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Fully-funded Scholarships in SWEDEN 2024-2025 – Study in Sweden

Sweden Government Scholarships 2023 at Sweden Universities Announced

Fully-funded Scholarships in Sweden for the class of 2024-2025 are now open for admissions for all subjects and degree programs. Sweden Government Scholarships and Swedish Universities Scholarships are easy to win academic Scandinavian Scholarship grants.

Among Scandinavian countries in Northern Europe, Sweden, bordered by Finland and Norway, is the 3rd largest EU nation by area, with an estimated population of about 9.5 million inhabitants. The country is also considered a good target for international students to pursue their further/higher education in – Why? Well, this is because Sweden offers a lot to its international student community, and is progressive and different in its education system, compared to other European countries.

How is Sweden different than the rest? The education system of Sweden integrates students’ academic interests, ambitions, and team/group work qualities to prepare them for a prosperous future in the job market, because the European job market values skillful entrants, those that have ambitions, and can strive in a team, instead of just students with good grades alone. This is why Swedish universities offer degree programs that are a mixture of academic as well as practical learning, so students are recruited with hands-on skills according to their field of interest- making it easier to land job opportunities post-graduation.

Moreover, Sweden also encourages friendly teacher-student relations where surprisingly students are expected to address professors/teachers by their first names. Additionally, as the education system is a student-centric one, students are expected to show personal initiative and practice independent thinking. Thus, if you wish to study in Sweden, putting forward your views, and ideas, and playing an active role in group discussions, seminars, workshops, and lectures will be a compulsion, and this will help enhance your personal strengths and academic capabilities.

Coming to language barriers, you will be pleased to know that the use of the English language is extremely widespread across Sweden now, where 89% of swedes are bilingual. This is why, the language barrier has been widely minimized, and you are good to go if you speak English.

Funding Benefits of Getting a Scholarship in Sweden 

There are partial to fully funded scholarships available in Sweden. If you are able to score a very good university scholarship in Sweden, the best example being the Swedish Institute (SI) Scholarship, not only will you have your tuition fee fully paid, along with a living stipend, and excess to an international network- being a Swedish Institute (SI) Scholarship holder, I can guarantee that you will also enjoy several other benefits, which are as follows: 

  • Fully-paid tuition fees

On average if a student pursues masters in Sweden at personal expense, it costs between 80,000 to 295,000 SEK annually, which is about 8,000 to 29,500 Euros. As a SI Scholarship holder, your tuition fee will be fully covered by the scholarship for every semester, so you get free of cost world education.

  • Stipend for living costs

Not every scholarship offers a living stipend, but the SI scholarship is luckily among the few that do. The stipend amount can be spent according to your own wishes, however, it is enough to cover major student expenses such as accommodation, transport, and food. Spending the stipend wisely can help you save up for your career development by using the savings to take part in MUN’s, and events that can help you grow.

  • Travel grant

The SI scholarship is not limited to tuition fees and living stipends, you even get a travel grant! The grant compensates for the travel costs the student incurred while traveling to Sweden for studies- and the amount varies according to the origin country/city the recipient has traveled to Sweden. The grant is paid once you have entered Sweden, with your first scholarship payment. 

  • Visa Application Fee

Another great benefit is that recipients of the SI scholarship will not be paying the study visa application fee to the Swedish Migration Agency.

  • Insurance against illness and accidents

Last but not the least, the SI scholarship even offers insurance coverage against sickness and accidents for the whole study duration. The insurance package is administered through Kammarkollegiet and comprises medical and dental emergencies, as well as property cover.

2024’s List of Sweden Universities Offering Scholarships

Following scholarships in Sweden are the most valuable opportunities for international students to opt for:

1# Chalmers University of Technology

Admissions in one of Sweden’s top universities- Chalmers University of Technology are soon to be open in October 2024, for the 2024 session, for both, national and international students, who can also apply for the scholarships supported by the university. The Chalmers University of Technology offers education in technology, science, architecture, and maritime engineering- at both bachelor’s and master’s levels. Additionally, it has a high acceptance rate of 80-90 percent as of 2024.

The application fee for international students is SEK 900, and an IELTS minimum score of 6 is required for English proficiency. Moreover, Chalmers does not offer just one scholarship, several are available, as given below: 

  • The Avancez Scholarships 
  • The IPOET (International Programme Office for Education and Training) Scholarships
  • The Sievert Larsson Scholarship Funds
  • Adelbert Study Scholarships
  • Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals

To get admission and score a scholarship, your admission application needs to be submitted between Mid-October 2024, and Mid-January 2024. Whereas scholarship application needs to be submitted between Late November 2024, and 19th January 2024. However these are estimated dates based on previous years, and students need to look out for deadline announcements for 2024! 

2# Blekinge Institute of Technology/Blekinge Tekniska Hogskola (BTH)

Another renowned Swedish University is BTH University, where admission for 2024 is opening in mid-October 2024, and you can avail of the supported scholarships as well. BTH University offers studies in applied informatics at the bachelor, master, and Ph.D. levels. The university also has a good acceptance rate of 81% as of 2024. 

The application fee for this university is SEK 900 for non-EU applicants, and an IELTS Academic score of 6.0 or 7.0 at minimum is required to be eligible for admission, given your program choice. BTH University offers the following scholarships: 

  • BTH scholarship programme for prospective students
  • Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP)
  • The Visby Programme
  •  Swedish Institute Scholarships for South Africa (SISSA)
  • SI Scholarships for the Western Balkans and Turkey
  • Other country-specific scholarship programs

To avail of admission and scholarship in BTH University, the following estimated deadlines should be kept in mind: for the BTH scholarship programme for prospective students, 17th January 2024 is the deadline, look up SI-based scholarship deadlines as well! The deadline to submit your admission application on the other hand is 1st February 2024 for the fall 2024 session.

