Fully Funded Scholarships 2024-2025

HEC Scholarships Without IELTS in 2024 – HEC Admission Applications Open!

Higher Education Commission Scholarships in 2022

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) scholarships 2024-2025 batch are currently open for admission applications. All the Undergrads, Grads, and Postgrad students are warmly welcome to apply for these generous fully-funded, and partially-funded scholarship schemes offered by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.

IELTS Requirement for HEC Scholarships: Not Mandatory

Do you know IELTS is not a mandatory requirement for most of the HEC Scholarships! If you hold any IELTS alternative certificate such as TOEFL, PTE, Cambridge English Certs, or DET; then you can still apply for most of the HEC Scholarships without submitting IELTS results. Many HEC Scholarships also accept TOEFL, PTE, DET, or Cambridge English results as well.

So, search out a suitable HEC scholarships program without the IELTS requirement based on the chosen degree, and start applying before the due date.

Why HEC Scholarships?

It is an independent, accredited institution of Pakistan, responsible for funding the higher education departments and maintaining the educational standards in Pakistan. That regulating body has played a dominant role in promoting education through various means, like funds, research & tuition grants, valuable scholarships, etc. Students enrolled in any higher education institution in Pakistan and abroad are eligible for these scholarships and funds.

Moreover, in partnership with other countries like the USA, the HEC has announced a golden opportunity for deserving students to study in international universities. Meanwhile, Ph.D. students can complete their doctorate degrees in USA universities. To win these HEC scholarships, candidates have to meet the eligibility requirements of each scholarship plus submit the HEC and IELTS test scores.

Funding Grant Approved for HEC Scholarship Winners:

HEC offers a long list of scholarship programs for the students interested to get enrolled in different degrees programs under various disciplines. In this article, we will discuss all such notable HEC scholarships in detail. But before jumping to the Scholarships offered by the HEC in 2024, Let’s discuss the financial coverage plan of HEC scholarship programs in general;

  • Aids the students in financing their studies.
  • Monthly stipend money disbursements.
  • Provides multiple job opportunities.
  • Coverage of Tuition Fees and other essential charges.
  • Transport Fee, sports fee, etc.
  • Golden chance to learn Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and other languages.
  • Opportunities to get a job at CPEC.
  • Health Insurance and Airfare.
  • Chances of networking, etc.

List of HEC Scholarships in 2024-2025:

As stated above, the Government and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is working side by side for a better, brighter, and more prosperous future of Pakistan. These HEC Scholarships are indeed one of the greatest approaches towards this goal.

Here is the list of all National & Foreign scholarships and the Scholarships for overseas students offered by the HEC.

#1 National HEC Scholarships:

  1. HEC Need-Based Scholarships
  2. USAID-Funded Merit and Needs-Based Scholarship Program
  3. Undergraduate Scholarship Program for the Students of Gilgit-Baltistan
  4. Indigenous Ph.D. Fellowship Program
  5. Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  6. HEC German Needs-Based Scholarship Program
  7. OGDCL Need-Based Scholarships Program through HEC
  8. Allama Iqbal Scholarships
  9. Gawadar-China Scholarships

#2 HEC Foreign Scholarships:

  1. Hungary Stipend Scholarships
  2. Overseas Scholarships for MS/MPhil leading to PhD
  3. US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor Ph.D. Scholarship Program
  4. Overseas Scholarships for Ph.D. in Selected Phase-III
  5. Pak-Sri Lanka Higher Education Cooperation Program
  6. Partial Support Program
  7. Law Graduates Scholarship Program for Baluchistan for Study Abroad
  8. FDP Overseas Scholarships

#3 International Scholarships for Overseas:

  1. Commonwealth Scholarships
  2. Scholarships for Hungary Nationals
  3. Scholarships for OIC Least Developed Countries

Let’s discuss each of these HEC scholarship categories in detail.

#1 National Scholarships:

Under this type, we have dozens of scholarships for the local students of Pakistan who wish to study here under a scholarship scheme.

1- HEC Need-Based Scholarships:

It is a scholarship program that aids underprivileged students enrolled in the 94 public universities of Pakistan. All the eligible students enrolled in any Undergraduate degree course are eligible for this scholarship.

Financial coverages include; tuition fees and monthly stipends of PKR 6000/month for 10 months).

