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Internships in Massachusetts 2024 – Internships in USA

The internships in Massachusetts state of the US in 2024 will be offered to international and local students to provide a hands-on professional experience to young talent.

The Massachusetts State Government and Universities of Massachusetts have announced various internship programs for the students pursuing BS, MS, or Ph.D. degrees at the prestigious universities, institutions, and colleges of Massachusetts. So, make your breaks productive and get work experience from some high-profile people. On the other hand, it is also a great chance to make some money by doing paid internship programs.

Massachusetts is one of the greatest yet most famous states of the USA, having a popularity for quality education, multicultural cities, globally recognized universities, partially/fully-funded Massachusetts scholarships, and paid or sometimes unpaid internship programs, with many applauding benefits.

All those candidates who want to get a taste of professional life during their educational journey must apply for the internship opportunities offered by the Massachusetts govt, universities, and renowned franchises operating there.

Benefits of Massachusetts Internships 2024:

Many students prefer to enjoy their breaks by relaxing and chilling with friends rather than getting out of their cozy beds and doing something constructive. But these students have no idea how these Massachusetts internship programs will help them in their academic and career growth. Well, the perks of doing an internship program do not end here, some of them are;

  • Provides great networking opportunities
  • Opportunity to get selected for a trainee job program
  • Fully paid internships offer salary, food, and sometimes living allowances
  • Allows to earn a handsome amount of money
  • Provides golden chances to get hired permanently before even completing the internship period
  • Makes a significant addition to the CVs
  • Allows to apply theoretical knowledge via practical experimentations
  • Allows to learn work ethics, analytical, technical, and creative skills

List of Internships Available in Massachusetts in 2024:

As we said above, the government of Massachusetts, its universities, and other reputable companies have started internship programs to provide work exposure to students in their early lives of education. Some of the Massachusetts internships include;

  1. Governor’s Internship Program
  2. Mas Tech Clean Energy Center Internship Program
  3. Boston Children’s Hospital Internships
  4. Johnson & Johnson Research Internships
  5. Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Internships
  6. Moderna Internships
  7. Ford Motor Company Internships
  8. PUMA Internships
  9. Youth Engagement and Employment Internships
  10. Pacific Western Bank Internships

2024 Internships in Massachusetts

Here we will discuss each of the internship programs in detail to clear all the queries. So, let us get started.

1# Governor’s  Internship Program:

The Governor’s  Internship Program is a golden opportunity for all undergraduate and graduate students who want to get work experience in the State government and learn all the required skills needed to perform state duties. On the other hand, working closely with government officers will allow interested students to know how to work for the Commonwealth.

The governor’s internships are a part-time unpaid program covering accommodation facilities. All the undergrad, grad, and associate degree students are welcome to apply by submitting a Recommendation Letter, Resume, & Writing Sample.

2# Mass Tech Clean Energy Center Internship Program:

Being an undergrad or graduate student enrolled in clean energy and production gives you the chance to apply for the Mass Tech Clean Energy Center funded and paid Internships. The applied candidates, recent graduates, or clean energy employers must not be the government entity to abide by the requirements. Moreover, the interns will get $16/ hour as their stipends to work as an intern. So, if you have a passion for this field, apply for the Mass Tech Clean Energy Internship now.

3# Boston Children’s Hospital Internships:

The Boston Children’s Hospital lies in the state of Massachusetts, considered the number one hospital for children in Boston, with healthcare facilities and much more. The Student Career Opportunity Outreach Program, also known as SCOOP, is an internship program available for high school students who want to make their future careers in pediatric nursing.

In this program, the interns will work 24hrs for six weeks straight, from Monday to Thursday, and interacts with the patients, disciplinary teams, nurses, and other staff. Candidates having previous work experience will get a preference for the SCOOP internship.

4# Johnson & Johnson Research Internships:

Johnson & Johnson is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies famous for making hundreds of health consumer products. That globally recognized company has its franchise in Massachusetts, providing many career opportunities to deserving students who want to do something extraordinary in their lives.

Dozens of internship options are there for Ph.D. students, undergrads, and grads students in multiple sectors, like Engineering, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Technology, Supply Chain & Management, etc. Applied candidates must have a 3.0 GPA or above with excellent quantitative, communication, leadership, and analytical skills and abilities to work on different international projects.

5# Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC) Internships:

The MLSC is an investment center that is playing a significant role in life science, including diagnostic, research development, digital health, bio-medical, etc., in Massachusetts and allowing passionate, motivated young students to join in this mission. MLSC internship programs are part-time or full-time paid internships, giving $17 per hour to the interns involved in their internship challenges.

All college students or recent university graduates must be residents of Massachusetts and enrolled in Associate, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degrees to apply for the MLSC internships. On the other hand, any candidates in relation to the MLSC companies’ employees are not eligible for these internships.

6# Moderna Internships:

Moderna is a quite famous name, not only in Massachusetts but all over the world, due to biotechnology, mRNA vaccines, & RNA therapeutics. That reputable company, Moderna, is looking for some talented and enthusiastic students who can contribute to Pharmacovigilance Operations and Clinical Safety Operations.

On the other hand, undergrad and grad students enrolled in business, finance, accounting, etc.; can also become part of their Investigate Analyst Internship program to monitor the supply chain and management. By participating in Moderna Paid Internships programs, applied candidates will get first-hand experience in biotech, supply chain, marketing, research technologies, and other relevant departments.

7# Ford Motor Company Internships:

The Ford Motor Company has dozens of flagship outlets worldwide, likewise in Massachusetts, offering internship programs for the duration of two to three months. Interested applicants pursuing Bachelor’s, Master’s, or MBA degrees can apply for the Ford paid internships. During this program, candidates will also get a chance to socialize with high-profile business persons and attend network events.

Moreover, applicants must have excellent communication and leadership skills to get a preference for Ford Internships. On the other hand, they must hold a passion for new, innovative, and advanced technologies. Following are the available Ford internships, like Product Management Internship, Vehicle Health Monitoring and Prognostics Internship, One Mobility Research Internships, etc.

8# PUMA Internships:

Puma is the most famous brand of footwear, operating in different parts of the world. Puma franchisees in Massachusetts offer multiple career opportunities to grad and undergrad students enrolled in Arts & Design with outstanding Adobe Creative skills. Such paid internships are available at PUMA headquarters and in Boston with employee discounts and handsome monthly salaries.

In Boston, Puma has announced three months of internships in different sectors, like Retail & E-Commerce Marketing, Sportswear Style Design, Product Management, etc.

9# Youth Engagement and Employment Internships:

The Boston government has initiated the Youth Engagement and Employment Internships programs for young passionate college students who want to contribute to their personal and professional growth. That internship program is based on youth advocacy and employment, skills development, career education, etc. Interested high school applicants can also apply for the Youth Successlink Adult jobs.

10# Pacific Western Bank Internships:

Lastly, we have Pacific Western Bank internships open for college and university students enrolled in diverse fields. Interested applicants doing Associate, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degrees with effective verbal, communication, analytical, leadership, and problem-solving skills are welcome to apply. Meanwhile, candidates must know MS Excel and PowerPoint to meet the requirements. However, all these are paid internships that provide other additional benefits to the selected interns.

Significance of Internship Report Submission

Internees are required to provide an internship presentation alongside a detailed internship report on the last day of their internship. Sometimes, companies offer trainee positions to their top internees; which is why i always recommend internees work the extra mile on preparing their internship reports and internship presentations.

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