to study in Korea for undergraduate courses in different disciplines can apply for fully/partially funded Korean scholarships.

Or if you have plans to opt for the Research and Doctoral programs in Korea with minimum charges? If yes, apply for Korean scholarships and fellowships for Ph.D. studies and Research activities.

The government of Korea is all set to finance Master’s degrees for international students who do not want to spend a single penny on their tuition and application fees. These Korean MS scholarships are fully / partially subsidized, granting unlimited benefits for the ease of students.

Below listed are some of the generous Korean Scholarship sponsorship programs for doctoral students in 2024.

1# GKS-U Scholarships:

The government of Korea, with the noble Korean universities, are offering Global Korea Scholarships for Undergraduate students coming from lower-income countries. The intriguing factor is that these GKS-U scholarships have no requirements for IELTS scores. The duration of this scholarship is 5 years for the Bachelor’s degree program. Meanwhile, winners will get funds to cover educational and personal expenses, like air travel tickets, health allowances, etc.

2# GKS Invitation Program for Overseas Students:

The GKS Invitation Program is an initiative by the Korean Republic Government. It aims to attract international students and give them awareness about the benefits of completing higher education in Korea at Korean universities. Overseas undergraduate students from ODA countries studying at the Partnered universities of the Global Korea Invitation program are eligible and can try their luck for this scholarship without IELTS scores. However, the benefits of the GKS Invitation Scholarship program include tuition grants for won 5,000,000/ month, health reimbursement packages, round air trip costs, monthly subsidies, and a settlement allowance of won 200,000 on arrival.

The Korean scholarship duration is ten months for two terms and four months for one semester. Eligible candidates must meet the requirements and have 80% on a 100%- point scale with international citizenship.

3# KAIST University Scholarships:

Korean universities also play a vital role in promoting free education among deserving overseas students. Among them, KAIST university is one of the prominent names, offering tuition-free education and fully-sponsored scholarships for undergraduate studies. Additionally, the selected scholars will get KRW 300,000/ month as a scholarship reward, full or partial tuition fee waivers, and much more.

Meanwhile, applicants can apply for the Labor Scholarships, National Scholarships, Low-income family Labor Scholarships, & KAIST faculty scholarships. On the other hand, acceptable language tests for KAIST BS scholarships are IELTS, TOEFL iBT/PBT/CBT, TOEIC, & English language certificates.

4# Seoul National University Scholarships:

Another famous name on our list is SNU, offering partially and fully-funded academic scholarships to finance the undergraduate degree program of overseas students. Interested ones can apply for the following scholarships, like KGSP, Overseas Korean Scholarships at KAIST, Global Korea Scholarships, & Global Hope Scholarships without IELTS & TOEFL scores.

Meanwhile, KAIST undergrad scholarships grant tuition fee waivers, living allowances, air tickets, one year of free Korean language training, and monthly stipends to the scholarship winners.

5# AMA Scholarship Programs:

The Arts Major Asian Scholarships is a program started by the Korean government with the Korean National University of Arts to support Asian students. All undergraduate Asian candidates with outstanding artistic skills enrolled in art programs at KARTS have the opportunity to finance their education via this scholarship.

The cherry on top is that it will cover living expenses of up to KRW 800,000, full-tuition fees, medical insurance, airfare, and a free Korean language course. However, AMA scholarships accept TOPIK, IELTS, TOEFL, and TEPS scores to abide by the eligibility criteria.

6# Korean Government Scholarships for Overseas Students:

Students from UK, USA, & Canada have the golden chance to get sponsorship for their MS degrees via Overseas students’ government scholarships. Such a program provides monetary support to the students enrolled in the fundamental studies courses. However, engineers, technicians, and Master’s students with a 4.0 GPA can apply for this program without IELTS scores. Considering the financial coverage by the Korean Government’s fully-funded program, academic, living, & house expenses, health insurance paid air trips, and much more are included in the package.

