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New York (NY) Scholarships 2024-2025 – Accepting Applications

Study for free in New York on NY Scholarships

The fully-funded New York (NY) Scholarships for the class of 2024-2025 are announced for students of all degree levels under various majors. The entry requirements are set at a minimum for providing maximum academic opportunities to students for making them study in NY.

One of the busiest yet buzzing cities in the world, New York is welcoming students from all over the globe to pursue higher studies in its prestigious educational institutions under various honorable scholarship programs. The applications for the New York scholarships are currently open for the coming session of 2024. Check the list of the required set of documents with the eligibility criteria and apply before the due date to make the scholarship application process smoother and faster.

Indeed, New York is one of the admirable states that allows people to turn their dreams into realities by providing many golden opportunities. In the same way, candidates from every corner come here to build their futures and excel in their professional lives. The state of New York and the renowned New York universities have dozens of funded scholarships to offer for the candidates enrolled in the Undergrad, Postgrad, and Research Programs with various academic funding.

Academic Financial Coverage Plan for NY Scholarships:

As we said above, the NY scholarships by the New York State and Universities have various valuable rewards, grants, and other academic funding for the scholarship winners. For example;

  • Travel costs coverage
  • Study Material, Books, and Thesis printing costs
  • Health Insurance
  • Free Accommodation and Food
  • Return Air ticket
  • Monthly stipends plus Living allowances
  • Tuition grants and Tuition fee waivers (partially/fully)
  • Bursaries and other additional expenses till the degree completion

Why Study in New York (NY) for Higher Education?

Dozens of reasons are there that will support one’s decision to complete higher education in New York. For instance;

  • It is a hub of multinational students.
  • Chance to experience different cultures.
  • Advanced Teaching System & Learning Environment
  • Wide opportunities for Networking
  • Increased Employment Chances
  • A friendly and peaceful atmosphere

How to Obtain a New York Student Study VISA?

Follow the mentioned steps to obtain the Student Visa for studying in New York:

  1. Select the program and university accepted by the US government’s SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program).
  2. Pay for the SEVP three days before applying for the student visa to the USA.
  3. After completing the above two steps, set up a meeting with the US embassy in your home country to apply for a US visa. It might take 120 days to receive the student visa.
  4. Candidates can also apply online for a US visa application.
  5. Then, submit the required documents and pay the US Study VISA fees in the following ways, In-person (in the bank), online, or via phone.
  6. Now it is time to attend the interview for a US visa as this is the final stage of this whole process.
  7. Without performing the above step, the visa process is incomplete and one can’t obtain the visa.

Documents Needed to Apply for NY Study VISA:

Following is the list of documents needed to submit the US visa application:

  • Valid Passport
  • SEVIS Form (Signed) with fee receipt
  • MRV Payment Receipt
  • Visa appointment letter copy
  • Photograph
  • Academic Transcripts of previous institutions
  • Standardized test scores
  • Finance proof

List of Fully-funded Scholarships in New York (NY) in 2024:

The State of New York has many scholarships for its local and international students. Find a suitable NY scholarship program and apply to enjoy a stress-free educational journey. Following are the scholarships announced by New York for its deserving aspirants.

  1. NYS Excelsior Scholarships
  2. New York State Part-Time Scholarship Awards
  3. New York State Scholarships for Academic Excellence
  4. MCNY Scholarships
  5. New York Institute of Technology Scholarships
  6. The New York Times College Scholarships
  7. NY-AIMS Scholarships
  8. Pace University Scholarships
  9. Baruch College Scholarships
  10. Cornell University Scholarships
  11. New York Scholarships
  12. Columbia University Scholarships
  13. City University of New York Scholarships
  14. NYS STEM Incentive Scholarship Program
  15. Fordham University Scholarships

Let’s discuss each of these NY scholarships with all the relevant details.

1# NYS Excelsior Scholarships:

The New York State Excelsior Scholarship is a scheme provided by the state of New York for the students enrolled in the SUNY / CUNY. Candidates residing in New York and the US or non-US citizens with monthly incomes less than $125,000 can apply for this program.

