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National Merit Scholarships 2024 for University Admissions

US National Merit Scholarships for the Class of 2024

Apply for the fully-funded National Merit Scholarships for the class of 2024-2025 in various top-ranked Universities mentioned under this article for various disciplines.

The full-ride college scholarships for national merit finalists provide the high achievers of the PSAT test with a scholarship amount. It allows them to overcome any financial burdens or hurdles in their life, thus providing a more stress-free learning experience.

Financial Coverage of National Merit Scholarships

The Scholarships we cover in this article are full-ride which means that they nearly cover the following expenses over four years

  • Tuition fees charges
  • Room charges
  • Board fees
  • Health coverage plan
  • Monthly stipend money
  • Application fees

Although it does a specific GPA in high school, they are still pretty close to being automatic. In the article, we cover the scholarship awards for the national merit finalists.

Full-Ride Scholarships in 2024

Henceforth these fully-funded national merit scholarships are available to everyone with competitive scores and it is worth applying for these opportunities:

#1 Faulkner University Alabama Scholarships

Faulkner University Alabama application fees: US$25
Faulkner University Alabama acceptance rate: 78%

The Faulkner University of Alabama offers a scholarship opportunity for students that qualify for the national merits. The scholarship covers the entire tuition fees (including the mandatory fees) along with the room and board expenses. The complete eligibility criteria for Faulkner University Scholarships and the application method are available online. There are different awards available for all the students to attain benefits.

#2 Oakwood University of Alabama Scholarships

The Oakwood University of Alabama application fees: US$25
Oakwood University of Alabama acceptance rate: 34%

The Oakwood University of Alabama also offers an opportunity for the national merit finalists Tier 1 and Tier 2 students to get one of their scholarship programs whereas university offers a scholarship that covers the entire tuition costs and the room charges for up to four years.  The complete criterion and how to apply procedure are available on the university website and ths award usually is available for all bachelors’ degrees.

#3 University of Alabama Scholarships

The University of Alabama application fees: US$40
University of Alabama acceptance rate: 83%

The University of Alabama is one of the most prestigious institutes in the state. It offers a chance for the students that qualify as national merit finalists to get the scholarship if they satisfy the eligibility criteria laid down on the official site. The scholarship covers the entire four to five years of undergraduate and graduate study costs and the on-campus housing (for four years). It also offers a $3,500 annual stipend (for four years) a $2,000 for the research during summer or international studies, and a $2000 (book scholarship).

#4 University of Alabama at Huntsville Scholarships

The University of Alabama at Huntsville application fees: US$30
University of Alabama at Huntsville acceptance rate: 77%

The University of Alabama at Huntsville offers first time freshman students who qualify as national merit finalists an opportunity to get various benefits in scholarships. The university provides a scholarship for the whole four years of tuition fees, a stipend course fee of up to $1000, board and housing allowance.

#5 Harding University Arkansas Scholarships

Harding University Arkansas application fee: US$50
Harding University Arkansas acceptance rate: 55%

Harding University Arkansas offers scholarships based on national merit for students in nearly all departments and interested candidates get the entire undergraduate tuition fees, technology fees, and Standard room and board. Students can apply by choosing the majors and checking the eligibility criteria from the university’s official website.

#6 Florida A&M University Scholarships

Florida A&M University application fee: US$35
Florida A&M University acceptance rate: 33%

The Florida Agricultural and mechanical university offer students with a full-time enrollment status a chance to apply for one of their scholarships. The national merit finalists can enroll in one of the scholarship programs and get various benefits such as total tuition fees along with the board, housing expenses, and books charges covered throughout the study (usually around four years).

#7 Florida Atlantic University Scholarships

Florida Atlantic University application fee: US$30
Florida Atlantic University acceptance rate: 61%

The Florida Atlantic University offers acclaimed programs in;

  • Business
  • Sports management
  • Hospitality 
  • Tourism

The university also offers national merit scholarship prospects for eligible students. The scholarship will cover the entire tuition charges while the student enrolls with the campus, along with protecting the accommodations.

#8 University of South Florida Scholarships

University of South Florida application fee: US$30
University of South Florida acceptance rate: 49%

The University of South Florida (USF) s a public research institute whose main campus is situated in Tampa. The USF gives students national merit scholarships for qualifying students in all the majors that they offer. Any student eligible for the award will get the total cost of attendance, thus overcoming any potential financial hurdles that come in the way.

#9 University of West Florida Scholarships

University of West Florida application fee: US$30
University of South Florida acceptance rate: 31%

The University of West Florida is based in Pensacola, Florida, and it’s a public educational institution that also offers plenty of scholarship programs for national merit qualified students. The students that get the reward will obtain the complete tuition and mandatory fees along with a meal plan and on-campus housing. It also awards a textbook stipend of $800 each semester and summer research or student aboard experience (one time only) for around $1500.

