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Korean Scholarships Without IELTS 2024 to Study for free in South Korea

Win a Korean Government Scholarship This Year!

Submit an application for Korean Scholarships 2024-2025 session now to get accepted into any of the top-ranked Korean Universities. The Korean University Scholarships are available to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree program students and for exchange program students as well. Korean scholarships are fully funded with an edge of quality education and top-ranked educational institutions.

There is no application fees to apply for Korean Scholarships!

Korea has developed to a great extent in the past four decades. It has the 4th largest GDP in Asia and the 10th largest in the world. It is nominated in the list of Next Eleven countries that are expected to play a presiding role in the world’s economy by the mid of 21st century. You won’t be surprised if Korea hits the list of global superpowers in the next century.

The country owes this dynamic success of its economy and industrialization to the top-notch and applaudable education system which ranks 22nd position in the world. Therefore, graduating from an eminent institute in Korea can prove to be the magnetic attraction for many matchless career opportunities.

Funding Coverage of Korea Scholarships 2024:

All the South Korean Scholarships are heavily funded and therefore the winners of these scholarships will enjoy the following listed academic grants:

  • Totally or partially discounted education in Korean Universities
  • Residence with monthly expense stipend money paid in dollars
  • Experimental work laboratory access
  • Conference participation opportunities
  • Discounted or fully-funded travel tickets
  • No admission or exam fees

Do Korean Scholarships Require IELTS?

IELTS is not a mandatory requirement by most Korean Universities for granting Korean Scholarships to international students if the applicant already holds their last attended degree in the English language. With that, the candidate needs to provide IELTS alternative English Proficiency Certificate to obtain an IELTS exemption during the Korean Scholarship Application process.

Duolingo (DET), PTE, TOEFL, Password English Language Test, CELPIP, ESOL, or Cambridge English Language Proficiency certificates may be accepted as IELTS alternatives in most Korean Universities.

Top 4 Reasons to Study in Korea in 2024:

If you’re still in doubt about whether you should or should not study in Korea, below we will provide you with only four solid reasons that will make you prefer Korean universities over any other.

  • Korea: The Rampart of Revolution:

Korea is one of the most well-developed countries in Asia and it holds a top position in the world in terms of innovation. Korea does not stand back when it comes to inventing new gadgets that are making their way in some of the most wealthy and largest tech markets in the world. Thus, it is not wrong to say that Korea is becoming a revolutionary country on Earth.

  • The Thriving Economy:

The economy of Korea is inclining at a thunderous speed. The main industries that claim the overwhelming success of the sound economy are the electronics, telecommunication, automobile production, chemicals, shipbuilding, and steel industry. In the year 2020, Korea made exports worth $512.498 billion.

  • Encouragement of international students for studying in Korea:

Korea has always welcomed international students to study in Korea in order to promote cross-cultural relations. Koreans are very welcoming and hospitable to international students as education is their number 1 priority.

  • Korea owns exclusive universities:

Korea is home to some of the prime universities in the world and it is also one of the top-performing OECD countries. It was placed in the ninth position in the world by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. You can imagine the standard of Korean education by yourself.

Top 10 Scholarships in Korea in 2024-2025:

Korea offers dreamy opportunities for higher education scholarships, not only to its local students but to international students worldwide as well. Korean universities and education systems are, no doubt, par excellence and the demand for education from international students has made the government of Korea more concerned related to scholarship provision and funding of education programs.

Finding scholarships in any country you’re not familiar with can be tough and tiring. In most cases, people fail to find out the genuine programs or scholarships available in that country. Here in this article, you will be told all about the top scholarships in Korea.

1# The Global Korean Government Scholarships (GKS):

This top-class, fully-funded Korean scholarship program is funded by the National Institute of International Education. This scholarship program is also a project of the Global Korea Scholarship. This GKS program is available for two levels; undergraduate level and postgraduate level. This program enables the awardee to get admission to any university in Korea, of his choice, that is associated with this program. This program covers the following expenses of the awardees:

    • Airfare
    • Tuition Fee Waiver
    • Monthly Stipend
    • Medical Insurance
    • Korean Language Course Fee
    • Resettlement allowance

2# KAIST Scholarships:

KAIST is a high-class Institute in the field of science and technology. It offers domestic and international students the to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. degrees.  It offers a fully funded KAIST Scholarship each year to all international applicants. All the courses at KAIST are taught in the English language, so there is no requirement of learning the Korean language for this program. Following are the perks awarded to the grantees:

    • Tuition Fee Waiver
    • Monthly stipend of 350,000 KRW/ 400,000 KRW
    • Medical Insurance
    • Additional Stipend for Research students

3# Yonsei University Scholarships:

The Yonsei University for Undergraduate offers scholarships that are Need-based for international students at the undergraduate level. The best thing about this university is that there is no requirement for the Korean language, as all the courses are taught in the English language. This program offers the following facilities to its awardees:

    • Airfare
    • Monthly stipend of 800,000 KRW
    • Medical insurance
    • Resettlement Allowance