Interested students must have completed the graduation or equivalent education from the accredited institution or enrolled in an undergraduate degree at SUNY or CUNY to become eligible for this scholarship. The winners will be entitled to get $5,500 as a scholarship reward plus tuition fee waivers.

On the other hand, there are no IELTS requirements to apply for the NYS Excelsior Scholarship.

2# New York State Part-Time Scholarship Award:

As the name indicates, the New York State Part-Time Scholarship Award is a scholarship for the candidates enrolled in any part-time degree course at the SUNY / CUNY college. To abide by the eligibility criteria, candidates must maintain a 2.0 GPA. However, winners will enjoy the scholarship reward of up to $1,500 till the fourth semester straight.

3# New York State Scholarships for Academic Excellence:

The next one on our list is NYS Scholarships for Academic Excellence for high school students who have graduated with outstanding academic performances. The scholarship-awarded candidates will receive a grant of about $1,500 to $500. Meanwhile, the winners can also get a student loan to fund their education.

4# MCNY Scholarships:

Acceptance Rate of Metropolitan College of New York: 32% to 40.1%
Admission Application Fee of Metropolitan College of New York: $30

The Metropolitan College of New York has dozens of notable scholarships for its Undergraduate and Graduate students. However, MCNY Scholarships will be awarded to the students based on the following things; Academic performance, Merit, and Financial needs.

Meanwhile, the academic funding package covered by the MCNY college scholarships includes monthly stipends, tuition fee grants, and other essential academic funds. IELTS/TOEFL test scores are mandatory to submit to abide by the eligibility criteria for the MCNY Scholarships.

Scholarships offered by the MCNY are; Uniform Services Scholarship, MCNY Undergraduate Recognition Award, Merit scholarship, etc.

5# New York Institute of Technology Scholarships:

Acceptance Rate of New York Institute of Technology: 69% – 75%.
Admission Application Fee of New York Institute of Technology: $50 (non-refundable)

The New York Institute of Technology is quite a popular name here because of offering multiple scholarships to Undergrads, Postgrads, and Professional Programs students. Candidates can win various financial benefits through the New York Tech Scholarships, like scholarship rewards of up to $9,000–$9,500/ annually to cover their education costs. However, IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL scores are accepted by the New York Institute of Technology.

Some famous scholarships offered by the New York Institute of Technology are; Transfer Scholarships, Graduate Scholarships, NYIT FIRST Scholarship, etc.

6# The New York Times College Scholarship:

The New York Times College Scholarship has specifically designed for high school aspirants who have successfully completed their education despite all hardships and difficulties. Candidates can get $15,000 per year as a reward for up to four years plus a laptop to aid them in further studies.

On the other hand, candidates can also cover their tuition, board, and room fees with this scholarship. All the students who hold a passion for journalism and want to serve socially must opt for this NY College scholarship.

7# NY-AIMS Scholarships:

The State of New York has announced the NY-AIMS Merit Scholarship for high school students who have finished their intermediate education with flying colors and want to secure admission into any reputable university in New York for Undergrad studies.

The winners of this NY-AIMS scholarship will get a reward of $500 per year till the course completion. Meanwhile, the scholarship duration is 4 to 5 years maximum.

8# Pace University Scholarships:

Acceptance Rate of Pace University: 79%
Admission Application Fee of Pace University: $50

Students enrolled in Undergraduate and Graduate programs in diverse fields can win the scholarships offered by Pace University. Some of the benefits covered by the Pace University scholarships are tuition fee coverage, but these scholarships do not cover other expenses. To abide by the eligibility criteria for Pace University Scholarships, IELTS and PTE scores are obligatory.

Some prominent scholarships offered by Pace University include; Merit Scholarships, Athletic scholarships, President’s Scholarships, etc.

