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Internship Reports Writing with Example: Internship Report Format, Outline & Sample

Steps to Write an Impressive Internship Report

An internship report is defined as the summary of your experience at an organization with details on acquired skills, knowledge, and information. It is the internship report that lets the internship manager know the insights of their hired internees’ professionalism during their stay at an organization.

Have you landed yourself the internship of your dreams and are satisfied with how things are going? Great! But a wise person is one who knows what follows his current situation and makes preparations for it beforehand. 

Do you know what follows the completion of your internship tenure? Your college/universities’ requirement for you to submit an internship report! 

Not familiar with what the term means? Don’t worry as we are here to help you. Get to know all about an internship report, what it means and how to ace in preparing one in this very transcript.

What is an internship report?

An internship report is a summary of an interns’ internship experiences, mostly required by academic institutions to mark their criteria of a student’s internship as complete, in order to proceed with their degree issuance processes.

These reports are also sometimes required by employers to have a first-hand review of their internships and how they can improve their policies for incoming internship applicants.

What does an internship report consist of?

An internship report consists of all the details about a student’s internship experience; where the internee worked as an intern, what position the internee was appointed, the tenure of his internship, the tasks completed by an intern, and the skills acquired during the process.

How to write an internship report?

Since an internship report is written by a person who has already had field exposure in his respective subject of study, it is prepared in a professional-looking format. The proficiency of an internship report, thus, determines the efficiency of the submitting party. 

We have divided this article into two parts for you to have a better understanding of the topic. You can easily prepare yourself an impressive internship report by following these simple steps:

Part 1:- Steps to follow to produce a professional-looking internship report:-

Step 1: Create a cover page for your internship report:-

“The first impression is the last impression.”

You may have heard this phrase at least once in your lifetime. But who knew that it implies not only on humans but on internship reports as well.

The cover page is the first thing the reviewer encounters in your internship report. Thus, it must be prepared in a straightforward manner and should contain the following parts:

  • Title of the report: Include the title of your report in bold letters at the top of the page for example, ‘Internship Report on Electrical Engineering at XYZ Firm’.
  • Your name: Following the title is your full name (mention the complete name with which you are enrolled in your university)
  • Your institute’s name: the name of your university/ college comes next.
  • Tenure of joining: lastly, the tenure of starting your internship is to be mentioned.

Step 2: Special acknowledgments:-

If you want to dedicate your internship report to someone, for example, your parents, teachers, etc. you can do so on the next page.

Step 3: Make a table of contents:-

Then comes a table of contents for your internship report. Since you will be adding a lot of info in there, it is best that you give the reviewer an idea of what they will be going through. 

However, it is not needed for relatively small reports.

Step 4: Construct an abstract page:-

On the next page, give a brief summary of what your position was at the firm you joined and your key duties. Keep it short and to the point.

For example, you can start with ‘This report contains the details of a summer internship at XYZ Firm based in XYZ city. I worked in the Electrical Division under the supervision of XYZ.’

Part 2: How to construct the body of your report?

Step 1: Introduction of your firm and employer:

Give a brief overview of the firm you joined as an intern and your employer. The firm’s details should contain its primary functions and target market while your employer’s intro should contain his credentials like major qualifications etc.

Step 2: Explain what department of the company you worked in:-

Be specific with this part. Tell the reader what division of the company you worked in and be clear as this will be the start of your personal journey as an intern in the organization.

Step 3: Enlist your major responsibilities as an intern:-

Describe, in detail, what functions you performed as an intern. Of course, it is understood that you wouldn’t have been given huge responsibilities as an intern, so don’t let the minority of your work stop you from mentioning what you did there.

Step 4: Mention what you learned during the process:-

This is the most important part and one which the reviewer is most anxious to read. The enhancement in your skills.

Mention what you learned from your internship, either directly, or from fellow colleagues. Elaborating the things that you learned and include a few examples if you can.

Step 5: Evaluate your experience as an intern:-

Include your experience working with the company as an intern. Your tones can be neutral or positive. You can also adopt a critical style of the writing herein as well and no one will judge.

Step 6: Include an appendix section:-

Generally, the appendix section is used for publishes material, photos, website links, and the like. But in an internship report, this section will contain all the things that you contributed to the firm, like posts, ads, etc. 

You can also mention any meeting that you attended and how that affected your perception of XYZ.

Tips to write an effective internship report:-

Based on our experience in reviewing internship reports; i suggest you the following tips while you embark on the journey to draft your first internship report:

  1. Number all your pages
  2. Make sure to add citations
  3. Do not include copied literature content
  4. Share what have you learned during your stay in the organization
  5. Throw some insights on faced challenges and how to dealt with them
  6. Highlight the areas where you can rework to make it better if given an opportunity
  7. Start a new topic from a new page
  8. Start jotting up ideas for your report beforehand
  9. Make it at least 9,000 to 11,000 words long.

Final wordings:

This was the end of our article. Now, it is time for you to start working on your internship report. Good luck with your report and ask questions in the comments.

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