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Most In-Demand Jobs in 2024 with Salaries – Vacancies Available

Some countries are facing a shortage of workers for certain designations and this is where international applicants can apply for the jobs in 2024. We have listed the most in-demand jobs available internationally here.

Globally, the international markets have finally started thriving again after a huge wave of disappointment, unemployment, and misery. Currently, things are moving towards betterment, but still, many fields are juggling to find stability. The last few years have highly affected many things. Hence, it is pretty formidable to find the right, skilled and qualified candidates for the most in-demand jobs of 2024.

In this article, we have listed the highest in-demand jobs of the current year available internationally for overseas and domestic students, employees, and professionals. These in-demand jobs offer high salaries but face skills and workers shortages for various reasons. Hundreds of employment positions are vacant. So, interested candidates can apply for these posts and kick off their professional journey in countries looking for such talented people desperately to meet the demand.

List of Countries Where Jobs Are Easily Available

Following are the countries where the opportunities for in-demand jobs are very high but facing a shortage of workers:

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Norway
  4. Ireland
  5. Canada
  6. India
  7. Australia
  8. Malta
  9.  Finland
  10. Switzerland
  11.  France
  12. Germany
  13. China
  14. Spain
  15. Tanzania

Here, the vacancies are in abundance, but due to the lack of skillful staff, it is highly impossible to fill this gap. As per the reports, if now this problem will not resolve, it will get extremely difficult to overcome this challenge.

List of the Most in-Demand Jobs Globally:

Interested applicants can check the list of the world’s most in-demand employments below with academic requirements and the average salary for each job. Such high-demand jobs have good salary packages and sponsorship coverages, including free food, accommodation, transportation, health and accident insurance, family & maternity leaves, paid sick leaves, and retirement funds.

  • Software Developer Jobs in Finland
  • Accountant Jobs in Malta
  • Data Scientist Jobs in the United Kingdom
  • Cyber Security Analyst Job in Switzerland
  • General Practitioners’ Jobs in France
  • Warehouse Workers’ Jobs in Germany
  • Physiotherapists Jobs in Northern Ireland
  • Robotics Engineer Jobs in China
  • Nurse Practitioners in Canada
  • Digital Marketers’ Jobs in India
  • Mental Health Specialists Jobs in the USA
  • Industrial Engineers Jobs in Spain
  • High School Teacher’s Job in Tanzania
  • Civil Engineers Job in Norway
  • Professional Chefs in Australia

In-Demand Job Vacancies in 2024

Most countries face a shortage of workers for most professions and that is why international applicants are also welcome to apply for such vacancies:

1# Software Developer Jobs in Finland:

Although it is one of the most popular yet in-demand fields in the world, offering handsome salaries and applauding pay packages to professional software developers. Still, the international market is dealing with a shortage of skilled and talented software developers. As per the statistical data, in Finland, the demand for software developers is massively increasing over time. On the other hand, the IT industry is coming up with innovative ideas, modern technologies, and advanced devices every year. Hence, hundreds of vacancies are still open, waiting for the right candidate to do justice to the position.

Interested individuals can work as software developers in various reputable companies in Finland, like Consafe Logistics, Eficode, Dispelix, Nord Pool, etc. These companies are looking for smart, talented, and qualified professionals holding a BS or MS degree in Computer Science or a relevant field with knowledge of RS software and experience in C++ language software.

Salary for the Software Developer in Finland: $49,203/ year

2# Accountant Jobs in Malta:

Another highest in-demand designation we have on our list is Accountant. Yes, you have heard it right. After the pandemic, the corporate world faced a drastic turn down where hundreds of accountants lost their jobs and related fields fired many employees or hired a single person for many operations. But now, things are much more stable than ever, and numerous departments, like regulations and compliance, are in dire need of candidates with an accountancy background. Malta, a country in Europe, has declared an emergency for the shortage of accountants and launched a campaign to attract more students to this field.

Moreover, this year only 50% of employees registered as accountants. That shows the severe shortage of skilled accountants in Malta. Eligible and passionate candidates can apply for the open vacancies in the following companies; Shireburn Software Ltd, Zampa Debattista, Mazars Malta, etc.

