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List of Easy Subjects for Bachelors (Undegrad) Degree in 2024

A bachelors degree can open a gateway of opportunities for you however, not all undergrad degrees are easy to earn as some are difficult compared to the rest and sometimes easiest majors become difficult for certain students if their interest does not align with the choice. Similarly, we have seen cases where the most difficult majors become a piece of cake for students just because they find those subjects more interesting.

Though, you should remember that even if we discuss the easiest majors for the undergraduate degree in this article, there is no such thing as an easy bachelor’s degree. It mostly depends on your interest and objective.

Regardless of the degree, you intend to pursue or the career path you want to take; you will have to work hard to achieve it. In this article, we will explore the options that are more manageable, flexible, and less complicated in nature than others.

15 Easiest Subjects for Admissions in Undergraduate Programmes

The list contains specific majors compiled after using the GPA statistics to determine the easiest bachelor’s degree you can quickly complete:

  • Psychology studies

Psychology studies are basically for understanding the human psyche and behaviors. In the course of the study, you will examine the behavior of individuals under different situations and try to find out the triggers, impulses, and desires behind the actions. You will also equip yourself with skills such as communication and analysis while studying for this degree.

The Bachelor of Psychology is relatively easy, and it’s the specialization courses afterwards are quite difficult.

  • Criminal Justice degree

Criminal justice degree is an excellent choice if you would love to pursue a career in security and safety. It provides you with plenty of opportunities, such as a private detective, police officer, or probation officer. This degree is typically not utterly intensive writing and reading, thus making it more accessible compared to other major degrees.

  • English Language

The English language is an excellent degree whether you are a local or an international student. If you are a reader or someone who loves analyzing text, this is an excellent fit for you. This degree will allow you to take many career paths, whether you want to be a teacher or provide services relating to paper analysis, research papers, etc.

  • Education degree

If you are an education enthusiast, this degree will be an excellent gift for you. It will allow you to become a teacher, one of the most prestigious jobs in the world. You may specialize in various special education programs or elementary education, secondary education. You will familiarize yourself with the theory of being a successful and efficient teacher while also expose yourself to plenty of practical knowledge and practice.

  • Social work

If you want to make a difference or start an NGO in the future, this is the major for you. It will help you provide services and bring relief to society’s most helpless people  Students don’t need an upper-level science or math course, which makes it easier to get a higher GPA.

  • Sociology Major

Sociology studies allow the students to examine human behavior through the observation and collection of information, data. You will acquaint yourself with the knowledge of human connections, and thus it will put you on track to work for various jobs such as human resources and market search, etc.

  • Communication majors 

If you would like to be a journalist, marketer, or someone working in public relations, communication majors are the ideal choice. You will learn numerous skills that you can use to get different jobs. It’s comparatively more straightforward because there are no complex science subjects or maths.

  • Health and nutrition

Pursuing a degree in Health Administration or Health science is a great choice, particularly if you don’t want to indulge in the complex statistical figures in math or the experiences, equations in science. These degrees mainly focus on the theory behind the science instead of the complex analysis of lab work. It opens up a pathway for more options in the healthcare department in the future, although overall, the bachelors are relatively straightforward.

  • History 

It is a choice that might surprise a few because history in it is a pretty complex subject since it might not include complex mathematical expressions or chemical equations that need balancing. However, that isn’t always the case, as plenty of people would love to study history and events that have happened in the past. It does not involve technical writing or a lot of lab work, but it would polish your research and presentation skills.

  • Creative writing

A degree in creative writing will assist you in establishing valuable communication skills as examine current writing, creating your work, and receiving and giving feedback from your colleagues. It is easier because the subjects aren’t usually very complex and somewhat easier to complete.

  • Music

Music majors aren’t for everyone, and unless you desire to become a performer yourself or a teacher, there is no point in undertaking this degree. Although you will have to practice and also get good grades for progress, it will also save you from a lot of writing and reading.

  • Anthropology

Anthropology is the learning of cultural history and the development of public relationships. Anthropology moreover often includes archaeology, so anthropology majors may also spend plenty of time in outdoor research.  You will also study some history of sociology while studying this major.

  • Gender Studies

Another major that is pretty easier is gender studies. As a student, you will learn the nature and behaviors of different genders and the causes behind their actions. Furthermore, you will also study about the emotional, physical and mental reactions and how it differs between them.

  • Religious studies 

You will study the major religions and movements in this degree while also learning their philosophy and background. Although you will have a lot of analyzing, reading, and writing but not some complex equations to solve.

  • Humanities 

A major in humanities will cover plenty of topics such as religion, philosophy, and history; if you want to study all that, this is a great career path. You will also pick up major skills such as reading, writing, communication, and critical thinking.


Although we have listed some of the most manageable easy bachelor degrees you can pursue, it still largely depends on your interests and knowledge. If you aren’t interested in a degree that you are pursuing, you might find it challenging to clear it; regardless of how easy it is, thus always choose a field wisely.

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