#10 University of Idaho Scholarships

University of Idaho application fee: US$60
University of Idaho Acceptance Rate: 78%

The University of Idaho is a public research university located in Moscow, Idaho, and it is one of the most significant research institutes in the state. UOI offers a national merit scholarship that covers the total tuition costs and the board and room charges when the student is enrolled in one of their programs. All the undergraduate freshman students that select UOI as first choice institute qualifies for the scholarship.

#11 Murray State University Kentucky Scholarships

Murray State University Kentucky application fee: US$40
Murray State University Kentucky acceptance rate: 77%

The Murray State University Kentucky provides national merit finalist scholarships to eligible applicants. The students who qualify for the award get the entire tuition fees and a meal plan, and on-campus housing with double occupancy. The scholarship program is only available for freshman students who enter the university for their bachelor’s. The eligibility criterion is available on the official website.

#12 The Louisiana Tech University Scholarships

Louisiana Tech University application fee: US$20
Louisiana Tech University acceptance rate: 64%

Louisiana Tech University trusts in offering an exceptional education and reasonable tuition fees for the students. The university offers plenty of scholarships and financial aid for its students. It provides a national merit scholarship with plenty of awards such as complete tuition fees and the on-campus housing facility and meals for up to four years. Students can check the eligibility criteria and other detail on how to apply from their website.

#13 The University of Maine Scholarships

University of Maine application fee: US$40
University of Maine acceptance rate: 85%

For students in the state of Maine, The University of Maine offers plenty of scholarships, a program that empowers students to pursue professional studies in various departments without facing any financial hurdles. The scholarship award will cover the tuition fees, board and room charges for the National merit finalists.

#14 The Mississippi State University Scholarships

Mississippi State University application fee: US$40
Mississippi State University acceptance rate: 66%

The Mississippi state university for agricultural and applied sciences offers an excellent opportunity for first-year students to get national merit scholarships. The award that the institute offers is pretty generous as it covers the total tuition fees for four years along with an honors scholarship of $2000, a finalist scholarship of $6000, and an on-campus housing facility.

#15 The University of Mississippi Scholarships

University of Mississippi application fee: US$40
Mississippi University acceptance rate: 88%

The University of Mississippi is one of the biggest and oldest institutes in the state that offers several scholarship programs for its students.  It provides a national merit scholarship that covers the total tuition fees and campus housing facility and a meal plan and semester educational allowance of $500. The award is available for the students for four years. The National merit finalists also get a one-time $4000 as the study abroad scholarship. The rest of the details relating to the university’s programs and how to apply are on the official website.

#16 University of New Mexico Scholarships

University of New Mexico application fee: US$25
University of New Mexico acceptance rate: 54%

The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque offers potential students scholarships in nearly all the majors taught at the university. Its national merit scholarship program facilities the eligible students by awarding them with the total tuition fees along with the accommodation facility and an iPad.

#17 Oklahoma Christian University Scholarships

Oklahoma Christian University application fee: US$25
Oklahoma Christian University acceptance rate: 61%

The Oklahoma Christian University offers the high school students seniors who qualify for the national merit scholarships with an award covering eight semesters (four years) as the student enrolls in the honors program. The student who qualifies for the prize gets 17 credit hours each semester of full tuition, mandatory fees, a meal plan, and room cost.

#18 University of Oklahoma Scholarships

University of Oklahoma application fee: US$40
Oklahoma University acceptance rate: 72%

The University of Oklahoma offers the perfect financial package as their national merit scholarship. It awards all the freshmen that qualify for the national merit scholarship entering the university for four years of honors in any major with the total tuition fees for four years.  Other benefits include a 

  • Freshman housing scholarship of $5500
  • A sum of $5,500 annually for books, room, board, and fees 
  • $5000 cash stipend
  • Technology and textbook stipend of $1000 
  • Study aboard and research stipend of $1000.

#19 Texas Tech University Scholarships

Texas Tech University application fee: US$75
Texas Tech University acceptance rate: 64%

Texas Tech University offers national merit scholarships for both semifinalists and finalists. The qualifying finalist students that designate the Texas tech university as their first choice get an attractive award that covers a 100% cost of attendance (federally approved) which includes:-

  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Room
  • Board
  • books
  • transportation
  • a miscellaneous or personal allowance

#20 Liberty University Virginia Scholarships

Liberty University Virginia application fee: US$50
Liberty University Virginia acceptance rate: 31%

Liberty University Virginia offers national merit scholarships for eligible students that elect the university as their preferred choice and the students who qualify for the scholarship get total tuition fees and the board and room charges for four years and Florida university offers scholarships for all the majors that are available in the institute.

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