Motivation Letter for Scholarship

How to Write a Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application 2024?

How to Write a Motivation Letter for Scholarship?

If you want to stand out among all your competing scholarship applicants then you need to write a convincing motivation letter that market you as a best scholarship applicant to the scholarship reviewing committee and for that reason i wrote this article to help you out in process to write a letter of motivation for your next scholarship application in 2024.

The Motivation Letter for Scholarship is defined as an academic document depicting an applicant’s interest in a course, degree program, university, scholarship, and research.

While applying for a scholarship majority of applicants do not even know the correct way of applying and they think that an application for the scholarship is the only thing required to get them through the selection process but in most cases, this is not how it works.

Do you know reality is quite different because government organizations and universities receive thousands of scholarship applications which means it becomes challenging for admission office to select the best ones.  For this reason, they put forward requirement of a certain set of scholarship application documents; out of which the most important one is the Letter of Motivation which clearly provides insights on why a student is inclined to apply for a certain subject, degree level at that specific university.

Writing a Spotless Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application

Motivation letter written for scholarship application introduces the applicant to the scholarship panel and tells them the benefits of granting the scholarship to this applicant as it also motivates the reviewing authorities to believe in the ways the applicant can brighten their institute’s name so basically a motivation can also be known as a marketing document of a student.

A motivation letter is actually a letter sent along with the scholarship application, by the applicants of a scholarship program to the selection panel. It is a letter in which the candidate describes why the applicant deserves the scholarship. It describes the future goals and plans of the candidate and persuades the panel to consider this proposal by reasoning and that too in a professional way.

By Who and to Whom is the Motivation Letter Written

Generally, the letter of motivation is written by the scholarship applicants to be sent to the admission or scholarship reviewer committee. Motivation letters are required along with scholarship applications by interested candidates for post-graduate programs.

However, nowadays as the competition in the educational field is getting thicker, the motivational letter has become a mandatory requirement by most of the universities offering undergraduate scholarships. The process of a motivation letter is very much fair, as the future intentions and planning of the candidates must be kept in mind while granting a scholarship so that only the deserving person gets it.

Significance of Motivation Letter in 2024:

An effective and eye-catching motivation letter has a lot of significance if it successfully grasps the interest of the reader. While writing a scholarship application, you were taught that it puts the first impression on the reviewing panel through your past academic results and awards.

A motivation letter puts a second and most impactful impression on the panel. It depicts your future plans to make a change better than anyone else can and this motivation letter also displays your potential, objectives, and summary of the plan of execution to motivate the reviewing authorities to select you.

The motto of every university in the world is to ‘create leaders’ or ‘change the world in a positive way’, therefore, the students they require in their institute should have the same goal. This is why it is beneficial for an applicant to focus on this factor to make his motivation letter stronger.

Generally, a candidate will be asked to write a letter of motivation in any of the following four cases:

  1. While applying for a scholarship or admission opportunity
  2. While taking a step forward to start an internship
  3. Showing interest in a non-profit organization as a volunteer
  4. While convincing the board for research funding grant

Format of the Letter of Motivation for Scholarship Application:

There are two ways in which you can create your motivation letter;

    • General Motivation Letter format
    • Scholarship Motivation Letter format

#1 General Format of a Motivation Letter:

In General format, the letter of motivation is composed in three parts, just like an essay; a paragraph that has the introductory lines, another paragraph with the main purpose, and the last paragraph that concludes and summarizes the whole letter. This way is classical but the second way is usually more recommended as in this style, the letter goes in a flow without breaking. The monotone way of writing makes it boring and less appealing to the reviewer.

  • Scholarship Motivation Letter Format:

The second format emphasizes making a minimum of five and a maximum of seven paragraphs. This way is considered more fruitful as in this format, the points are mentioned in each paragraph specifically. The introduction has one paragraph, the body has five paragraphs and in each of these paragraphs a new goal of the applicant is discussed, the last paragraph calls for a conclusion.

Outline of Motivation Letter

    • Personal & contact details are in the header section
    • Title of Motivation letter
    • Introductory paragraphs
    • The story behind your achievements
    • Provide data on acquired skillset
    • A paragraph for showing interest in a scholarship, admission, or another opportunity
    • Propose a summary of relevant objectives
    • Provide a plan of execution
    • Provide reasoning why are you a potential candidate
    • Conclude the motivation letter

Layout of an Impressive Motivation Letter:

The motivation letter is not an ordinary letter that you write to your family and friends. Nonetheless, in our era, there is no such thing as letters, as they have become a thing of the past. The selection of words, grammar, and writing style matters in the motivation letter. It is just like an official letter and your scholarship fully depends upon it. Therefore, you should follow these instructions to ace your motivation letter.

