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Ohio State University (OSU) Scholarships 2024 Without IELTS – Study for free in Ohio, USA

Ohio State University (OSU) Spring intake 2023 Applications Open

Admission applications are invited by Ohio State University for their fully-funded Ohio State University Scholarships for the class of 2024-2025. Ohio state university does not require an IELTS exam for granting admissions to international students of non-English speaking countries; if any approved IELTS alternative test cert is available to provide evidence of English language proficiency.

English Langauge Requirements of Ohio State University (OSU)

Ohio state university admission applications from the applicants of Native English Speaking countries are completely exempted from IELTS. Whereas, the students from non-native English-speaking countries are advised by OSU to submit proof of their English Language Proficiency. For this purpose, IELTS of at least 6.5 bands is accepted by the OSU admission office. Whereas, if IELTS is not available then TOEFL or DET in some cases is also accepted by the OSU admission office.

Studying in an international university can entail many overheads, which we normally tend to neglect while searching for universities to attend. What sort of expenses, you ask? Food cost, travel expenditures, medical expenses, additional educational expenses, and, of course, the cost of living in a foreign country. International students, especially those studying in the United States of America don’t get the chance of saving because of these overheads. 

However, there are some states in the US that have a comparatively lesser cost of living, allowing the students to spend less and save more. Wondering which state we are talking about? Ohio, of course!

According to a recent survey, the international students studying and living in Ohio tend to save 23% on their cost of living than those studying in Massachusetts and around 35% more than the international students studying and living in California.

Funding Cover of Ohio State University (OSU) Scholarships

Do you know Ohio State University Scholarship offerings are large in number with different sponsors on board with them. The funding for each OSU scholarship varies as per the sponsor’s criteria or the merit of the applicants. But i can give you a brief on what to expect from OSU Scholarship is awarded to you;

  • Partially discounted, or completely free education at OSU
  • OSU offers monthly stipends in some scholarship cases
  • OSU also offers a residential facility with health insurance
  • Access to libraries, labs, or conference tickets of OSU will be granted
  • Airtickets in some cases with US Study VISA fees sponsorship

So, if you want to enjoy a productive and thrifty lifestyle while studying at an international institute, we suggest that you go for one in Ohio. And what institute to opt for in Ohio than the Ohio State University? 

Admissions Acceptance Rate of Ohio State University: 54%

The Ohio State University is a public research university in the state capital of Ohio– Columbus. The Ohio State University is considered a Public Ivy institute and has made its name among the top-ranked public institutes in the United States of America by prominent institutional rankings such as the US News and World Reports and the QS World University Rankings.

Degrees awarded by the various departments at the Ohio State University have global accreditation. The university has been termed as a highly selective public institute by the Princeton Reviews and has been proven to be the most highly selective public university in the whole of Ohio by the US News and World Reports.

The acceptance and rejection rates at the Ohio State University as of 2024 as stated below as follows:

Acceptance rate at the OSU in 2024: 54%

The acceptance rate at the Ohio State University as of 2024 is a little over half at 53.7%.

Rejection rate at the OSU in 2024: 47%

The rejection rate at the Ohio State University is 46.3%.

This implies that out of every 100 applications received by the Office of Admissions at the Ohio State University, around 46 applications get rejected.

Information about Waiting List System at the Ohio State University:-

In recent years, the Office of Admissions at the Ohio State University received more than 52,500 applications from students from around the world. Out of this number, only 24,900 students were accepted and the number of enrolled students was even low at 7,850. Thus, the university management had to turn down thousands of applications even from bright students. However, to give these students another chance of being admitted, the admissions office at the Ohio State University opens a waiting list after the initial admissions.

How does the waiting list system at the Ohio State University work?

At the Ohio State University, placements on the waiting list are made by the university management itself, rather than by the interested students. These placements are made entirely on a merit basis, and only those students are allotted a seat on the waiting list whose applications present an upward-pointing graph.

In other words, the university places those students on the waiting list who show the potential of doing wonders under the supervision of the expert teaching staff at the Ohio State University.

How are students accepted from the waiting list?

After the initial admissions, the admitted students are given the option of either reserving a seat by paying the registration fee or rejecting the offer. To fill the seats left vacated by the admitted students, the university management approaches students on the waiting list. 

The waitlisted students are required to confirm their enrollment within a specified time limit, else the management will move on to making the offer to the next student on the list.

Scholarships Available at Ohio State University (OSU) in 2024:-

The Ohio State University (OSU) currently ranks as the fifth most expensive public university amongst all Ohio universities, not only for international students but also for Ohio residents. 

Luckily enough, the university invests thousands of dollars each year in its student population, ensuring that they continue with their education without any financial burden. For nine out of the last ten years, the fresh entrants at the Ohio State University were awarded at least 100 National Merit Scholarship Awards.

And you can be one of the scholars as well, as the Ohio State University hosts a significant of scholarship programs each year. Some of the most prominent ones from those OSU scholarship programs are listed below as follows:

  • Eminence Fellow Program and Scholarships
  • Morrill Scholarship Program (MSP)
  • Land Grant Opportunity Scholarships for Ohio residents
  • National Buckeye Scholarships for International students
  • Maximus, Provost and Trustees Scholarships
  • Ohio State University Alumni Scholars Program
  • OSU Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen in Bio Life Sciences
  • OSU Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen in Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • OSU Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen in Journalism and Media
  • OSU Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen in The College of Education and Human Ecology
  • OSU Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen in the School of Environment and Natural Resources
  • John Glenn College of Public Affairs Undergraduate Scholarships
  • The John and Anne Glenn Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Lee E. Schauer Scholarships
  • Jody Stowers Scholarships

Ohio State University (OSU) Spring intake Application Deadline: November 1, 2024

The last date to submit your admission applications for Ohio State University (OSU) Scholarships for spring intake is set at November 1, 2024. So please make sure to complete your application documents for OSU applications and get ready for application submission.

Get started with your applications for the Ohio State University from today!

Did you shortlist the Ohio State University as a potential university to earn your tertiary education degree? If so, then waste no more time and start off with preparing your applications for the Ohio State University today, as the institute will be opening its web portal for accepting online applications from students from around the world shortly. Good luck!

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