9# Baruch College Scholarships:

Acceptance Rate of Baruch College: 40.7%
Admission Application Fee of Baruch College: $65

The very famous Baruch College in New York has numerous scholarships for students pursuing Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral studies. Not only this, but this college also offers scholarships to athletes and students enrolled in Arts. Meanwhile, the winners will get a scholarship reward of variable amounts. However, the IELTS, DET, & TOEFL tests are acceptable to fulfill the language proficiency requirements of Baruch College.

A few renowned scholarships by Baruch College are; Dean’s Scholarship, Baruch Undergraduate Scholarships, Macaulay Scholarship, and External Scholarship programs.

10# Cornell University Scholarships:

Acceptance Rate of Cornell University: 12.5%
Admission Application Fee of Cornell University: $80

One of the popular names in New York is Cornell University, known for giving generous scholarships to Undergraduate students and Assistantships to Graduate students. The Cornell University scholarships cover either full or half tuition costs with so many scholarship rewards to the winners. IELTS scores are obligatory to apply for Cornell University Scholarships.

Some famous scholarships announced by Cornell University are; Endowed Scholarships, Cornell University Grants, and some Outside Scholarships.

11# New York University Scholarships:

Acceptance Rate of New York University: 21% to 27.5%
Admission Application Fee of New York University: $80

One of the finest yet most prestigious institutions in New York is New York University, offering valuable scholarships to applicants doing Undergraduate and Graduate degree courses. The benefits of such scholarships include full coverage of educational costs, tuition grants of up to $3,772, and many more. Like the other universities, New York University also needs IELTS scores to meet the eligibility criteria.

Some reputable scholarships announced by the New York University are; September 11 Scholarships, Federal Pell Grant, TECH Grant, and the 9/11/01 Memorial Scholarship.

12# Columbia University Scholarships:

Acceptance Rate of Columbia University: 3.9%
Admission Application Fee of Columbia University: $85

Students enrolled at Columbia University in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs can apply for Columbia University Scholarships. These scholarships serve several valuable benefits, like health insurance, university service fee, tuition fee coverage, and monthly stipends of about $31,140. IELTS is much needed to win a scholarship and secure admission at Columbia University.

Some notable scholarships offered by Columbia University are; Ph.D. Fellowships, Thermo Fisher Scientific Antibody Scholarship, Need-Based Scholarships, etc.

13# City University of New York Scholarships:

Acceptance Rate of City University of New York: 51%
Admission Application Fee of City University of New York: $65

The next one we have is the City University of New York, presenting scholarships to deserving students doing Undergraduate and Graduate studies. The winners will be entitled to enjoy numerous scholarship rewards, monthly stipends, and some other facilities. Acceptable Tests of CUNY are IELTS, TOEFL, & PTE.

Scholarships offered by the CUNY are; Guttman Transfer Scholarships, Peter F. Vallone Academic Scholarship, Jonas E. Salk Scholarship, Merit-Based Scholarships, etc.

14# NYS STEM Incentive Program:

Students pursuing an undergraduate degree at SUNY college can apply for the NYS STEM Incentive Program, announced by the NY Higher Education Service Corporation. Meanwhile, the scholarship-awarded candidates will get a chance to cover the tuition fee with a scholarship grant of $7,070.

To win the NYS STEM Incentive Scholarship Program, candidates must abide by the eligibility criteria, like the applied candidate must be a US or non-US citizen, graduated from a NY high accredited school, etc.

15# Fordham University Scholarships:

Acceptance Rate of Fordham University: 43% to 56%
Admission Application Fee of Fordham University: $75

Lastly, we have the very reputable Fordham University providing scholarships to international and local students enrolled in Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate programs. The academic funding covered by these scholarships is partial/ full tuition fee waivers, discounts on tuition fees, and football grants for athletes. However, to apply for the Fordham University Scholarships, candidates must submit the IELTS, or DET, TOEFL scores.

Fordham University Scholarships are; Athletic Scholarships, Presidential Scholarship, Excellence in Theatre Scholarship, Fordham Recognition Scholarship, etc.

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