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Fully Funded Turkey Success Scholarships 2024-2025 – Study for free in Turkey

Fully Funded Turkish Scholarships

Turkish government opened the application window for the fully funded Turkey Success Scholarships 2024-2025 and the deadline to submit an application for Turkey Scholarship is December 1, 2024.

In this article, we will be discussing all studying in Turkey and how you can apply to one of the best scholarship awards offered by the Turkish government. So stay tuned to this transcript to get the answers to all your queries.

How is it like to study in Turkey?

Education has always been regarded as compulsory for students of all age groups in Turkey, but it gained immense popularity after the Ataturk Reforms. The adult literacy rate in the country was recorded to be 96.15% back in 2017. Even though this rate declined by 0.02% as compared to the previous year, that is, 2016, yet the quality of education being provided remained undisturbed.

The education level in Turkey is one of the finest in the world, with the country, contributing 35.33% of literate people in the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development’s ranking for 2024.

The Turkish government, however, not only emphasizes upon its nationals to equip themselves with the ornament of knowledge but also paves way for many international students to breed familiarity with the Turkish culture and study in the Turkish environment on a yearly basis, by offering numerous scholarships.

Turkish Success Scholarships 2024:-

One such scholarship program launched by the Turkish government to enable overseas students to get a chance to fulfill their lifelong dream of studying in turkey is the Turkish Success Scholarships.

The Turkish Success Scholarships are highly competitive awards, which in addition to being state-funded, are also considerably generous. Students landing the Turkish Success Scholarships get a chance to get admitted to one of the top 50 universities in Turkey and complete their degree programs. 

Moreover, scholarship winners are also given an opportunity to extend their knowledge about the Turkish culture by attending seminars, home visits, congresses, internships, and career training programs.

If you too want to benefit from all this and more, we have good news for you. The Turkish government is starting to accept online applications for the Turkish Success Scholarship program soon. So, it is high time you gather all the necessary information for applying to the respective scholarship. 

Luckily for you, we have compiled all the essential information under this very platform. So read on and get to know all you need to for applying to the Turkish Success Scholarships 2024-2025.

Coverage and Benefits of the Turkish Success Scholarships:-

The Turkish Success Scholarships are fully funded scholarship awards and cover a wide range of overheads. Some of the main grants offered to students in the Turkish Success Scholarship program are as follows:

  • University placement (all expenses covered)
  • Fully funded tuition fee
  • Monthly stipend 
    • For bachelor’s program applicants: 450 Turkish Lira per month
    • For Master’s program applicants: 600 Turkish Lira per month
    • For PhD. Program applicants: 900 Turkish Lira per month
    • For language and cultural program applicants: 1100 Turkish Lira per month.
  • Free medical care
  • Residential allowance
  • One-off flight ticket
  • Turkey language course (duration: 1 year)

Eligibility Criteria for the Turkish Success Scholarships:-

The Turkish Success Scholarships, in spite of being highly competitive scholarship awards, have simple eligibility criteria, which can easily help any student rank in the list of meritorious students. 

Following is the eligibility criteria for the students applying to the Turkish Success Scholarships 2024:


  • All the students applying to the Turkish Success Scholarships must be non-Turkish residents.
  • Current or previous Turkish residents are constrained from applying to the Turkish Success Scholarships.

Age requirements:

  • For bachelor’s program applicants: students applying to a BS program must be under 21 years of age
  • For Master’s applicants: those opting for a Master’s degree in any faculty must not be older than 30 years
  • For Ph.D. Program applicants: candidates applying for a doctorate degree must have an age, not more than 35 years.

Degree requirements:

  • For bachelor’s program applicants: bachelor’s program applicants must possess 70% academic standing in their previous qualification.

However, for those candidates opting for pharmacy, dentistry, and/or other medical fields, the upper limit of the previous academic scores should not decrease by 90%.

  • For Master’s program applicants: students applying to a Master’s degree program must hold a previous GPA of no less than 75%.
  • For Ph.D. Program applicants: candidates applying for a doctorate degree in any faculty must have a previous academic record of at least 75%.

Language proficiency scores:

  • The Turkish government aims at fostering healthy cultural relations with the people of different countries. It, therefore, includes a free Turkish Language course of the advanced level in its perks and allowances. 

However, students who are unwilling to take the Turkish language course must present an IELTS or TOEFL proficiency score.

Steps to Apply to the Turkish Success Scholarships:-

The Turkish government has not imposed any tedious procedures for applying for its scholarship programs. And the Turkish Success Scholarship program is no exception. 

You can effortlessly apply to the Turkish Success Scholarships 2024-2025 by following the following steps.

Step 1: Create an account on Turkiye Burslari Website (link in end):

The first step implies the interested students in visiting the official website of the Turkish Success Scholarships and downloading the online application form.

Step 2: Fill in the form:

The application form is to be filled in. Make sure to read all the instructions carefully before entering your credentials and abiding by any particular instruction given therein.

Step 3: Upload your documents:

Then, you will be supposed to upload scanned documents on the web portal.

Step 4: Select the institute you wish to join:

Next, you will need to choose 12 Turkish universities of your choice to which you wish to get admitted. The ultimate decision as to which university you will join will be made by evaluating your credentials.

Step 5: Submit your application:-

The last step is to go through your application to minimize any errors and to submit it online via the official web portal.

Documents for Turkish Success Scholarship Application:-

The documents required to be submitted alongside the application forms for the Turkish Success Scholarships vary according to the course being applied to. 

You need to prepare the following set of documents in order to apply for Turkey Success Scholarship:

Application deadline for the Turkish Success Scholarships:-

The Turkish government open application for its Turkish Success Scholarships in October every year. These are to be submitted max by November- the same year.

Dates may vary each year and have not been announced for this year. To know the deadline for the year 2024, keep visiting the official website of the Turkish Success Scholarships for notifications.

Final Wordings:

This article provided you with an ultimate guide about the Turkish Success Scholarships 2024. This brings the end of this transcript.

If this article met with your requirements, please let us know in the comments section below. We will meet again with another article soon.

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