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Job Openings in New Zealand for NZ Work VISA in 2023 

New Zealand Public and Private Sector is hiring skilled workers for the NZ jobs 2024 session. A large employee shortage jolted New Zealand’s public and private sectors which is why now they are hiring fresh graduates, skilled professionals, and contractual workers.

New Zealand is looking to fill in skill gaps that emerged due to immigration suspension. New Zealand’s public and private sectors are searching for international skilled applicants to make up for labor shortages. The country’s industries have expressed worry about labor shortages for months.

The supply of overseas workers that New Zealand’s industries had long depended on stopped flowing when the nation closed its borders during a recent pandemic. The worker shortage is infesting all areas of the economy, limiting production, having an impact on services, and driving up inflation. Here’s why New Zealand is currently welcoming internationals to come work in the country by making its visa policies and sponsorships easier for you. 

In What Ways is New Zealand Addressing the Labor Shortage?

New Zealand has increased the number of work permit visitors by half and given 310,000 temporary migrant employees a quick route to permanent residency. The NZ government is taking action to address the labor shortfalls that New Zealand industries are experiencing via the reinvigorated and simplified immigration process.

Last year, many industries, such as the food service, transportation, and retail sectors, experienced job losses. However, situations are beginning to improve, and prospects for job hunters appear more promising. 

Knowing which occupations have the most open spots and applying for them is a smart option if you want to boost your employment prospects in 2024 since New Zealand is providing job-sponsored visas. With the opening of offshore work visa applications, New Zealand has advanced its reconnecting strategy significantly.

Presently the new, more straightforward Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) policy, enables people from other countries to apply for a work visa to come to New Zealand and work for a credentialed employer.

Can a Company Sponsor You to Work in New Zealand?

Organizations based in New Zealand, such as incorporated societies, nonprofit entities, and governmental bodies, can sponsor work visas. The majority of people who want to immigrate permanently require a job offer from New Zealand.

Plus, immigrants are obligated to have an offer of skilled employment in New Zealand before they can apply for a work visa or a residence visa under the Skilled Migrant Policy. The Skilled Migrant Category Resident NZ Work Visa is intended for those with skills that will advance the economy of New Zealand.

Becoming a Resident: How it Works?

Yes – a working visa can get you permanent residency in a country that prides itself on welcoming newcomers. However, you will need to take numerous steps before you can become a permanent resident of New Zealand. 

Securing a job offer in New Zealand will be a core part of your visa application process, and you will need to apply for a work visa as part of your Skilled Migrant Category path leading to the residence.

All migrants require an offer of employment to be successful with their Expression of Interest. The Expression of Interest is a preliminary submission to Immigration New Zealand declaring your desire for a Skilled Migrant visa.

You won’t be able to advance to the Resident Visa Application phase of the procedure until you can earn at least 160 points in your EOI. You will receive 50–110 points for your expression of interest if a job is offered to you, pushing you above the required number of points. Your New Zealand employer will want to begin working as soon as possible, which will require a work permit. While you sit tight for the residence procedure to be finished, you will have the legal ability to begin working at your new job.

Can You Get an NZ Work VISA If You’re a Fresh International Graduate?

If you have a valid degree and applied for your student visa before the deadline, you can apply for a visa to work in New Zealand for up to three years after you complete your studies.

What’s a Post-Study NZ Work VISA?

You can work for just about any employer and in almost any profession with a post-study work visa. If you’re someone with children, they can enroll in school for free as local students and your partner may apply for a work visa. Explore every requirement and determine how long you can work through here

Obtaining a skilled job in a profession where there is a shortfall could increase your odds of receiving a residence visa if you intend to live permanently in New Zealand.

Which Skills Are High In Demand in New Zealand? 

  • Construction 
  • Surgery
  • Agriculture 
  • Business Analysis
  • Accounting
  • Web Development
  • Nursing 
  • Teaching
  • Engineering 
  • Marketing 
  • Plumbing 
  • Carpentry 

Jobs with Work VISA Sponsorship in New Zealand

1# Surgeon Jobs

All medical career paths have plenty of employment opportunities, but surgery stands out. It is simpler for doctors from other countries to achieve entry criteria because many of these specialty areas are considered indispensable by the government.

