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Kuwait Work VISA 2024 for International Job Seekers

Kuwait is one of those countries where foreign workers get high salaries, better work environment, and high standard of living at an economical cost and this is why i wrote this article for all those job seekers who are trying to look for work abroad opportunities in 2024.

In this article we are actually going to talk about benefits of working for a Kuwaiti government or private sector companies, types of Kuwaiti work visas, and its application procedures; so to understand all of this you need to read this article till end.

Why you should consider finding a job in Kuwait in 2024?

Kuwait is known as one of those countries where average salaries of workers are very high and if i share exact number that that lingers around US$5000 per month on an average (Report Arabianbusiness). With that you will also be happy to know that Kuwait is a tax free country which further means if you start a job in Kuwait then you will not be required to pay any income tax and you will be allowed to take all your income with you (Report Greenbacktax), therefore, high salaries with no payable taxes makes Kuwait an ideal country for me to recommend to all those job seekers who want to start working abroad.

Now you might be wondering to ask what further benefits can you expect from Kuwait so for that let me tell you that you will also get benefit from top tier healthcare facilities, economical/luxurious transportation, proper work life balance, safe environment and top class educational facilities for your children.

Kuwaiti Work VISA Types Explained:

So now if you have made your mind to look for a job in Kuwait then you must search those in Kuwaiti government and private sector organizations. But in both these cases after you get a job offer from Kuwait then your next task would be to opt for work visa for Kuwait and for that you will be required to select from 4 types of work visas as explained below:

1- Kuwaiti contract work visa

If you find a contract based employment in Kuwait then you will be required to apply for a contract work visa for Kuwait and for that you will then be needed to submit an employment contract to immigration department of Kuwait with all other documents whereas this contract visa will actually be valid only for up to 3 years (Ref

2- Work visa for Kuwait (General)

Now this is most common type of work visa with a validity of 1 year for Kuwait which is issued to most of the foreigners visiting Kuwait for employment purposes and with that you will also be required to apply for residence permit for Kuwait to legally reside there.

3- Kuwaiti Residence Visa

If you are going to live in Kuwait for a year or more for employment purpose then you are bound to obtain a residence permit for Kuwait as well and in order to apply for a residence permit of Kuwait you will be required by immigration department to submit valid Kuwaiti work permit, passport, pictures, physical exam report, health insurance plan proof, and character certificate issued by police.

4- Work visa for students in Kuwait

This portion of my article is for all those students who want to know if Kuwait allow their international students to work part time with studies or not. So for that i have a good news for all those students because Kuwait has designated a special work visa for students for all such students who want to earn some extra cash while working part time with their studies.

So, if you want to apply for any of these above mentioned work visa for Kuwait then please keep in mind that you will also be required to pay an application processing fees of about US$20 which is around 20 Kuwaiti dinar.

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