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Hongkong Jobs 2024 – Recruitment Open With High Salary Packages

In Hong Kong life is pretty much fast paced and competition in the market is increased so do the demand for skilled workers. International and local HK companies are capturing skilled workers by announcing attractive salaries and employment packages and this is becoming the biggest reason of unemployed workers to find jobs in Hongkong in 2024. If you are also interested in highly paid jobs and good employment packages with job security then this article is going to be very informative for you because it might open up new doors of employment opportunities to you in Hongkong.

There are many jobs available in Hongkong for international workers that you can also do and earn a handsome amount of money but i have handpicked some of those easy to get jobs for you. So, you should apply for these HK jobs even if you are from another country many of these jobs do not have restrictions about country, whereas, only thing you should have is passion, required qualifications, experience, and a hardworking professional attitude towards working and if you possess these qualities then you will defiantly find a good opportunity in Hongkong.

Let’s Explore These Hong Kong Jobs Opportunities

Following listed jobs are in super high demand because companies in Hongkong need skilled and experienced workforce for a smooth business run and their local workforce is not enough for this cause. So they allow international job seekers to apply for a job there and after you receive a job offer then you just need a Hongkong Work VISA or a job permit to fly to Hongkong for starting your new job.

  • English language teacher Jobs
  • English/Chinese language interpreter Jobs
  • Investment fund Portfolio Manager Jobs
  • Head of Marketing/Digital Marketing Jobs
  • Chief Financial Officer Jobs
  • Human Resources Director Jobs

List of jobs Available in Hong Kong in 2024

You can seek employment in Hongkong and expect really high remuneration packages if you manage to qualify for any of the following listed employment opportunities because for these professions demand is quite high in HK:

1# English Language Teacher Jobs in Hongkong

English language teachers are extremely well paid in Hongkong and if i tell you an average salary of an English teacher in HK then that would be between US$1500-$4000 per month (Source). Whereas, you need to provide Teaching English as a second or foreign language (TEFL) language certificate with a bachelor’s degree, and a valid passport from a native English speaking country to qualify for an English teaching position in Hongkong.

2# English-Chinese language interpreter Jobs

This Chinese interpreter job for foreign workers is my second hot favorite because the salary packages are super attractive and if i talk of numbers then any skilled Mandarin Chinese-English language interpreter would earn a salary of US$51000-US$67000 per annum (Source). You can apply for this job if you got a bachelor’s degree with high fluency in both English and Chinese languages and also have the know-how of Chinese cuisine, culture, sociology, norms, and customs.

3# Investment Portfolio Manager – Banking & Finance Jobs

This employment opportunity is all about managing investment portfolios of your employer where you have to conduct business due diligence and make strategies for the investment fund of your company by analyzing market trends and needs. Investment portfolio managers in Hongkong are making over HK$950000/year (Source) whereas a bachelors or master degree in accounting, finance, financial management, or trading would be required with a considerable amount of proven work experience in same field.

3# Digital Marketing Jobs in Hongkong

Trends got changed in recent two years and most companies started allowed their workers to work from home and this marketing industry was affected as well but now things have changed and companies in Hongkong are actively recruiting marketing staff and this is the best time for you to submit your resume for digital marketing jobs in Hongkong. Job requirements to be digital marketing is to have a minimum undergrad degree with relevant work experience in marketing and high proficiency in software suites like adobe illustrator, photoshop, and other marketing material making softwares.

4# Chief Financial Officer Jobs in Hongkong

In Hong Kong Chief Financial Officer jobs are in demand because to handle Finance & Accounting work a CFO is required and, in Hongkong, almost every organization needs a CFO. So, if you want to be a CFO of any HK based company then you should have a degree in accounting, finance or business-related subjects with extensive work experience to expect a thick salary package.

5# Human Resources Director Jobs in Hongkong

The HR jobs in HK are very much in demand and this is why a very high salary of around HK$85000/year is promised by top multinationals operating in Hongkong for this specific job (Source). Now if you are curious to know the responsibilities of a Human Resource director job then it is all about fulfilling the responsibilities of sourcing/recruiting staff, and managing & handling all employee related issues. You can submit your Resume (CV) for a HR director job in Hongkong if you hold a master’s (minimum undergrad) degree in accounting, management, or business administration, and have considerable work experience in human resource management (HRM).

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