4# Korea University of Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarships:

Korea University is one of the most prestigious universities in Korea. It is a private institute that offers scholarships for 4 years undergraduate degrees to international students. Following are the facilities provided to the awardees:

    • 100% Entrance Test Fee
    • Admission Fee
    • Dormitory Fee
    • Tuition Fee Waiver (100%, 65%, 60%)

5# Seoul National University for Graduated and Undergraduates Scholarships:

The Seoul National University for graduates and undergraduates is a scholarship program for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral levels. This reputable university is specialized in science, technology, and design. This is a fully-funded scholarship program that grants the following awards to its grantees:

    • Full Tuition Fee Waiver
    • Monthly stipend of 800,000 KRW
    • Airfare
    • Medical Insurance
    • Resettlement Allowance
    • Korean Language Course Fee

6# Hangyang University Scholarships:

Hanyang University is a private research university in Korea. This program is not confined to limited courses but it comes with a wide range of courses and programs to choose from. This program offers scholarships in the levels of Bachelor’s, Master, and Ph.D. The program does not come with many perks and facilities except

    • Tuition Fee Waiver (100%,70%, 50%)
    • Monthly allowance
    • Accommodation Allowances

7# Kyung Hee University Scholarships:

Kyung Hee University is one of the best universities in South Korea. The Kyung Hee is mostly notable because of its leading medical department, the College of Korean Medicine. Therefore, this program is ideal for students who want to study medicine.

8# Hankuk University Scholarships:

The Hankuk University scholarship program is specially designed for international students to enable them to pursue a degree in bachelor from this prestigious institute. It is rated in the top 20 universities of Korea. It is well-known for its departments of Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences and Management. The Awardees are granted partial coverage of Tuition Fees, be it undergraduate or postgraduate students.

9# Sogang University Scholarships:

Sogang University is a private research-based university located in Seoul. It is an educational institute that has produced many of the biggest names in the Republic of Korea like Park Geun-Hye (the 18th president of Korea), Kwon Hyuk-bin (founder and CEO of Ssang Yong Group), and the famous motivational writer, Chang Young-hee, along with many more to name. This university provides scholarships for both Graduate and Undergraduate Levels.

10# Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology:

UNIST is a research-based public university in South Korea that offers fully-funded scholarships to international students. This university offers scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The following awards are granted to the awardees:

    • A yearly stipend of $6,326 (undergraduate)
    • Full Tuition Fee Waiver (postgraduate)
    • Dormitory Support
    • Part-time Job opportunities

Korean Scholarships 2024-2025 Application Deadlines:

1# The Undergraduate Korean Government Scholarships Deadline:

Opening Date: January 2024 (undergraduate), January 2024 (postgraduate)
Ending Date: November 2024 (undergraduate), December 2024 (postgraduate)

2# Seoul National University Scholarships deadline:

Opening Date: January 9th, June 5th (undergrad), Aug 7th (postgrad), Sept 20th (Ph.D.)
Ending Date: Oct 16th, July 13th (undergrad), Aug 29th (postgraduate), March 30th (Ph.D.)

  • Yonsei University Scholarships deadline:

Opening Date: January 1st, 2024 (undergraduate & postgraduate)
Ending Date: November 12th, 2024 (undergraduate), November 5th, 2024 (postgraduate)

  • Korea University Scholarships deadline:

Opening Date: January 11th, March 3rd, 2024 (undergraduate), January, February 2024 (postgraduate)
Ending Date: October 7th, March 31st, 2024 (undergraduate), September, March 2024 (postgraduate)

  • KAIST Scholarships deadline:

Opening Date: January, March 9th, 2024/March 1st, 2024 (undergraduate), January 10st, 2024 (graduate)
Ending Date: Oct 23rd, January 8th, 2024/May 28th, 2024 (undergraduate), September 18th, 2024 (postgraduate)

  • Hangyang University Scholarships deadline:

Opening Date: January 2024 (undergraduate & postgraduate)
Ending Date: September 2024 (undergraduate & postgraduate)

  • Kyung Hee University Scholarships deadline:

Opening Date: January, October 2024 (undergraduate), January-October 2024 (postgraduate)
Ending Date: September, November 2024 (undergraduate), May, November 2024 (postgraduate)

  • Hankuk University Scholarships deadline:

Opening Date: January 2024 (undergraduate), April 2024/October 2024 (postgraduate)
Ending Date: December 2024 (undergraduate), May 2024/December 2024 (postgraduate)

  • Sogang University Scholarships deadline:

Opening Date: January 2024/April 2024 (undergraduate & postgraduate)
Ending Date: December 2024/May 2024 (undergraduate & postgraduate)

  • Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology:

Opening Date: January 12th, 2024 (undergraduate), March 30th, 2024/ October 10th, 2024 (postgraduate)
Ending Date: February 18th, 2024 (undergraduate), April 15th, 2024/October 16th, 2024 (postgraduate)

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