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KGSP Scholarships 2024 – Korean Government Scholarship Program

Win a KGSP 2024-2025 Scholarship to Study for Free in South Korean!

In a major development for international education, the Korean Government has announced the opening of application window for its Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for the academic year 2024-2025. This prestigious scholarship program aims to provide free higher education opportunities to international students at various South Korean universities.

The KGSP, under the aegis of Korean Higher Education, is now accepting online applications from students globally, offering them a chance to pursue graduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. studies in South Korea. One of the unique features of this program is the flexibility it offers students to choose their preferred university in Korea.

The primary objective of the KGSP is to foster closer and friendlier relations between Korea and other countries by providing high-quality education to international students. This initiative is seen as a significant step in enhancing global educational ties and promoting cultural exchange, reflecting Korea’s commitment to international collaboration in education. Interested students are encouraged to seize this opportunity and be among the first to apply for the Korean Government Scholarship Program for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Reasons to Study in South Korea:

Studying in South Korea is an increasingly appealing option for international students, thanks to its combination of high-quality education, affordable living costs, and generous scholarship opportunities. South Korean universities, particularly renowned in STEM fields, offer excellent academic standards and are leaders in technological and scientific research.

The Korean Government Scholarships and various university scholarships further enhance the appeal, significantly reducing the financial burden for international students. Additionally, the cost of living in South Korea is relatively low compared to other developed countries, making it a financially viable option for many students.

More Details:

  • Category: Ph.D. (Doctorate) Scholarships 2024-2025
  • Type: Fully Funded
  • Location: South Korea

Funding Grant of Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP)

Winning a KGSP Scholarship will provide you with any or all of the following academic benefits:

  • This KGSP scholarship will cover the airfare expenses of the grantees.
  • The applicant will also get a resettlement or relocation allowance of around 200,000 KRW.
  • To cover the living expenses, KRW 20,000 per month is also given to the applicant.
  • For the medical insurance, KRW 20,000 per month is also given to the applicant.
  • A student also needs to take a language course for which KRW 800,000 will be given every three months.
  • Coverage of the Tuition fee will be a maximum of KRW 5,000,000/per semester.
  • Any student who shows proficiency in the Korean Language will be given an award.
  • Research expenses of the student will also be supported with an allowance of KRW 240,000/per semester.
  • For printing a thesis or dissertation, a grant of 600,000 KRW – 800,000 KRW will be given to the student.
  • After the completion of the degree, KRW 100,000 will be awarded to the student as a reward.

Eligibility Requirements of KGSP Scholarship 2024

To successfully apply for Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) 2024, make sure you fulfill all the pre-requisites and basic requirements as discussed below:

  • Applicant and their guardian should have a birth of a country other than Korea.
  • Applicants having Korean citizenship cannot apply.
  • Plus, the candidate should be mentally and physically strong to fulfill his/her entire degree with good grades.
  • Students applying for an undergraduate degree should not be below 25 years old.
  • Students applying for graduate degrees should be below 40 years old.
  • Undergraduate candidate must have completed their education from elementary/middle/high schools before they arrive in Korea.
  • Graduate candidate must have completed their master’s/bachelor education before they arrive in Korea.
  • CGPA of the candidate has to be more than 80%.
  • Those students who have already studied in Korean universities or have attained any short course/degree from Korea are ineligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • Students who have formerly held the KGSP scholarship grant can re-apply for this scholarship through a proper university channel.

Procedure to Apply for the Korean KGSP Scholarship 2024:

If you want to apply for this KGSP scholarship program, then you have to, first of all, know about those Korean universities that are associated with this scholarship. Later on, you have to follow a specific guideline given by that university to submit your application form. Further instructions are given below:

  • NIIED will get in touch with a local university or Korean Embassy to know about the list of potential candidates. Students have to apply through a university or Embassy, after which they will be shortlisted through that platform.
  • Candidates who apply have to submit their documents to the home country’s embassy or the university they are applying.
  • The embassy or Korean university will send those documents to the NIIED only for those students who are shortlisted. This step is just for verification.
  • NIIED will evaluate all the documents and will notify the university or the Embassy about the recipients.
  • The applicant can know about their rejection or selection through the university or the Embassy. The scholarship committee will never notify the student about their confirmed selection or rejection.

Important Documents Required for Korean Government Scholarship (KGSP) Application

Your KGSP Scholarship application form submission will not be accepted until you have not attached it with all the required documents. So to avoid any further delay, make sure you attach your application with all the major documents mentioned below:

KGSP Scholarship 2024 Application Deadline: February 28, 2024

The general deadline for KGSP scholarships is February 28, 2024. But if you miss this deadline then don’t worry because you can still apply for the next session of the 2024 KGSP scholarship in later 2024.

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