Letter of Intent (LOI)

Letter of Intent (LOI) for Scholarship or Admissions Application: Brushed Up LOI for Your NEXT Application!

[Pro Guide] for Writing an Impressive letter of intent (LOI) for Scholarship Application, or Course Selection

Maybe it is your first application for a scholarship and your very first exposure to the term ‘Letter of intent (LOI).’ Letter of Intent is the abbreviation of LOI. Students generally get confused when they first come to know about the letter of intent, motivation letter, statement of purpose, etc. Therefore, we have got you covered by providing you the ultimate brushed-up guide to write a killer Intent Letter for your next scholarship or admissions application. So let’s have a look at a brief introduction of it.

Letter of intent or LOI:

The intent letter is a formal document to provide insights on a candidate’s interest in a specific job post, scholarship, admission into a university, or a task. The letter of intent (LOI) also includes the reasoning for choosing any of the above-stated objectives.

Letter of Intent for Study, Scholarship, or admission:

The letter of intent LOI expresses a pursuit motivation to study a particular field at a specific institution. The candidate simply states how passionate they are about studying a particular field and the factors that motivate them to choose this niche for higher studies.

Moreover, it states the candidate’s experiences in the relevant field and the level of interest the candidates have to further continue studying it. When it comes to research-based programs or post-graduate level studies, the fundamental emphasis of an intent letter is on past research experiences and accomplishments of the candidates. While applying for post-graduate studies, the writer may also discuss their academic achievements during the undergraduate period. Lastly, it expresses how their academic career relates to the scholarship they are applying for and the potential benefits for the organization or institution awarding the scholarship.

Writing an Impressive Letter of Intent (LOI) for all your needs:

Below mentioned is a step-by-step guide that will help you write a pro-level letter of intent!

The important segments of a letter of intent

#1 The letterhead

It simply states your address and the address of the receiving institution. Your address and the date acquire the top right portion, while the receiver’s address takes the top left spot. 

#2 The introduction

It contains a brief introduction of yourself and your academic profile. Furthermore, you also introduce your future aspirations in the introductory paragraph. In the last few sentences of this paragraph, you simply try to relate your academic profile with your future goals and the scholarship you are applying for. 

#3 The Body

The body of an intent letter is composed is of two paragraphs.

The first paragraph describes your academic record in detail; every academic achievement so far. It also states the correlation between your academic career and your goal scholarship.  At last, it expresses your enthusiasm to pursue the relevant field and the level of interest you have in it.

The second paragraph brings your professional skills and experiences to light. Relate your experiences with the goal career. This is the real motivation behind applying for the scholarship. In this paragraph try few sentences that can get the reader interested in you. In short, Show them your sincerity with the field through expressing your expertise and work related to the relevant field. 

#4 The conclusion

It simply brings the discussion to an appropriate end. In the concluding words, put emphasis on your merit and prove yourself worthy of the scholarship. Give arguments that make the reader think ‘you are a perfect fit for the scholarship.’

Take a note of the following prior to Writing your Intent Letter

Some important things to remember:

  • Mention a clear plan

You got to have a clear plan in your mind regarding your academic as well as a professional career. You cannot write a plan which is impractical and difficult to interpret. Have a clear goal in your mind and simply state it. 

  • Maturity is the key

Show the reader you are a grown-up person and all-set to take responsibility. Do not let your words ruin your overall image. Show maturity by writing sentences in a professional and decent manner. 

  • Create a rough outline first

Brainstorm and write all the important points on a paper. Afterward, place your random thoughts in a frame and prepare an outline for the letter. Execute that outline perfectly. Your letter should not be composed of vague and random thoughts. 

  • Do your research

Do proper research on each and every aspect of the letter. Especially, search on google ‘what makes a candidate ideal for scholarship.’ Note down the characteristics of successful candidates and mold the words of your letter in a way that they depict you have such qualities.

  • Get it reviewed

The majority of students generally underestimate revision. Most think their piece of writing is flawless and does not need any evaluation. You cannot repeat this mistake if you want to write an error-less letter of intent. Succinctly, get it checked by an expert before you actually submit it.

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