Average Salary: NZD 195,000 to 335,000 per year.

Companies Currently Recruiting: Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, MercyAscot Private Hospitals, Intermountain Healthcare, Auckland District Health Board.

2# Agricultural Jobs

The number of companies working in the agriculture, forestry, and fishing sectors was among the highest in New Zealand. The working population in agriculture is multicultural due to the year-round availability of a range of seasonal jobs and the high demand for experienced workers.

Average Salary: NZD 58,600 NZD to 145,000 per year

Companies Currently Recruiting: National Saleyards Ltd, Youngman Richardson & Co Ltd, Leacroft Nurseries, Longbeach Dairies LTD.

3# Business Analysts Jobs

Employers in the public and private sectors are in constant need of business analysts, especially in the IT industry.

Average Salary: NZD 60,030 to 110,000 per year

Companies Currently Recruiting: KPMG New Zealand, Hays New Zealand, Ministry of Social Development, Department of Conservation.

4# Accounting Jobs

The New Zealand government consciously promotes hiring skilled foreign accountants. The require for experts who can comprehend and analyze financial information to inform companies in deciding is anticipated to increase, which will lead to a continued increase in the demand for accountants.

Average Salary: NZD 45,000 to 85,000 per year

Companies Currently Recruiting: KG Recruitment Ltd, Stoven Advisory Chartered Accountants, Bureau Limited, Nexus Chartered Accountants.

5# Web Development Jobs

As companies continue to innovate in place of outdated models for connectivity, there is an expanding market for web development services.

Average Salary: NZD 45,000 to 82,000 per year

Companies Currently Recruiting: Intuit Creative Design Ltd., Verum Digital Limited, Black Sheep Creative, Solutions Ltd.

6# Teaching Jobs in NZ

The geographic labor shortage list for Immigration New Zealand includes primary school teachers. This indicates that the government is looking for qualified foreign teachers to work in New Zealand, with the demand for teachers rising.

Average Salary: NZD 48,000 to 80,000 per year

Companies Currently Recruiting: Long Bay College, St Cuthbert’s College, Gulf Education, Massey University.

7# Nursing Jobs in NZ

Nursing jobs are currently among the most in-demand professions in New Zealand and will likely remain so. The nation requires competent, sympathetic nurses to provide patients with help and treatment.

Average Salary: NZD 52,000 to 80,000 per year

Companies Currently Recruiting: Greenstone Family Clinic, Northbridge Lifecare Trust, Kapiti Retirement Trust, Canterbury District Health Board, Department of Corrections, Auckland Health Board.

8# Management Jobs in NZ

Skilled, well-organized management is needed in New Zealand by all different types of businesses. All sectors of the economy will demand someone to monitor and control an organization and time keeping, so your probability of receiving an administrative position is decent.

Average Salary: NZD 45,000 to 75,000 per year

Companies Currently Recruiting: JOYN, Tyler Wren, NZ Document Exchange, Momentum Consulting Group, Cultivate, Marvel International Group.

9# Child Social Worker Jobs

In all of New Zealand, there is a large market for child welfare professionals. The opportunities for this position appear encouraging because many children require competent, capable individuals favoring them in educational settings and healthcare services.

Average Salary: NZD 48,000 to 66,000 per year

Companies Currently Recruiting: Chandler Macleod, Hawke’s Bay District Health Board, Ministry of Social Development, Marist Alternative Education, Great Potentials Foundation, Wesley Community Action, Oranga Tamariki – Ministry for Children.

10# Psychologist Jobs in NZ

Everyone requires assistance with their mental health now. In New Zealand, there is a high demand for psychologists and mental health professionals, and the job outlook is excellent for those who pursue a career in this area.

Average Salary: NZD 72,000 to 103,000 per year

Companies Currently Recruiting: The BUSY Group, Canterbury District Health Board, Te Aka Ora Charitable Trust, Whanganui District Health Board, Procare, Department of Corrections, University of Otago.

11# Machine Operator Jobs

Job opportunities for machine operators are one of the most sought-after in New Zealand and for valid cause. If you’re seeking employment in a warehouse or stockpiling facility, you’ll probably have no trouble finding employment with experience in operating heavy machinery. There is also a learning and training possibility in such sectors.

