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METRO Jobs 2024 – Metro Cash & Carry Jobs Recruitment

Metro Jobs in all of its stores around the world

Hundreds of Highly Funded Most In-demand METRO Cash & Carry Jobs are now available in METRO’s 650+ Stores in 34+ countries. METRO Jobs are available to international candidates as well.

Metro Cash and Carry is the most popular and biggest Wholesale platform across the World. Metro Cash & Carry is located in 34 countries in the world. Almost above the 16 million customers are linked with Metro Cash and Carry. It contains almost 674 stores in 34 countries around the World. METRO always has a high demand for recruiting a number of skilled people to work in its stores across 34 countries. Therefore, Metro Cash & Carry offers many jobs for national and international applicants every now and then as explained below.

METRO Stores are Available in the Following Countries

METRO is working in 24 countries across the World. Some countries where METRO operates are mentioned below:

  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Italy
  • Pakistan
  • Poland
  • China
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Spain

Salary & Benefits of METRO Jobs

Metro always provides support to its workers in various stages of life. Whether they want to make a house or plan for their retirement. It makes sure to provide them help with Health insurance, paid leaves, parental leaves, and many other situations. There are several advantages of the job at Metro. Some of the advantages of the job at Metro are listed below.

  • Metro provides its workers with Health insurance options such as medical, dental, and eyesight insurance.
  • Metro supports a Flexible Spending Account program, which enables you to postpone your salary into the account to give money for desirable medical payments with pre-tax dollars.
  • Metro also provides discounts on Gym, yoga, and various medical services.
  • Metro also provides paid leaves to its workers and many other leaves such as pregnancy and maternity leave, sick child leaves, and family medical leaves.
  • Metro workers can choose from several retirement plan options, including postponed payment plans and participation in the Oregon Public Employees Retirement Systems (PERS).
  • Metro offers its employees the option of availing of cost-effective insurance to provide protection and comfort to partners or children.

Students can also apply for highly paid METRO Cash & Carry internships.

Most In-Demand Jobs at METRO With Salaries

Salaries at METRO are distinct and depend upon designations as well as the Country. METRO stores in developed countries pay pro-high salaries to their employees. Similarly, METRO stores in underdeveloped countries pay low salaries to their workers. Some designations with salaries at METRO stores in specific countries are listed here:

1# QA Executive Jobs

The duty of a Quality Assurance Executive (QA) is to organize his department and staff and confirm if the quality of the product is good.

  • A QA Executive earns 38,041 PKR per month in Pakistan.
  • A QA Executive earns € 28,667 per year in Italy.

2# Cashier Jobs

A Cashier work to keep all cash and credit transactions on track.

  • A Cashier gets 20,000 PKR per month in Pakistan.
  • A Cashier gets 1,430 EUR per month in Germany.

3# Security Guard Jobs

A Security Guard works to control and report suspicious activities.

  • The average salary of a Security Guard is 24,000 PKR per month in Pakistan
  • The average salary of a Security Guard is 2,440 TRY per month in Turkey.

4# HR Manager Jobs

HR manager is responsible for hiring new staff and training them.

  • An HR manager gets €59,738 per year in France.
  • An HR manager gets 147,000 RUB per month in Russia.

5# Floor Manager Jobs

The Floor Manager works to give direction to customers.

  • The average salary of a Floor Manager is 447,731 HUF per month in Hungary.
  • The average salary of a Floor Manager is 112, 119 RUB per month in Russia.

6# Customer Manager Jobs

The customer Manager works to handle and answer the questions of customers.

  • A Customer Manager takes 35,000 PKR per month in Pakistan.
  • A Customer Manager takes 324,000 HUF per month in Hungary.

7# Logistics Manager Jobs

A Logistic Manager works to analyze the storage of stocks and materials available in the company.

  • The average salary of a Logistics Manager is 136,040 PKR per year in Pakistan.
  • The average salary of a Logistics Manager is 8,410 PLN per month in Poland.

8# Stock Auditor Jobs

A stock Auditor work to count the quantity of available stock and review record and documents to create a report.

  • A Stock Auditor earns €49,831 per year in France.
  • A Stock Auditor earns 40,000 PKR per month in Pakistan.

How to Apply for Jobs at METRO?

If you want to apply for a job at METRO, you have to send an online application. The Online application process for the Metro job is written here.

  • Create an account at the Metro Jobs Board website. using your name and password. The web link to METRO JOB BOARD is available under this article.
  • Complete your online application, and write about your skills, abilities, and experience that meets any job description.
  • Submit all documents required for the application. If something will be missing, it will reduce your job chances. Incomplete applications are not accepted.
  • Keep in mind the application deadline for the job you want to apply for. A late submitted application will not be accepted.

List of documents needed to apply for Jobs at METRO:

Please prepare the following set of documents when applying for any job at Metro cash and carry:

What happens after the application submission?

  • After the closing date of applications, a Metro recruiter verifies all applications. This process may take up to two weeks, it depends on the number of applications.
  • Applications that meet all required qualifications are forwarded to the hiring manager.
  • A committee of professionals reviews these applications and the requirements mentioned in these applications. Best job meeting candidates will be Invited for an interview.
  • The interview may be conducted on a video call and a committee of experts asks questions about the skills and experience of the candidate.
  • If you will succeed in the interview for the job, the hiring manager may check your references for a background check. This includes Criminal background checks and pre-employment screening.
  • After completion of all that process, you will receive a written confirmation letter.

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