All the scholarship applications will get reviewed by the ISAC. It will further recommend the candidates to the HEC management for final selection.

2- USAID-Funded Merit and Needs-Based Scholarship Program:

As the name indicates, USAID is playing a dominant role here by giving scholarships to deserving yet disadvantaged students on merit. All the female candidates studying at 30 public or private universities are eligible. Also, females doing Master’s//MS /MBA /MPhil/ Education Teaching degree programs are eligible.

This HEC scholarship will cover Books, Boarding & Lodging, Transportation, and other academic costs with a Tuition Fee.

3- Indigenous Ph.D. Fellowship Program:

Every year around 500 scholarships get announced that not only support the students doing Ph.D. but also improve the R&D departments of several public and private universities. Such a scheme also provides modern research facilities to enthusiastic researchers.

Students enrolled in the MS/MPhil will get the stipend of Rs. 10,000 /month & Rs. 13,000 / month for Ph.D. students.

To become eligible for this Indigenous scholarship, Candidates must be: Pakistan/AJK national, 16 years old, doing MS/ MPhil/ Ph.D.

4- Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program:

Through the HEC Ehsaas Undergrad program, intermediate students from the below-average class can pursue their higher education for the Undergraduate degree program under this scholarship. Around 50k scholarships get announced every year to facilitate at least 50,000 students.

It covers tuition fees and other academic charges to overcome the financial burden of the enrolled students. However, students will also get a monthly stipend of 40k/ month.

5- HEC German Needs-Based Scholarship Program:

The German Government has joined hands with Pakistan to provide education to the students belonging to Baluchistan or FATA. The preference for this scholarship is more for female students enrolled in any Undergraduate and Graduate degree program.

These HEC Scholarships will be awarded as per the financial needs and academic performance.

6- Allama Iqbal Scholarships:

That scholarship program is specially designed for the Afghan nationals currently doing any Undergraduate, Graduate, and Ph.D. degrees. The aim is to tie a friendly bond between Afghanistan and Pakistan by giving them 3,000 scholarships.

These HEC scholarships will cover the Book, Living, Hostel cost, and tuition fees. The students must have completed 12 years of education for Bachelor’s degree, 16 years for a Master’s degree, and 18 years for a Ph.D. degree.

7- OGDCL Need-Based Scholarships Program through HEC:

Students who want to complete Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Engineering, Business, Law, Architecture, Electronics, physics, etc. can apply for this scholarship program. The HEC and Oil and Gas Development Company Limited have announced this scholarship scheme.

The winners will be entitled to enjoy the tuition fee coverage and accommodation. Meanwhile, the coverage amount varies as per the university.

To become eligible, the candidate must belong to the OGDCL district and be a Pakistani citizen.

8- Undergraduate Scholarship Program for The Students of Gilgit-Baltistan:

The energetic youth of Gilgit-Baltistan can enjoy this scholarship offered by HEC to finance their education and overcome all the obstacles that come in their way to get higher education. Via this scholarship, candidates will get better learning and more job opportunities.

To abide by the eligibility requirements, candidates must hold the Gilgit-Baltistan domicile and SSC/ HSSC certificate from Gilgit-Baltistan. Students already enrolled in the BS program are also eligible.

9- Gwadar-China Scholarships:

The HEC has announced this generous scholarship for the students of Gwadar enrolled in any BS program for 4 years. It will provide them ample job opportunities and funding amounts as stipends and allowances. However, students will also get a chance to learn the Chinese language. The age limit of the applied candidates must be 22 years minimum to become eligible for this.

#2 Foreign HEC Scholarships:

The list of foreign scholarships offered by the HEC include:

1- Hungary Stipend Scholarships:

It is a scholarship announced by the Hungarian government for the nationals of Pakistan/ AJK enrolled in any Bachelor’s, One-Tier Master’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree programs.

These HEC Scholarship winners will get tuition fee exemption & monthly stipends of; HUF 43,700/- Bachelor’s & Master’s students for 12 months, HUF 140,000/- Ph.D. students for 4 semesters, HUF 180,000/- for the next 4 months.

