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New Zealand Scholarships Without IELTS in 2024

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The fully-funded Scholarships in New Zealand Without IELTS in 2024 for the class or 2024 are currently being accepted in the below listed New Zealand Universities.

There are many students around the globe who’ve set New Zealand as their next educational stop. However, what hinders the progress of many is their financial restrictions. Due to this reason, the importance of scholarships is enhanced. In this article, we’re going to list down some of the best government and university-funded scholarships in New Zealand to help you solve your problem and pursue your goals.

What do New Zealand Scholarships Cover?

The winners of New Zealand Scholarships can expect to receive the following listed funding grant:

  • Totally free or discounted education in New Zealand
  • Free residence at New Zealand University dorm or hostel
  • Funding allowance for residence for married students
  • Monthly expense stipend paid by the designated New Zealand University
  • Books buying expense with exam fee and lab access
  • Health insurance or sickness cover for students

Can we Study in New Zealand Without IELTS?

Yes, you can study in New Zealand Without taking an IELTS exam! IELTS is not required for New Zealand Study VISA. There is no IELTS requirement for admissions by New Zealand Universities. If you are planning to study in New Zealand then any of the IELTS alternative exams will also be accepted such as; CAE, PTE, TOEFL, or ESOL.

List of New Zealand Universities Without IELTS

  • University of Canterbury (IELTS Exempted) Acceptance Rate: 64%
  • University of Otago (IELTS Exempted) Acceptance Rate: High
  • University of Auckland (IELTS Exempted) Acceptance Rate: 45%
  • Unitec Institute of Technology (IELTS Exempted) Acceptance Rate: Low
  • Lincoln University (IELTS Exempted) Acceptance Rate: 90%

Scholarships in New Zealand Without IELTS in 2024

Following are the New Zealand Scholarships with IELTS exemption for international students in 2024:

  • Victoria University of Wellington Scholarships

International students can apply for the scholarships offered by Victoria University of Wellington each year without the need for IELTS if they hold any IELTS alternative proof of English language proficiency.

  • Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study

This scholarship is a New Zealand government-funded program that enables eligible international students to undertake an undergraduate or postgraduate program at any university in New Zealand. These are fully-funded scholarships.

  • Short Term Training Scholarships for Pacific and Timor-Leste Citizens

This scholarship comes under the umbrella of Manaaki New Zealand scholarships. It is awarded to students from Pacific countries and Timor-Leste residents. The scholarship provides on-the-job work experience to students.

  • English Language Training for Official Scholarships (NZELTO)

These scholarships are awarded to officials from African and Asian countries to provide them an English language training. They’re short-term scholarships.

  • University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarships

This scholarship is available at the University of Waikato. It carries a total worth of up to $20,000 NZD. Students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs are eligible for this scholarship.

  • Michael Baldwin Memorial Scholarships

Michael Baldwin Memorial scholarship offered at the University of Waikato. Students located in a South Pacific Nation are eligible for this scholarship. It is valued at up to $10,000 NZD. However, the student must be enrolled in a full-time study program.

  • Tongarewa Scholarships

The Tongarewa Scholarship is offered to international students at the Victoria University of Wellington. The students pursuing a Master’s or postdoctoral program are considered for this scheme. A total of 19 awards are to be given out. It is valued between $5,000-$10,000 NZD. This scholarship lasts for one year in which this amount goes towards the tuition fee coverage.

  • Latin American Academic Achievement Scholarships

Students enrolling for the first time at the Victoria University of Wellington are considered for this scholarship. It is valued at a total of $5,000 NZD, which goes towards the tuition fee.

  • Master of Drug Discovery and Development Scholarships

This scholarship is specifically for international students carrying out Masters with the major being Drug Discovery and Development. The scholarship is valued at $15,000 NZD. This scholarship award goes towards the tuition fee waiver.

  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan is one of the biggest scholarship programs in New Zealand. International students are eligible for the scheme. It is valued at $25,000 per year.

  • UC College of Engineering International Students

This scholarship is given out to students enrolling in an undergraduate program at UC College. The program carries a worth of $15,000 and lasts for only a single year.

  • Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships for International Students

The program is rolled out for international students intending to undertake a full-time undergraduate program at the University of Otago. The program carries a total value of $10,000, which goes towards the tuition fee of the holder.

  • Otago International Excellence Scholarships

These scholarships are given out to students who wish to undertake a postgraduate program at the University of Otago. It carries a total worth of $10,000 NZD, which covers the tuition fee. The decision for these scholarships is made on the basis of academic achievements.

  • University of Otago International Master’s Research Scholarships

The University of Otago awards students in a Master’s research program with a $15,000 stipend per year. In addition to that, tuition fee waivers are also provided. The award is distributed on the basis of research potential.

  • Lincoln University International Undergraduate Scholarships

This scholarship is provided to students enrolled in an undergraduate program. It is provided on the basis of academic performance and English Language Proficiency. The scholarship is worth $3,000 NZD.

  • Lincoln University Undergraduate Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships

Lincoln University provides this scholarship worth $5,000 NZD, to students enrolled in Bachelor’s programs. The award is given out on the basis of academic performance and English Language Proficiency.

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