Fully Funded Scholarships 2024-2025

Master Card Foundation Scholarships 2024 Announced

You can now submit an application to win a Master Card Foundation fully funded Scholarship for the 2024 academic session. The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Programs are offered at a variety of international universities with a great opportunity for economically underprivileged and academically gifted students.

International students can take an advantage to study at MasterCard partner Universities to win a scholarship there for undergrad or postgrad disciplines. The fully funded scholarship by Mastercard is offered to students who show immense leadership potential, are hard-working, and have ambitions of giving back to their communities by utilizing their knowledge and skills.

MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Benefits

Most importantly, this scholarship covers the entire tuition cost for the first year of your studies. Along with this, you are provided financial assistance regarding your visa applications and travel costs. Lastly, regarding your stay at the university, the scholarship also covers accommodation costs and living expenses and provides medical aid.

The benefits of applying for this scholarship reach far beyond the provision of financial assistance. During the course of your studies, you will be given access to the alumni network of the university for some extra help whenever you may need it. Along with this, to help you navigate your future after postgraduate studies, the scholarship will not only provide professional training in your field but also grant you access to relevant internship opportunities.

By becoming a part of the Mastercard foundation scholarship program, you will learn the skills of an expert in your field and learn essential leadership qualities. If you keep up your academic performance and participate in the various activities that you are required to do as part of your scholarship, your scholarship will be renewed for the next year.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholarships

The Mastercard scholarship is offered by various international Universities. This fully-funded Mastercard scholarship is offered to both first-time undergraduate and postgraduate students. The scholarship will cover the full cost of the study period and can be renewed each year if the student keeps up an excellent academic performance.

To be eligible to apply for the master’s program, the candidate must be either 35 years of age or younger. Along with this, you must have a minimum of 60% in your academics to be able to apply for a master’s degree in the first place.

How to apply for the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship?

To apply for the MasterCard foundation scholarship, all applicants must have applied for an academic program and a placement at the universities. There are various degree options that are offered under bachelor’s and postgraduate programs and these include commerce, engineering & the built environment, health sciences, humanities, law, and science. Each academic program has its own requirements and deadlines for the applications, but we have discussed the general procedure down below.

So, the first step is to search for a University that is partnered with Mastercard. To make it easy for you, we left a link at the end of this article from where you can find out those Universities which offer MasterCard Scholarships globally. Once you finalize the University, the next step would be to shortlist academic programs and then apply for admission and MasterCard scholarship.

Along with this, you are required to make sure that you have all of the required documents and transcripts ready to be attached to your application. Keep in mind, that you will be required to submit physical copies of all of the supporting documents, should your online application be accepted.

If you are an international applicant, you must obtain a study visa to be able to enter the country where that University is situated. To obtain a study visa, you will be required to possess the following:

  1. An official passport that does not expire for at least 30 days after your last day at the university
  2. A Department of Home Affairs application form (BI-1738)
  3. An official letter from University confirming your acceptance
  4. A police clearance certificate that is less than 6 months old
  5. Medical and radiological reports which are also less than 6 months old
  6. A certificate that provides proof of your marital status
  7. Proof of funds to cover the tuition costs, accommodation, and living expenses.
  8. Proof of medical cover (will be arranged by the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program for successful applicants)
  9. Proof of accommodation (will be arranged by the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program for successful applicants)

Next, go on to the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program website (Link down below this article) to access the online application form for the scholarship. The application of only those applicants who have applied through the official website will be considered valid. After this, you will be given a unique email and password which you can use to log in to SM Apply, where you will be able to view the programs offered as part of the scholarship.

In order to access the scholarship application itself, you will first have to complete an eligibility quiz. After this, you can simply fill out your online application form. As for the affidavit section of the application, print out the affidavits, and fill them out in the presence of a commissioner of oath and an additional witness (who is not a member of your family). These affidavit forms must be submitted back online with the applicant’s signature, the commissioner of oath’s signature, and their official stamp.

Other documents which must be submitted as a part of the online application include copies of your identity document, passport, current and previous transcripts, proof of your previous address, your CV, application study plan essay, and the declaration form. All of these documents can be uploaded online by clicking the ‘Upload Files’ option. Keep in mind that only the supporting documents that have been submitted in this way will be accepted, and any missing document, sent through email will not be accepted.

Lastly, to support your scholarship application, you are also required to submit two recommendation letters from previous tutors.

Deadline for MasterCard Foundation Scholarship: September 25, 2024

The deadline for the MasterCard Foundation scholarship application is 25th September 2024. However, you should send in your application well before the deadline to avoid any last-minute mishaps. Any application submitted after the deadline has passed, will not be accepted.

Good luck!

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