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North Macedonia Scholarships 2024-2025 – Admissions Open!

Apply for admissions in North Macedonian Universities on the fully-funded North Macedonia Scholarships 2024-2025. The North Macedonia Scholarships are offered in all of their Universities under different degree majors and disciplines.

English Language Requirements in North Macedonia: IELTS is Optional

The language medium is Macedonian or English in North Macedonia. However, Albanian, Macedonian, or English languages are some of the other used languages here. North Macedonian Universities accept IELTS, TOEFL, DET, CAE, and Cambridge tests as English Language Proficiency proof.

List of North Macedonia Scholarships in 2024

Are you exploring study opportunities in North Macedonia? Make your education goals a reality with a scholarship from the government of North Macedonia. The North Macedonia Scholarships aims to promote an educational system that supports equal opportunity for all.

When you are a student, funding is not always easy to come by. There are many opportunities for financial aid in North Macedonia, including scholarships and other programs to help you pay for your education.

To further assist in its endeavors, the country has opened its doors to international students to provide quality education to as many students as possible. You can also be a part of a great learning environment and contribute to its educational development.

Fully-funded Scholarships in North Macedonia open up opportunities for many international students, regardless of their socio-economic background or educational background. Students who would like to pursue education in North Macedonia should consider a scholarship as a means of funding, as it provides students with the ability to get a quality education without being worried about financial barriers.

1# South East European University Scholarships:

The southeast European University offers undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and specialization degrees in nosiness and economics, social sciences, science and technology, law, health languages, cultures, etc.

The acceptance rate of Southeast European University in recent years was about 70-80%. The southeast European University has an application fee of 1,500.00 MKD.

The number of scholarships offered by the southeast European University includes SEEU Merit-based Scholarships (MBS), HESP Scholarships, Work and Study Program, SEEU Merit + Need-Based Scholarships (M+NBS), Discounts for siblings, etc.

The southeast European University requires IELTS with a minimum 5 score. Other than IELTS, TOEFL ITP min. 460 (paper-based offered at SEEU) and TOEFL IBT min. 57 (Internet-based) can also be used for getting admission to the university.

2# International Balkan University Scholarships

The International Balkan University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in fields of medicine, engineering, law, economics and administrative sciences, languages, education, social sciences, art, design, etc.

The acceptance rate of International Balkan University in recent years was about 73%. The International Balkan University does not require any application fees for applying to the university.

The number of scholarships given by the International Balkan University are the IBU Scholarship Program, Erasmus+ Student Mobility Program, Erasmus+ Students Traineeships, etc.

The International Balkan University requires IELTS. Other tests that are accepted by the university include TOEFL, FCE, CPE, or CAE.

3# University American College Skopje – UACS

UACS offers undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. programs in economics and management, law, political science and psychology, architecture and design, foreign languages, computer science, information technology, etc.

The acceptance rate of University American College Skopje in recent years was about 90-100%. There is no application fee for applying to the University of American College Skopje.

The scholarship given by the University includes the University American College Skopje foundation scholarships award 10 scholarships to students.

The University of American College Skopje requires IELTS. The university also accepts TOEFL iBT results for getting admission.

4# State University in Tetovo Scholarships

The University of Tetovo offers undergraduate, and postgraduate degrees in the fields of agriculture and biotechnology, applied sciences, arts, business administration, economics, food technology, nutrition, etc.

The acceptance rate of the University of Tetovo in recent years was about 74%. The University of Tetovo does not have any application fees.

The number of scholarships given by the University of Tetovo is Scholarships for students of social categories, Scholarships in Hungary, Scholarships for German Language Courses in Bavaria, University of Tetovo Scholarships for outstanding students, etc.

The University of Tetovo does not require IELTS.

5# International University of Struga Scholarships

The International University of Struga offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in political science, International relations, law, economy and business, information technology, computer science, forensics, economics, etc.

The acceptance rate of the International University of Struga in recent years was about 44%. There is no application fee required for applying to the International University of Struga.

The scholarships given by the International University of Struga include IUST Scholarship Program, Exchange programs, etc. The International University of Struga does not require IELTS.

6# European University Scholarships

The European University offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees in different fields such as dentistry, criminology, art and design, Informatics, economics, law, dental technicians, etc.

The acceptance rate of the European University in recent years was about 70%. The European University does not require any application for applying to the University. There is an administrative fee of 1.200 MKD (20€).

The different scholarships given by the European University include Scholarships “PROF.DO BOJO ANDRESKI” to health professionals, Full Scholarships, Partial Scholarships, etc.

The European University requires IELTS. Other than IELTS, the university also accepts proof of language proficiency (level B1 CEFR), TOEFL, a certificate from a language school, etc.

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