How many words should the motivation letter have?

Generally, there is no restriction on the word limit of the motivation letter. However, A word range between 500-1000 words is recommended for constituting an ideal length motivation letter. But it also depends upon you, whether you keep it long or short. But an ideal motivation letter must be not too long or way too short. The main purpose is to deliver the idea and the argument. Another thing to be mentioned is that, don’t forget to mention the small details as you never know when the drops make a river. A motivation letter should contain details of your educational success, resume, and skills along with your future goals.

Give the impression that you’re dedicated to your Field:

The motivation letter should tell the reviewer that your academics are connected to your future plan and they are all dependent upon the scholarship. It should portray that you have a passion for this specific field and that you have applied for the scholarship. The motivation letter should depict that you have a clear vision and passion related to one specific field and you know what you’re doing. This factor will make your motivation letter more considerable.

How to write an introduction paragraph in the motivation letter:

Before beginning to write the introduction paragraph, first of all, write your contact number at the top of the page. Then you start the introduction part in which you write about yourself, your school, high school, and educational institutes that you’ve attended in the past. Other than that, you have to inform the reviewer about the program you’re applying for. Don’t forget to mention the reason behind applying for a scholarship.

How to write a Body paragraph in the motivation letter:

The second part is the lengthiest out of all three parts as it focuses on the major content of this motivation letter. This paragraph should contain achievements, be it in any field other than the one you’re applying for, talents, skills, and job experience, be it paid or unpaid. If you have volunteered for any programs in your schools or anywhere that is related to education, don’t hesitate to mention that.

In the next paragraphs, mention your passion for your field and show it as a need in your life to make yourself an expert in that field. Give an impression that you’re a career-oriented person who wants to be a leader and change the world. It will also give the reviewer a message that you can somehow brighten the institute’s name in the future.

How to write the conclusion paragraph of the motivation letter:

The conclusion paragraph is simply the summary of the above paragraphs. Re-mention your long-term future plans and all the power points of your body paragraphs in the conclusion part. Emphasize the idea of you being the perfect and deserving candidate for the scholarship. Don’t forget to say thanks and show gratitude at the end of the letter.

Motivation Letter Writing Style

  • Logical Argumentation:

The letter should not at all show any hint of begging or claiming. The key is to use logical reasoning and argumentation. If you try to claim or beg for the scholarship, then you might not even get through the first stage of the selection process.

  • Slang language is prohibited:

As you are writing a letter to the higher officials of an educational institute, you should not forget to choose the right words. The usage of slang words will lose you your scholarship. The right words include the ones that are small in letters but have deep meanings instead of using the words ‘I shall be thankful to you, you can say ‘I shall be grateful’.

  • Have patience:

While writing the motivation letter, keep in mind that it will not come out perfect in a single go. You need to make some drafts and choose the best one out of all. You can definitely ace the motivation letter if you follow these steps. Have good luck writing your motivation letter!

Sample Motivation Letter of a Post-graduate Scholarship Applicant:

My name is David Michelle. I pursued my BSC in Psychology degree from Yale University. I have a passion for psychology and therefore, intend to get further education in this field. I am applying for a scholarship because I think I am eligible enough to make a name in the field of research in psychology. I have a lot of capabilities that need to be acknowledged by a reputed educational institute such as yours. I have always had a distinction in sciences and stood up to the mark of all my previous teachers.

My aim is to get this scholarship for the purpose of helping people out there who are depressed and want to give up. I want to explore my field furthermore so that I can be a source of killing the most widespread disease in the world, known as depression. This scholarship will prove to be the basis for my career foundation. 

I have also been a thesis writer and have a vast knowledge of the subject of psychology. My area of expertise is behavioral therapy, humanistic integrative psychotherapy, psychosomatic disorders, and Hypno-psychotherapy. My supervisors have always been satisfied with my work. After completing my undergraduate degree, I joined the Yale-New Haven Psychiatric Hospital.

After pursuing a BSc degree, I started working as an apprentice to a well-known psychiatrist. This scholarship will help me to gain knowledge and become one step closer to a bright future, not just for myself, but for others as well. I am willing to learn new things for the sake of one cause only and that is the eradication of mental diseases that kill the hope among people to live.

I hope my cause proves to you that I am a deserving candidate who is willing to make a big and positive change in the world. This scholarship will grant me a key to a new journey in the world of psychology.

Closing Statement

The motivation letter is the basis of your scholarship. If you ace it, then it’ll be no hard for you to achieve a scholarship. For this reason, composing a strong motivation letter is important.

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