Average Salary: NZD 43,000 to 64,000 per year

Companies Currently Recruiting: Wardrobe World, Grayson Engineering, Venerdi, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Hally Labels Ltd, Adecco Industrial.

12# Construction Worker Jobs in NZ

There are many job openings in the construction sector, whether you want to work as a laborer, an engineer, or an administrator.

Average Salary: NZD 47,000 to 72,000 per year

Companies Currently Recruiting: Signature Homes, TimberLab Solutions, Shades Of Blue, Japan Homes, Adecco, Lowe Construction Ltd, Tourism Holdings Limited (THL).

13# Plumber Jobs in NZ

Plumbing professionals who can operate for private clients, on building sites, and in government service will always be in high demand. Once you’ve finished your training, there’s a high likelihood you’ll be able to place a job.

Average Salary: NZD 56,000 to 96,000 per year

Companies Currently Recruiting: Laser Plumbing and Electrical, StormWater Systems, Hays, Hanlon Plumbing Ltd, Grammar Plumbing Ltd.

14# Carpenter Jobs in NZ

In New Zealand, there is a big demand for competent carpenters. They are required for both industry and government tasks, for small-scale projects as well as long-term construction agreements. Carpenters have excellent employability, so it’s a great idea to begin honing your woodcraft abilities right away.

Average Salary: NZD 52,000 to 77,000 per year

Companies Currently Recruiting: Shore Construction, Warren Kennedy Building, Brook Carr Building, Cushman & Wakefield, MTN Kitchens and Maintenance Limited, Alpine Civil NZ Limited.

15# Data Entry Operator Jobs in NZ

Data entry professionals are necessary for all types of businesses in New Zealand to remain on track and function effectively. You’ll probably have no problem locating a data entry operator employment if you have the necessary typing skills, are meticulous, and are interested in learning.

Average Salary: NZD 42,000 to 60,000 per year

Companies Currently Recruiting: Dean Freight International, Kelly, Chevron Traffic Services Ltd, Whanganui District Health Board, EXETER HOMES, C3 Limited, Southern Paprika Ltd.

16# Radiologist Jobs in NZ

The best-paid healthcare professionals in New Zealand include radiologists. Its growing demands make it the most lucrative field in New Zealand. Clinics and hospitals that provide medical care need qualified radiologists on staff to analyze scans, diagnose, and provide patients with guidance.

Average Salary: NZD 370,000 to 680,000 per year

Companies Currently Recruiting: Canterbury District Health Board, Southern District Health Board, Waikato Hospital, I-MED Radiology Network, Hutt Valley District Health Board, Auckland District Health Board, Lakes District Health Board.

What’s The Process of Applying for NZ Jobs?

Most of New Zealand’s visa processes are conveniently online, while only a certain type of NZ VISA requires paperwork submission through embassies. You can read the full guidelines of New Zealand’s work visa here. You will also have to make a New Zealand Government Real Me account prior to your application. 

To get started with your process, visit the official immigration website. With more than 80 types of visas for New Zealand, you can decide which one is appropriate for you by discovering your options here

What are the New Zealand Work Visa Requirements?

  • You must have the required skills and experience for the job role offered 
  • Take the labor market test
  • You must have a full-time job offer

How to Write a CV For New Zealand Job Applications?

Employers in New Zealand prefer concise, simple curriculum vitae (CVs). This may differ from what works in your country. Most employers will skim your CV before deciding whether to view it in depth. Therefore, it must leave a good first impression fast.

Here’s what you should include in your CV; 

  • Add relevant information to your CV
  • Add your technical and personal capabilities
  • Previous experiences
  • Qualifications
  • Community service
  • Proof of your skills (Short paragraphs on how you applied your skills previously) 
  • Include brief descriptions of your role with previous employers and add a link to contact
  • Previous employers

More so, when sending in your CV to different job prospects in New Zealand, modify your CV to outfit each job to bring skills relevant to that job under the spotlight.  

Cover letters are vital to grabbing attention and are expected in New Zealand. Here’s what you need to add to yours;

  • Who Are You?
  • What Are Your Skills and Expertise?
  • Why You’re Right for The Job? 

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