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Monash University Scholarships 2024 for International Students

Study for free in Australia at Monash University in 2023

Monash University Scholarships 2024 – Monash University is accepting online applications for admissions in all subjects and degree levels. There are over 200 Australian scholarships available on the Monash University scholarship finder page as explained in this article. From this, you can choose the best scholarship funding for starting your next degree in Australia for free.

Monash scholarships reward excellence and help you achieve your ambitions, regardless of your circumstances. They are seeking curious, optimistic, students who want to make a difference in the world.

Monash university application fees is $100
Monash University acceptance rate in 2024 was 40%

The Monash University scholarships help students from all backgrounds transform their lives by easing their financial burden, so they can make the most of university life.

These prestigious top-up scholarships at the Monash University of Australia are available to help support graduate research students studying in relevant engineering, medical, accounting, business, Humanities, and Social Sciences study areas with living costs, free education, residence, and other benefits.

Benefits of Monash University Scholarships:

The scholarship winners at Monash University may receive the following set of basic sponsorship:

  • Scholarships at Monash provide a living allowance top-up (stipend).
  • Most scholarships at Monash provide funding for experimentation or conference participation.
  • Medical facilities for students may also be covered.
  • The Monash University Scholarships are awarded in addition to an RTP Stipend.
  • Free of cost residence for students winning a scholarship at Monash (Conditional to scholarship type)

Eligibility Criteria for Monash University Scholarships:

You must be one of the following in order to stand eligible to apply for admission and scholarship at Australian Monash University:

  • An Australian citizen
  • A New Zealand citizen
  • Australian permanent resident
  • Australian humanitarian visa holder
  • An International student from an Australian-friendly country

You must meet the following criteria:

  • have submitted a scholarship application in the current year;
  • be undertaking research in the study areas and faculties listed below;
  • meet Monash’s competitive scholarship selection process requirements; and
  • meet Monash’s English language proficiency requirements.

Areas of Study and Faculties for University Scholarships:

  • Study areas: Social justice, social inclusion, human rights, sustainability or environment, or social policy for the betterment of society, engineering, medical, IT, business, law, and management.
  • Faculties: Art, Design and Architecture; Arts; Education, engineering, medicine, management, law and Law only

How to Apply for Scholarships at Monash University?

Please find out if your subject and degree level are offered at Monash University on the faculties page of Monash University. Choose the right subject, and then explore the pool of scholarships available at Monash University for that subject area.

Evaluate yourself based on eligibility standards specified by the Monash University scholarship and then submit an application online (Link at end). You would be required to submit a set of documents to apply for a scholarship and admission at Monash University as well.

Documents Required for Monash University Scholarships Application:

Applicants must complete the following set of documents to apply for the Monash University Scholarships 2024:

Deadline to Apply for Monash University Scholarships:

Monash University Scholarship application window will close on 31st January 2024.

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