The academic qualification to serve as a professional accountant in the above-stated firms include a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in accounting or business. The candidates with ACCA or ACA can also apply for the jobs here, plus the work experience is like a cherry on the top.

Accountant Salary in Malta: $56,721/ year

3# Data Scientist Jobs in the United Kingdom:

In the last three years, the UK has faced a surge in the shortage of Data scientists, as per the statistical reports. Multinational companies and governmental institutions are currently hiring employees who can perform Data science operations effectively by combining statistics, mathematics, and computer science tools and studies. Additionally, the government of the UK is also going a bit extra by taking significant initiatives to adopt some changes in the education system by introducing fields and degree programs to produce more Data Scientists.

On the other hand, there is a high demand for Data Scientists in almost every field in the UK, like banks, transport, multinational firms, etc. Employees can try their luck at the following places; FiveAI, Deepmind, Oxbotica, etc.

Working as a Data Scientist in the UK requires the candidates to have a degree in data science, computer science, or engineering, plus knowledge of math and stats, excellent communication skills, specialization in AI, database management, and analytical skills.

Data Scientist Salary in the UK: $66,000/ year

4# Cyber Security Analyst Job in Switzerland:

One of the most in-demand employment positions for the year 2024 is the Cyber security analyst in Switzerland. No wonder modern problems require advanced solutions. The technological industries are booming every other day, and there is always a high risk of cyber security breaches.

On the other hand, Switzerland is also facing a workforce shortage due to the difference in employee demands and employers’ offers. For this reason, the very beautiful yet developed Switzerland is currently dealing with cyber security professionals. As per the reports, around 83% of Swiss companies are looking for worthy and deserving candidates who can fill these vacancies.

International candidates can be a part of Swiss companies willing to hire cyber security analysts to keep their company’s policies and businesses safe from cyber-attacks.

Interested individuals can apply for the vacant posts at Conexux, Addexpert GmbH, Cyberunity AG, etc., offering well-paid salaries and coverage packages to their employees.

Academic qualifications needed to work as a Cyber Security Analyst in Switzerland include; a BS degree in Cyber Security, Mathematics, a postgraduate certificate in cybersecurity training is also appreciable with the profound knowledge of Perl, C, C++, PHP, & Java.

Salary for the Cyber Security Analyst in Switzerland: $69,405/ year

5# General Practitioners’ Jobs in France:

According to the French National Statistics department, soon, there will be only a few General Practitioners left in France to treat the patients. On the other hand, such practitioners have also refused to accept new patients because of a shortage of doctors and a high number of hospitalized patients. Especially after the Covid, France has severely faced this problem and still trying to deal with it.

Moreover, lack of funds and extra work pressure have also made it worst. For this reason, the French government has taken a few steps and is ready to welcome international talent to fill the capacity. These professionals can serve in the government and private hospitals, Doctolib, & NTT Ltd.

If you want to work as a General Practitioner in France, it is a bit challenging as candidates have to abide by the professional requirements. For instance, eligible applicants must hold a medical degree approved by the French Medical Council, a certificate from the EU directives, plus a DES after completing the residency in France.

The General Practitioner Salary in France: $173,281/ year

6# Warehouse Workers’ Jobs in Germany:

Various businesses and prestigious companies in Germany have shown a significant decrease in warehouse workers in recent years. On the contrary, the pay scale of current staff is more than double with excess operational work, resulting in the dire need to hire more laborers who can work on the limited payroll. In Germany, the skilled worker competence center has announced hundreds of vacancies are still open as no suitable candidates are available. In the light of these issues, the German Confederation has issued a warning regarding this situation as it will aggravate in the coming years.

Hence, it is one of the most in-demand fields these days in Germany. Interested applicants can avail of the golden opportunity and apply for the best positions at DWD-Company GmbH & Co., H.B. Fuller, Magna International Inc, Emons, etc.

Become eligible to work as a warehouse worker in Germany by having a work experience in warehouse logistics & an associate degree in logistics. Meanwhile, German language, and inventory management skills are also mandatory.