2- Overseas Scholarships for MS/MPhil leading to Ph.D.:

Such a scholarship is available for the students doing MS or MPhil leading to the Ph.D. To abide by the requirement criteria, candidates must be Pakistan/ AJK national and have an education of a minimum of 18 years. Also, the candidates must have secured 50 above marks in the HEC test for a scholarship. Candidates already under any scholarship program are non-eligible.

3- US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor Ph.D. Scholarship Program:

Under this fully-funded scholarship, the applicants will get a chance to complete the Doctoral degree in one of the top-ranked universities of the USA.

Meanwhile, the benefits of this scholarship include; Monthly Stipend, Tuition fee coverage, Settlement allowance, Airfare, Health insurance, etc.

All the Pakistan/ AJK nationals with the MS/ MPhil from HEC recognized universities are eligible. Also, 50% marks in academics are mandatory.

4- Overseas Scholarships for Ph.D. in Selected Phase-III:

Overseas candidates are welcome to apply to these scholarships for Ph.D. in multiple fields and MS/ MPhil in Engineering Technology. Via this scholarship, students will get trained for R&D and other relevant fields.

To fulfill eligibility requirements, candidates must be; Pakistan/ AJK national, for Ph.D., a candidate must have MS/ MPhil degree, for MS/ MPhil, a candidate must be registered with NTC, a candidate must have one-second division.

5- Pak-Sri Lanka Higher Education Cooperation Program:

The Sri Lankan and Pakistani governments have jointly announced these notable scholarships for the deserving students under this program;

a) Allama Iqbal Scholarship Program:

 All the Sri Lankan students are invited to pursue Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate studies in Pakistan in Science, Engineering, Social sciences fields, etc. The winners will get the benefit of the book, living, other academic allowances, plus tuition fee coverage.

b) University Faculty Exchange:

Through this program, the faculty of Pakistan and Sri Lanka will work jointly in research, seminars, conferences, etc. The members will also travel and visit the partner institutions for four to six weeks.

6- Partial HEC Support Program:

With this HEC scholarship, overseas scholars will get financial assistance, partially, for their Ph.D. degree program. In this way, candidates will complete their course in a short time and return home before the expected period, plus get a grant of US $15,000 to finance education. That amount will cover the living expenses, tuition fees, and thesis costs.

7- Law Graduates Scholarship Program for Baluchistan for Study Abroad:

The HEC has initiated this program to encourage Balochi students to study abroad for Law degree. The aim is to give at least 100 scholarships in each batch. The winners will enjoy the living, book, maintenance, traveling, and hostel allowances.

The interested candidates must have a domicile of Baluchistan with the age limit of 25 years for LLB, 30 years for LLM, and 35 years for Ph.D.

8- FDP Overseas Scholarships:

That scholarship is the idea of Public Sector Universities of Pakistan. It aids the non-Ph.D. members to study abroad and take part actively in the R&D. This scholarship program also offers various MS & Ph.D. scholarships.

For MS scholarship, the candidates must hold a BS/ Master’s degree with 75% marks. However, the MS/MPhil candidates must have 60% marks to get Ph.D. scholarships.

#3 HEC Scholarships for International students:

HEC has also opened various scholarship opportunities for international students. Some of them are listed here;

1- Commonwealth Scholarships:

These Higher Education Commission scholarships are available for students who belong to the commonwealth countries who want to pursue higher education in various fields of Science, Arts, Human Resources, Management, etc. The winners will get tuition fee coverage, living stipends, book costs, accommodation costs, and air tickets.

Students only from the commonwealth countries are eligible. Additionally, the applied candidates must meet the admission requirements set by the Pakistani Universities.

2- Scholarships for Hungary Nationals:

This HEC scholarship program is open only for the students of Hungary. To abide by the requirements, candidates must have obtained a Bachelor’s degree from any university equated by IBCC. Also, the Master’s and Bachelor’s courses under this scholarship will be conducted in English. The winners might go under the English language course at NUML.

3- Scholarships for OIC Least Developed Countries:

That scholarship is designed specifically for the students who belong to less developed regions of OIC, like Afghanistan, Guinea, Mali, etc.

Like the other scholarships offered by the HEC, it also covers tuition fees, book and living allowances, travel costs, and accommodation costs.

To meet the eligibility needs, the candidate must be from any OIC country plus show the IELTS/TOEFL test scores.

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