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How to Get PR in Canada after Studies? [Answered in Detail]

Obtain Permanent Residence in Canada After Graduation

If you are looking for a pathway to obtain Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada after completion of your studies there; then this article is for you. There are legal ways to apply for Canadian PR after graduation to settle in Canada and start working there.

Canada’s immigration program has enunciated plenty of opportunities for oversea graduates and students to apply for Canadian permanent residence after completing their studies. Getting a Canadian permanent residence permit is not as difficult as it seems. Despite making entry into Canadian educational institutes, many students are not enlightened about how easy it is for them to get permanent residence as an oversea student in Canada.

Canadian Permanent Residency (PR)

Canadian PR is a valid permit that allows international students to work and settle in Canada legally after completing their education. International students are not regarded as natives but are given permanent residence by the Canadian government.

Before getting on board with the Canadian PR program, understanding the criteria is basic. Overseas students can apply through immigration programs based on their prior education credentials, work experience, and skills. Candidates must apply for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Canadian PR-ship Program and Process:

After understanding what a Canadian PR visa is, it is necessary to understand the immigration programs and their processes for Canadian international students to successfully attain PR ships. Although all the immigration programs are diverse and require distinct methods from students based on their standing in PR criteria.

Requirements and Eligibility Criteria for Canadian PR:

The above-mentioned programs indicate that getting a permanent residence is not as difficult as it seems and can be achieved through a proper understanding of each immigration system’s requirements based on the applicant’s immigration pathway. As a result, the eligibility standards also differ from one another depending on applicants’ selection of programs.

But essentialities for a Canadian PR visa are the following:

  1. Firstly, candidates should have proof of enough funds to support the application as well as stay in Canada.
  2. The application will go through Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
  3. Candidates must submit original copies and official translations of paperwork to support visa application test scores.
  4. Submission of education certificates
  5. Applicants must submit passed Skills Assessment Test 

Required Documents for the Application of Canadian PR-ship:

Documents required for a PR visa are similar to those utilized during study permits in Canada. Following documents are required for the processing of PR in Canada.

  1. Educational Certificates
  2. Work Experience Letters
  3. Passport
  4. IELTS Score Results
  5. Qualifying WES reports
  6. Identity and Proof
  7. Police and Medical Clearance Evidence

Pros of Getting Permanent Residence in Canada

Getting a Canadian PR permit is certainly a feather in one’s cap as it enables candidates to live and work in Canada without sticking to their job, employer, or province for a long time. The positive side is that applicants can apply for Canadian citizenship after completing 5 years, but this period does not come up as a restriction instead candidates don’t have to worry about getting kicked out of Canada due to the permit renewal policy.

Additionally, it’s an avenue toward security as it enables candidates to extend their visas for unlimited time. It also opens pathways for a candidate’s family to be brought or sponsored once all requirements are fulfilled

How easy is it to get a Permanent Residence Visa for Canada?

It is easy to obtain a Canadian Permanent Residence (PR) if an applicant fulfills all of the PR-ship eligibility standards. There are multiple Canadian PR programs available to suit the needs of their applicants. Besides, the immigration system provides multidimensional pathways for individuals in turn giving them the freedom to choose programs appropriate to their situation and needs.

Realistically, studying in Canada as an international student has empowered a significant number of individuals towards the Canadian PR ship to legally settle in Canada after studies.

The Canadian PR-ship programs listed below will enable international graduates in Canada to pursue accelerated pathways leading to permanent residence.

1# Canada’s International Student Program PR

Landing on Canadian land permanently through immigration requires becoming an international student in the first step. The Canadian international student program assists candidates through dedicated educational counselors in every step of the process to become an international student in Canada. They understand applicants’ needs, goals, and dreams and accordingly advise a school to apply for study permits to transform Canadian education into a permanent residence.

2# Canadian Experience Class PR

The Canadian Experience Class program is administered by the Express Entry immigration system which is considered one of the fastest ways to get a PR ship in Canada. Eligibility to this method is subject to various factors such as language proficiency, age, and level of education. Apart from that, a distinct condition is that candidates must exhibit that they completed 12 months, full time, skilled work experience in Canada within the last three years, or part-time experience of the same period after studies.

Work experience of 12 months gained during the study period will not be counted to meet CEC criteria. Therefore, this option suits international students with a certain level of job experience. CEC gives 60 days duration for completion of the application and takes six months to process the PR visa application.

3# Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled Worker Program also runs under the express entry immigration system and is another option for oversea student graduates. The plus point in this immigration program is that it does not require Canadian work experience, likely CEC. Ultimately, this becomes a viable option for international students who have gained effective work experience somewhere else.

Being a merit-based immigration program, it utilizes a Comprehensive Ranking System that involves points-based scores to analyze a candidate’s position against one another. Through this procedure, most competitive profiles are invited to apply for permanent residency. In short, fulfilling eligibility criteria requires a competitive profile in the CRS score system, making FSW an amazing avenue for PR ship but not for those who never entered the workforce.


4# Provincial Nominee Programs

All the territories and provinces inside Canada operate their distinct immigration programs – Provincial Nominee Programs. The working of each program is different from all others to fulfill the needs of each territory. PNP programs take applicants having some form of connection with the province such as previous study completion or work experience gained in that province. Ultimately, international students will be eligible to apply for the PNP program in the province where they completed degree programs.

5# Post-Graduation Work Permits

This program is considered an indirect endeavor at permanent residency. International students who have completed their graduation from a designated learning institution are authorized to live in Canada after their studies to work as an employee in the country. This experience will lead to permanent residency in Canada through CEC or sponsorship by an employer under PNP.

6# Quebec Immigration Options

Quebec province operates via its immigration system that is distinct from the procedures conducted by provinces in the rest of the country. The procedures are designed to benefit international students applying for permanent residence. The two PR programs have designed streams for international students in Quebec:

  • Quebec Skilled Worker PR:

This immigration program is best suited to international students who have recently completed or are in process of completing educational credentials in Quebec. It does not require french proficiency, but applicants must gain a minimum score as required under criteria on the program point assessment grid.

  • Quebec Experience Program PR:

 Like QSW, the Quebec experience program is for candidates completing their studies in 6 months or recent graduates in Quebec institutions. To qualify for eligibility criteria, international students must demonstrate efficient and advanced knowledge of oral French.

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