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Metro Cash and Carry Internships 2024 – Only for Students

An Overview of Metro Cash & Carry

Students can apply for the fully-paid Internships offered by various Metro Cash & Carry outlets. Metro is a renowned international wholesaler in the food industry, as well as the hotel, restaurants, and catering industry (HoReCa), that is operational in more than thirty countries, globally.

The Metro Cash & Carry network is extremely extensive, where through multichannel marketing, and multichannel suppliers, it sells a wide selection of products through 672 wholesale outlets, 66 delivery depots, and more through the online Metro Market. Metro serves over 13 million customers, with a collection of products and solutions custom-made to their specific requirements.

In essence, as a multichannel supplier, Metro combines’ modern wholesale stores with an extensive delivery service (Food Service Distribution/FSD) and an online marketplace that caters to customers in need of food, electronics, etc. all supported digitally. Its majorly operates in European nations but is not limited to just Europe: Pakistan, Turkey, India, etc. also enjoy its presence. 

Metro wishes to maintain its position as the leader in food wholesale, and also intends to soar higher in the HoReCa, trade, and service industries. To achieve organic growth in all the countries Metro Cash & Carry operates in, new talent is continuously on the lookout, and this is where Metro Cash & Carry internships come along. 

Metro Cash & Carry Internship Availability and Benefits

Metro focuses on an important core strategy, which is as follows: ‘We grow our business by growing our people. In light of this, it aspires to provide a platform for its existing employees to excel in their careers, as well as wishes to take new talent on board, and gear them up for fast-paced career growth and development, through Metro. For this purpose, Metro offers internships in several countries, to make up a team of young and driven individuals that have progressive attitudes and a diverse set of skills. 

If you wish to apply to Metro internship opportunities offered by metro, you will need to visit your country-specific Metro webpage, where you will find internship listings in-built in the early careers section, or be directed to an external professional website such as LinkedIn. However, generic advantages you will gain from being an intern at Metro Cash & Carry are as follows: 

  • An opportunity to work with senior-level employees and executives at Metro.
  • An in-house experience of the very fast-paced and innovative, and cooperative work environment that metro offers.
  • Ability to excel in various company departments such as supply chain management, HR, etc. based on your area of interest.
  • Stipend, insurance, and lunch provision for interns. 
  • Could lead to a full-time job, given the quality of your work.
  • You will gain insight into the management holding of an international, listed retail group and work operationally on challenging projects.
  • Metro will offer home-office solutions if needed
  • You will be given wholesale discounts and an attractive compensation package based on your internship country/ location.

What Areas does Metro Cash & Carry Offer Internships in?

Being a full-fledged business entity, Metro Cash & Carry offers internships in several areas. Interested candidates can choose to apply in their area of interest, some available options are as follows: 

  • Business Operations 
  • Human Resources
  • Brand Management 
  • Corporate Security
  • Investment Controlling 
  • Packaging Design 
  • Supply Chain Management 
  • Marketing

Are you Eligible for the Internship program at Metro?

The basic eligibility requirement for Metro Cash & Carry internships is for you to be done with, or currently enrolled in a 4-year honors bachelor’s degree. Preference for a degree major depends on your choice of internship area, thus it varies. Other general requirements are as follows: 

  • Good analytical and conceptual skills
  • Fluency in country-specific language, as well as English language skills
  • Sound knowledge about Microsoft Office use

How to Apply for Metro Internships?

Below is a step-by-step guide on the internship application process, for your ease: 

  1. First of all, open the official metro website https://www.metroag.de/en, and go to the careers section- the option given on top of the webpage.
  2. Choose ‘early career’ from the drop-down options you will get by clicking on career areas at the top of the following webpage: https://career.metro-wholesale.com/ 
  3. Choose the internship option on the right of the webpage, and from here click on ‘check our local web pages, you will be redirected to the countries list https://career.metro-wholesale.com/jobs/countries-and-entities, where you will now choose your resident country where you wish to intern- from country-specific webpages you will either find internship listings in the jobs/employment section or be directed to an external website such as LinkedIn.
  4. Once you have browsed through the available internship listings in various departments and selected the one you wish to pursue, you will have to submit an online application. Instructions will be provided side-by-side.
  5. Once you have submitted your online application, it will go through a scrutiny process and if approved, the following will happen: 
    • Phone/Video Call: Depending on the role and the local process steps, you may be invited for an initial telephone/video interview in which you will be asked to provide further information about your motivation, experience, and expectations from the internship position, and will be informed about your key role.
    • Hiring manager Interview: conducted at local headquarters, in stores, or virtually, this interview will give you additional information about the vacancy, the challenges, and a more elaborate overview of Metro. You will be asked for concrete examples from your previous work/internship experiences to see if you match the position requirements. 
    • Assessment Centre: some internship positions or locations require you to participate in an assessment day to evaluate your skills in pressure or group situations. If an assessment day is applicable for your choice of internship, you will be given preparation, timing, and location information in advance. 

If you pass through all these steps successfully, congratulation! You are now a Metro Cash & Carry intern. You will first be contacted via a phone call where you will be asked to accept/reject the internship, followed by a written offer letter if you accept the internship offer.

Where to Find the Metro Internships? 

Well, as previously mentioned, Metro operates in over 30 countries ranging from Germany, Italy, etc. in Europe, to Turkey, Pakistan, and even India. All you need to do is be on the lookout for an internship opening by regularly checking your country-specific Metro website, and you are good to go!

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