3# Malmö University Scholarships

Next, we have Malmo University, which is again a renowned Swedish institute- admissions for fall 2024 are likely to open in mid-October 2024. Malmo University focuses on programs related to International relations, migration studies, political science, media, and technology at both undergraduate, and graduate levels. The university also has a low acceptance rate of 35%.

The application fee again is SEK 900 for international students, and a minimum IELTS Academic score of 6.5 is required to be eligible for admission. Some scholarships administered by Malmo University are as follows: 

  • Malmö University Master’s Scholarship
  • Swedish Institute Scholarship 
  • Malmö University Excellence Scholarship

Most scholarship applications for the academic year 2024 will roughly open in April 2024. While the admission application deadline is 16th January 2024, for fall 2024.

4# LUND University Scholarships 

LUND University, Sweden comes in the top 100 global institutes, making it another prestigious university, with admissions opening in Mid-October 2024, for the fall 2024 intake. LUND University offers both bachelor’s and master’s programs in subject areas like business, geography, finance, development studies, technology, law, etc. the acceptance rate for this university is about 34%. 

The application fee again is the standard SEK 900 for non-European international students, and a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 is required- TOEFL is also accepted at a 90 score. The scholarships offered by this university are as follows: 

  • Lund University Global Scholarship
  • Program-specific scholarships
  • Swedish Institute scholarships
  • Sweden Country-specific scholarships

The admission deadline for fall 2024, is estimated to be 15th January 2024, and scholarship application submission should be completed between 18th October 2024 – 17th January 2024.

5# Karlstad University Scholarships

Karlstad University is another good university in Sweden, with its admissions opening soon, and its scholarship applications will open as well. Karlstad University offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in humanities, social sciences, science, technology, teaching, arts, and healthcare. The acceptance rate for this university is 34%. 

The application fee is again SEK 900, and an IELTS minimum score of 6.5 is needed. The scholarships administered by Karlstad University are as follows:

  • KARLSTAD University Global Scholarship 
  • Scholarships offered by the Swedish institute 

The application needs to be submitted by 1st February 2024, for the 2024 intake.

6# Jönköping University Scholarships

Jönköping University admissions for fall 2024 for all program levels open in October 2024. The university offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in the subject fields of nursing, health sciences, media, communication, technology, informatics, law, economics, etc. the university acceptance rate is 40-50%. 

The admission application fee is again SEK 900, and an IELTS score of a minimum of 6.5 is accepted as proof of English language proficiency. The several scholarships offered by the institute are as follows: 

  • Scholarships from Jönköping University for all Non-EU/EAA Nations
  • Swedish Institute Scholarships
  • Global Grant
  • Global Minded Leader Scholarship
  • Country-specific Scholarships

The deadline for admissions would roughly be April 2024, and most scholarship applications have to be submitted by mid to late January 2024.

7# Halmstad University Scholarships

Admissions for Halmstad University are to be open in October 2024, and the university administers several scholarships as well. Halmstad University offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in subjects like innovation sciences, informatics, health and lifestyle, business, etc. the acceptance rate for the university is 34%. 

The admission application fee is SEK 900, and an IELTS minimum score of 6.0 is required. Scholarships being offered by the university are as follows: 

  • Halmstad University scholarships
  • The Swedish Institute scholarships
  • Erasmus Scholarships

The admission application deadline with the application fee and supporting documents submitted is 1st February 2024.

8# Mid-Sweden University Scholarships

Mid Sweden University admissions for fall 2024 start in October 2024, it is a prestigious university to be enrolled in. the university offers undergraduate, graduate, and research programs in fields such as media, health sciences, IT, humanities, languages, behavioral sciences, etc. the acceptance rate for the university is 60-70%. 

The application fee for international students is SEK 900, and a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 is required. The scholarships offered are as follows: 

  • Mid-Sweden University Tuition fee Scholarship
  • Swedish Institute Scholarships
  • Global Minded Leader Scholarship
  • Sustainability Scholarship 
  • Global Grant

The admission application deadline for fall 2024 is 15th April 2024. The application deadline for Mid Sweden University Tuition Fee Scholarship is the end of February 2024.

9# Karolinska Institute Scholarships 

Admissions for Karolinska university are about to open on 17th October 2024, for the fall 2024 session. It is a prestigious research-led medical university, ranked as 6th worldwide for medicine, in 2024. The university offers bachelor’s and master’s programs is several medical education fields. The acceptance rate is only 3.9% as this is a highly competitive university in Sweden. 

The application fee is SEK 900, and a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 is required- PTE and TOEFL are also accepted. The scholarships administered by this institute are as follows: 

  • The Karolinska Institute Global Master’s Scholarships
  • KI-DIS Fellowship 
  • The Swedish Institute’s scholarships

Scholarship deadlines are mainly in the mid or End of January 2024, for fall 2024 intake. The admission application deadline is 15th January 2024 for the fall 2024 session.

10# Linköping University Scholarships 

The admissions for this renowned Swedish University are set to open in mid-October 2024 for the fall 2024 intake. Linköping University is one of Sweden’s largest educational institutions and offers undergraduate and graduate programs in arts and sciences, medicine, IT, health sciences, and educational sciences. The university has an acceptance rate of 40-45%. 

The application fee is SEK 900, and a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 is required. The scholarships offered here are as follows: 

  • Liu International Scholarships
  • Swedish Institute scholarships
  • Other countries or program specific Scholarships 

The admission deadline will probably be placed in the mid of January 2024, for the fall 2024 intake.

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