Warehouse Worker’s Salary in Germany: $31,409/ year

7# Physiotherapists Jobs in Northern Ireland:

No wonder after a shocking and disastrous wave of Corona, from businesses to the economy, the educational sector, and the healthcare system, everything has been affected severely. That is why Northern Ireland is facing a threatening decrease in the number of physiotherapists. Because of this, patients suffering from post-covid and rehabilitation issues are not getting the treatment.

On every seventh seat, there is a vacant post waiting for skilled and experienced physiotherapists who can rightfully provide patient care. By facing this disappointing situation in the state, the department of health has urged the authorities to increase the physiotherapist’s funds and students’ seats in the quota.

However, interested overseas can work as full-time or part-time physiotherapists and join the Health Department in this noble cause. Currently, the vacancies open for candidates in Northern Ireland are; Orthoderm, Health, and Social Care Trust, Bond Healthcare, etc.

Employees willing to work as physiotherapists in Northern Ireland must have a recognized BS/ MS/ Honors degree in Physiotherapy. Plus, a practice license from the ISCP, also known as the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists. Also, get registered to CORU to start your career as a licensed physiotherapist in Northern Ireland.

Salary of the Physiotherapists in Northern Ireland: $50 000/ year

8# Robotics Engineer Jobs in China:

Everyone is aware of the fact that the industrial market of China entirely works on Robots and Robotics Engineering. For this reason, there is a high demand for these professionals in the labor market. Additionally, the labor shortage, increasing wages, and aging population have also increased the use of Robots in every field, from driverless cars to serving tea and coffee to customers. Everything is under the control of Robots. That is why, there is a high demand for Robotics engineers who can perform various operations, like designing & developing prototypes, testing machines, and maintaining robots.

Interested robotics engineers from every part of the world can apply for the available vacancies at different companies, like Dorabot Inc., Coco Delivery, Solvay, etc. Employees here will receive high salaries plus valuable benefits throughout their services.

However, talking about the academic qualifications required to work as a Robotics Engineer in China include; a Bachelor’s degree in Robotics Engineering, or a relevant field, like Electrical or mechanical engineering. Also, a Master of Science in Robotics is mandatory to apply for some posts as a few companies only accept candidates with masters in Robotics, technological skills, and knowledge.

Salary of a Robotic Engineer in China: $114.98/ month

9# Nurse Practitioners in Canada:

In the recent wake of the Omicron virus, the last few months in Canada were the worst as it has seen a visible decline in the number of nurse practitioners. On the other hand, the excessive workload is also one of the causes, forcing the Canadian government to start inviting international nurses from various countries. In this regard, hundreds of job positions are still vacant, and overseas candidates from French countries are the priority in the Quebec region. However, students and professional nurses from other parts can also apply for the jobs.

If you are eligible and planning to start working as a nurse practitioner in Canada, here are the available options; Lake of the Woods District Hospital, Canadian Government Healthcare sector, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, Alberta Health Services, etc.

On the other hand, to practice as a nurse practitioner in Canada or Quebec, applicants must have a Master’s degree in nursing or advanced nursing education in the primary healthcare program, with seven years of work experience as a registered nurse.

Salary of the Nurse Practitioner in Canada: $146,380/ year

10# Digital Marketers’ Jobs in India:

Within the advancement of technology, it is the age of internet and digital marketing where business professionals always go digitally to market their products and attract the maximum number of customers. In the same way, India is also progressing in this field and requires a high number of digital marketers who can bring fresh and innovative ideas for product marketing and its campaign.

According to the data, by the year 2025, the need for digital marketers will increase by nine percent. To overcome this issue on a priority basis, India is making all efforts to accept more students and recent graduates in this field.

On the other hand, applicants can apply for jobs at Intellectoglobal Services, Avgc India, Divwy Technologies, etc. However, the qualifications required to serve as a digital marketer are; a diploma or BS degree in marketing. Also, the special course programs in digital marketing and blogging will open more vacancies.

Salary of a digital marketer in India: $3505.63/ year

11# Mental Health Specialists Jobs in the USA:

These days in the United States of America, there is a high demand for mental health professionals experienced in mental health issues, treating & diagnosing the symptoms, and making treatment plans for anxiety, depression, and other behavioral disorders. In the last few years, the cases of mental illnesses have significantly increased, and because of this, various states, especially California, hunting for highly qualified mental health specialists.

