Scholarships in Japan 2024

Fully-funded Scholarships in JAPAN 2024 Without IELTS – Don’t Miss Out!

Japan is offering thousands of scholarships without IELTS for the class of 2024-2025 and the applications for those Japanese Scholarships are being entertained in 2024.

So are you another one of the many on the hunt for wonderful scholarship initiatives without IELTS and TOEFL? Although it is challenging to find out about these programs, considering there are few in between, we will put forward some of the best scholarships without IELTS and TOEFL in Japan. These Government scholarships without IELTS are offered by Japanese universities, organizations, and the government. These Japanese scholarships cover all degree levels and disciplines for both Japanese and international students. 

Funding Packages Announced by Scholarships Offered in Japan

Whenever there is a conversation surrounding scholarships, the only benefit associated with it is tuition fee coverage. However, that doesn’t do justice to these wonderful academic grant-sponsored degree programs. Other than tuition fee coverages and discounts there are countless other benefits such as medical coverages, travel coverages, maintenance stipends, research coverages, accident coverages, funding for study tours, etc.

IELTS Requirement for Japanese Scholarships 2024

Japanese Scholarships are awarded to students of various disciplines but all of these are either taught in Japanese or in the English language. Therefore, all international applicants for Japanese scholarships in 2024 are required to provide evidence of their Japanese/English language skills. For this purpose, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, DET, CAE, CanTEST, and Cambridge English test are all accepted at various Japanese Universities. But in case you don’t have any of these; then consider submitting a letter of English proficiency to get an exemption from submitting an English language test record.

Eligibility Criteria of Japanese Scholarships Without IELTS in 2024

Scholarships in Japan are awarded to students based on their application candidature, academic records, certifications, commitment toward academic goals, and language proficiency. There are some degree and subject-specific eligibility requirements for students as well; which must be fulfilled in order to get admission at the any Japanese University of Scholarship. A score of 3+ GPA out of 4 is one of the most important academic requirements to apply for a scholarship in Japan.

In the case of need-based initiatives, the applicants are required to prove their financial needs. In addition, English Language Proficiency is still to be demonstrated. This can be done through the submission of alternative test results to IELTS and TOEFL and the completion of recognized English Language programs. 

Documents required to apply at Japanese Universities:

If you want to apply for a Scholarship in Japan then get on the job of producing and assembling the following set of document for application material in 2024:

Scholarships in Japan Without IELTS and TOEFL

Japanese government and universities host a large number of international students. This is done by introducing incentives for overseas students in the shape of scholarships. Japanese scholarships 2024 batch are available for all degree levels and study fields. So let’s dive straight into the best scholarships in Japan without IELTS and TOEFL:

1# ADB Japan Scholarships 2024

ADB Japanese Scholarships are available for consideration without submission of IELTS results; if applicants can prove their English language Proficiency with the help of any IELTS Alternative certificates. ADB-Japan scholarships are fully funded in nature and cover tuition fees, housing, personal, literature, VISA, and experimentation expenses per annum.

2# Monbukagakhusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students

This Japanese scholarship is initiated for international students who are privately financed and do not hold any government scholarship. It is overlooked by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).

Under the scheme, eligible students are awarded 48,000 yen per month. The scholarship is available for both undergraduate and graduate students at Japanese universities. The application for this scheme can be submitted after the completion of your matriculation. 

3# University of Kyoto Nominated Scholarships 

The scholarships under this initiative are awarded by the University of Kyoto. Any applicant having a Student status is considered for these scholarships. They’re awarded on the basis of academic excellence, leadership, and financial need. The scholarships require separate applications. They cover all degree levels and faculties. An IELTS or TOEFL result is not required to apply for the scholarship.

4# Japanese Government MEXT Scholarships 2024

This is one of the most prominent scholarship initiative underway in Japan. It is funded by the Japanese government. Students of all degree levels including undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, and short-course students are eligible for this scheme. 

To non-degree students, an astonishing monthly stipend of 1,43,000 yen is awarded by MEXT. For Master’s and professional degree students, the amount is set at 1,44,000 yen. In the case of doctoral students on the MEXT scholarship, its stipend is 1,45,000 yen. In addition, the tuition fee is also covered along with certain travel coverages by the MEXT scholarship.

5# Aichi Scholarship Program 2024

This scholarship is specifically initiated for students hailing from Asia. Under the scheme, the students will be supported to travel to Aichi and enroll in graduate programs. However, enrollment can be processed after a research period of 6 months is completed in related study fields to the Aichi manufacturing industry. 

It is also expected that the students are to seek employment in Aichi after the course completion. So if you’re looking to set up your career in Japan, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

6# JICA 2024 SDGs Global Leader for Young African Leaders

The scholarship is aimed at students of African origin in a bid to strengthen ties between Africa and Japan. Students who are devoted to addressing existing problems and serious issues faced by the environment are considered for these scholarships.

7# JICA 2024 ABE Master’s Scholarship & Initiative Program for African Students

Under this initiative, South African nationals are encouraged to undertake Masters’ and internship programs at Japanese institutions. This is to help foster and groom new leaders that can hopefully serve Africa in years to come. This Japanese scholarship involves young talent in activities of industrial development and planning. 

8# Hokkaido University President’s Fellowships

Students wishing to enroll in a Master’s, doctoral, or professional degree program at Hokkaido University are considered for this scholarship. The scholarship is mainly decided on the basis of academic performance. However, factors like interest in Japanese culture and heritage, and interest in Hokkaido University are also considered.

9# Hokkaido University Special Grant Program for Self-Supporting International Students 

The scheme is initiated for doctoral students enrolling at Hokkaido University. Under this program, the tuition fee of the student is waived off, considering that they agree to work as a research assistant. In order to get your hands on this Japanese scholarship, you must provide proof of your academic excellence and comprehensively explain how your research can make a long-lasting impact.

10# University of Tokyo Special Scholarship for International Students

The University of Tokyo has initiated this program for postgraduate students enrolled at the university. Under this program, students are offered a research grant. It is provided to students of the highest academic capabilities and is privately funded. The scheme is only for international students. A monthly grant of 1,50,000-2,00,000 yen is provided to students for one year in the case of research students.

11# The University of Tokyo Scholarships 2024

The University of Tokyo Scholarships are one of the most valuable academic funding sponsorship in Japan for all disciplines and degrees. Under the scholarships offered by the University of Tokyo, students are provided tuition fee coverage, admission fee, and living expenses of 1,26,000 yen per month. 

This concludes our list of the best Japanese scholarships without IELTS and TOEFL. Hope you have much more clarity with regard to the admission process, eligibility criteria, scholarship worth, documents required, and English Language requirements. Drop a comment below if you have any questions!

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