7# Korea-Japan Joint Higher-Education Student Exchange Scholarship:

The government of Japan & Korea has started a joint program to promote friendship between the two countries via exchange scholarships for MS degrees. Every year 15 students from Korea and Japan get selected for this program belonging to engineering or science fields. Meanwhile, eligible candidates must be college graduates of age 35 years (maximum). However, the scholarship duration is three years, covering tuition fees, living stipends of KRW 1000,000, air trips, settlement fees, etc. IELTS scores are not mandatory for this fully-funded program.

8# POSCO TJ Park Foundation Scholarships:

Intellectual Asian students pursuing Master’s degrees in various academic fields at Korean universities can opt for the fully-funded POSCO TJ Park scholarships. Potential candidates from all academic fields are eligible except for MBA students. Meanwhile, interested applicants must have completed at least 16 years of education before applying for the Master’s fellowships. However, online applications must be submitted before May 31, 2024, without IELTS/ TOEFL scores for POSCO TJ higher education scholarships. Each year 50 lucky students win this Korean scholarship and get tuition fee waivers, allowances for settlement, and a language proficiency subsidy.

9# Korea University Scholarships:

The very reputable Korea University is on a mission to provide quality yet low-cost education to international students. If you have plans to complete your MS degree in Korea free of cost, the Korea university should be the priority. It offers a wide range of courses for MS programs and grants various partially and fully-funded scholarships covering 100% to 60% tuition fees and other daily expenditures. International students can apply for the BK21 scholarships, KIEP, GPAS scholarships, Academic Excellence Scholarships, etc.

Meanwhile, IELTS, TOEFL, TOPIK, & TEPS scores are sufficient enough to prove language proficiency for KU Master’s scholarships.

10# Yonsei University Scholarships:

Another well-known name contributing to providing affordable education and sponsored scholarships to overseas students in Korea is Yonsei University. Applicants who want to complete a Master’s degree at Yonsei University under the scholarships must be ready to enjoy exciting benefits, like free meals, accommodation, tuition fee exemption, and many more. Moreover, available scholarships at Yonsei graduate schools are; KGSP, Early Bird Scholarships, AEARU Scholarship, etc. To abide by the requirements for Yonsei MS scholarships, please submit the TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, or IELTS scores.

11# Graduate Studies Fellowships:

The charitable Korean Foundation with the Korean universities has announced graduate studies fellowships for Ph.D. degrees. Around 150 students from all over the world will be chosen and entitled to tuition fee waivers of various percentages. However, the scholarship duration is one year. Meanwhile, IELTS scores are not essential, but applicants might be asked to meet the language requirements of the chosen university.

12# Hankuk University Scholarships:

The passionate and enthusiastic international researchers and doctoral students can receive funds for their study programs by studying at Hankuk university. It is known for granting partial and full-tuition fee coverage, living costs, books costs, etc., via worthy doctoral scholarship programs. Meanwhile, notable scholarships offered by Hankuk University for Ph.D. programs are; UPEACE Scholarships II, HUFS Alumni Research Scholarship, Korean Government Scholarships, etc.

Before proceeding with online applications, submit the IELTS/ TOEFL/TOPIK scores.

13# Hanyang University Scholarships:

Next is Hanyang University, which offers half and full tuition fee waivers to eligible doctoral students via GKS scholarships, TOPIK Scholarships, & International Excellence Scholarships. The winners will also get financial and academic coverages throughout the course program. However, no specific requirements for IELTS as English language certificates can also be shown to verify language proficiency.

14# Daewoong Foundation Scholarship Program:

International Students with TOPIK level l4 completing Ph.D. degrees at Korean universities have an opportunity to apply for the Daewoong Scholarships. It is a Daewoong Foundation program for overseas students with good GPAs and sound knowledge of Korean culture. Meanwhile, online applications can be submitted till October 2024 without IELTS scores.

15# Dongguk University Scholarships:

Last but not least is renowned Dongguk University in Seoul, known for providing financial and academic grants to students pursuing Ph.D. programs in different fields. These overseas students from below-average states have the option to apply for the Dongguk scholarships, offering dozens of applauding benefits. Available scholarships include SRD Scholarships, Humanities Scholarships, Full Scholarships for Medical Device Business, and all. However, IELTS/ TOPIK/ New TEPS scores are acceptable for Dongguk-sponsored programs.

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