These specialists, either international or local, can apply for jobs at various places, like Oak Street Health, Army National Guard, Foundations for Living, and all, to earn a handsome monthly or annual salary with lifetime perks and insurance coverage.

In the USA, the academic requirements to perform your duty as a mental health specialist requires a BS degree in psychology, an MS degree in social work, counseling, or psychology with a work experience in clinical, hospital, or rehab centers. Also, the certification requires practice as a certified Mental Health Specialist in the USA.

Salary of a Mental Health Specialist in the USA: $52,786/ year

12# Industrial Engineers Jobs in Spain:

On our list, the other most in-demand yet highly paid profession facing the labor shortage is Industrial Engineers. Right now, Spain is dealing with this issue due to hectic and long working hours, low salaries, and a challenging work environment. Moreover, several job posts are vacant, and companies face difficulties in filling the gap as lack of qualified workforce. On the other hand, female employees are also low in number to serve as industrial engineers in manufacturing companies.

Working as an industrial engineer in Spain will allow you to focus on productivity while maintaining operational costs and opening many new doors. Passionate candidates can serve their expertise and apply for jobs at various companies in Spain, looking for a suitable option, for instance, American Axle & Manufacturing, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, TE Connectivity, etc.

The professional requirements for an Industrial engineer include a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in industrial engineering, a license to practice engineering, work experience, and specialized certificates.

Industrial Engineer Salary in Spain: $ 53,302.97/ year

13# High School Teachers Job in Tanzania:

Among the world, teaching is one of the noble and reputable professions playing a key role in educating the world and illiterate people in different countries. But, in Tanzania, it is one of the high-demand jobs these days as this country has reached a drastic stage where there is only one teacher for every seventy students. Hence, Tanzania has a high demand for approximately 406,600 high school teachers in the coming eight years to meet the requirements.

Those who want to participate in this cause and educate the future generation can apply for high school teachers’ jobs in Tanzania at various public and private schools and institutions, like Secondary Education for Girls Advancement, Children Funds Program, Grace Secondary School, etc.

If you want to share your knowledge and skills with these kids and work as a high school teacher in Tanzania, a BS or MS degree with a license from the Tanzania Commission is a must to get registered officially and practice your services.

Salary of a High school Teacher in Tanzania: $167/ month

14# Civil Engineers Job in Norway:

There is no surprise that due to obvious reasons in the previous years, every market, even the construction industry, has also seen labor shortage issues, high demand for salaries, and less skillful employees in Norway. On the other hand, travel restrictions also made it difficult for overseas civil engineers to come to Norway and contribute their expertise here.

However, things have become much better, and Norway has opened its door to international civil engineers to fill the empty posts and fix the shortage occupation problem.

Following are the companies in Norway that love to welcome passionate and talented employees for civil engineering posts; NCC, Subsea 7, Omega AS, Føn Energy Services, etc.

It is time to play your part in building the infrastructure of public and private projects in Norway by holding a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Civil, Geotechnical, and Mining engineering and construction with a knowledge of construction methodology and tunneling projects.

Civil Engineer Salary in Norway: $113,715/ year

15# Professional Chefs in Australia:

Lastly, Australia is among the countries leading the chart with staff shortage for professional chefs, that is why the hospitality business here is affected way hard. As per the statistics, currently, there is a need for approx. 36,000 plus chefs in the country. Though unemployment has taken the world to storm, especially after a few circumstances, still, it is very challenging to find the right and suitable candidate to fill the vacant positions for chefs in Australia.

Not even hundreds, thousands of golden opportunities are lined up and waiting for the eligible employee at four to five-star hotels, event companies, and hospitality and tourism businesses. Interested foreign individuals can apply for a job as professional chefs at the following places; Luson Health Pty Ltd, Noojee Hotel, Orana Gardens Ltd, Aurora Metals Limited, etc.

However, a professional chef in Australia, serving at various hotels, restaurants, and private parties, must have an international equivalent qualification or a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery.

Salary of a Professional Chef in Australia: $62,500/ year.

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